Manchester United ‘preparing offer’ to sign striker – First bid of €50m + bonuses suggested
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Manchester United ‘preparing offer’ to sign striker – First bid of €50m + bonuses suggested

it was pretty certain they would be
claim about man Jesse nodded interest in most of the ballet are back the spin
repeat stories regarding the lion player going back to his time with Celtic
claiming interest from big Premier League clubs reals and awful loss of the
claim seems juice by the players camp interests for site such as Manchester
United and Chelsea has been believed even if separated at times put Mercato
who has carried a lot of previous claim ever headline this afternoon same
intestine on it are preparing an offer for the player free York to the end of
the summer transfer window when I can also she made it clear he won’t another
striking brought in however those above him at all Trafford
failed to get someone through the door injury to Marcus Radford has made the
situation even more urgent which has likely led to the day’s claim United are
say to have watched them Bella in action at the weekend against mentis and should
go on the offensive foot Mercato say they have been taught by someone short
like the players representative that the men Jason added want to make a first
offer of 50 million euros plus bonuses for the 23 years old the young president
jean-michel ona’s has said he doesn’t want to tell the melodies month but then
he said similar about other player before deaf left

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