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Los Angeles | Contested Estate, Trust & Probate Litigation Attorneys

The California probate, estate & trust litigation
attorneys of Hackard Law utilize a wide range of skills to civilly prosecute estate, financial
elder abuse and undue influence wrongdoers in the Superior Courts of the State of California. For law firms like Hackard Law, a vigorous
estate litigation practice includes a large number of financial elder abuse lawsuits processing
through the state’s civil courts as well as a large litigation caseload in California’s
probate court system. A major area where clients turn to us for
help is Los Angeles. California is a large state and the ability
to practice throughout the state is enhanced by the CourtCall® Remote Appearance Platform,
a technology that facilitates court appearances for attorneys and other participants in making
routine Civil and Probate court appearances from their offices. An attorney may make a remote Court Appearance
in San Francisco in the morning and Los Angeles in the afternoon without traveling from his
or her office. Probate issues encompass a fairly wide range
of matters related to the disposition of estates. Common litigated disputes include: trust contests;
will contests; undue influence; lack of capacity; and fraud claims. Such contests may include removal actions
against trustees, executors and administrators as well as seeking damages against wrongdoing
fiduciaries. Hackard Law regularly files financial elder
abuse actions in the Civil Courts where the right to a jury trial is preserved. This preference is based upon the fact that
most Americans value the positive virtues of our jury system. It is said the jury is the guardian of the
public trust and the voice of the community’s values. The growing concern throughout our country
in preventing the abuse of the elderly is spawning changes in the civil and criminal
justice systems focused on more protection of elders in financial and public health matters. If you would like to speak with an attorney
at Hackard Law about a contested or disputed estate, trust or probate litigation matter
in Los Angeles, then call us at Hackard Law: 916-313-3030. We look forward to speaking with you.

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