Management Trainee Program – Outdoor 2020 – Ghita Hemri x Adidas
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Management Trainee Program – Outdoor 2020 – Ghita Hemri x Adidas

I dream big and I dare to achieve every goal I set Hi, my name is Ghita and this is who I am I Was born in Morocco, but I never settled in a city for more than three years While embracing different environments I adapted and grew with each and every new encounter as I grew older I stepped out of my country to discover new places when I was 14 I went for a 20 days trek around the Mont Blanc. At 18, I hitchhiked from Zurich to Prague and throughout my studies I lived in Prague Quebec and now Birmingham These last two years I grew considerably Moving from a country to another every few months getting to learn about all these new cultures and more importantly Surpassing myself in every move I make had a huge impact on the person I am today Last but not least, sports The only constant thing in my life. I tried a lot of them enjoyed most of them the one that stayed CrossFit. The sport that gave me a second family and boosted my self-esteem. I loved it so much that I got my mother to join Adidas is my new challenge


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