Legalizing abortion doesn’t make it safe ft. Kristan Hawkins | #TruthStraightUp
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Legalizing abortion doesn’t make it safe ft. Kristan Hawkins | #TruthStraightUp

♪ Hawkins: If abortion is illegal,
will illegal abortions increase? Probably, as some women
will still seek abortions, but that’s not really the argument
that the Left is making. When you hear people
make that argument, what they’re saying is,
“We have to keep abortion legal because dangerous
abortions will take place if it’s illegal.” That is
actually a myth. What we know is that in
1959, Planned Parenthood’s own medical director admitted
that 90 percent of those committing abortions were physicians in
good standing with the community. The number of pre-Roe v. Wade
deaths from illegal abortions for women was actually fewer
than 500 per year. That’s from Planned
Parenthood’s own statistician. Just because something
is dangerous, doesn’t mean it should be legal. Bank robbery
is a very dangerous profession, but we didn’t legalize bank
robbery because bank robbers have a high mortality rate.
The fact is abortion is always wrong for the simple
reason that it ends the life of a unique,
human, pre-born child. ♪


  • Kainable87

    I live in Alabama, abortion has been illegal since July 1st, 2019. I am writing this on 1/24/2020. There have been know illegal abortions, no murders, no arrests, and no “unsafe abortions”. I will flat out admit, I am adopted and therefore I am biasedly pro-life. My religion plays no role in this. I can not stand by and watch the innocent be killed for the sake of any mother. I am pro-2A, pro-1A, pro-capital punishment, and pro-life. I would travel to the ends of the earth, speak at the UN, become president of the United States, if I could end abortion NOW!!!

  • James Bond

    Any women having an abortion must be sterilized afterwards, and as the fetus is extracted from the womb the remains should be placed on the murderers chest so she can see what happens to the helpless innocent life

  • June Von

    very good argument also useful for sicarios… LETS LEGALIZE THE SICARIOS… well actually WE WONT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Russian Bot

    I feel like we all need to focus on prevention. Reproductive rights include: abstinence, condoms, and birth control. When/if all else fails, plan B. The left needs to realize this because having an abortion is not by any means "women's health." Any woman with a conscious, such as myself, will tell you that having one will haunt you for the rest of your life. I was 18 and so incredibly stupid.

  • Ron Wilcox

    Abortion is horrible and is the taking of life! All who do this will stand before God answer for the murder of his children!

  • Jacob Fongemie

    Amen I am a living example of a non abortion or my Mom's doctor told her to kill me because I would be worthless and useless and have no ability no cause no value when it's just the opposite today for many reasons even if you don't believe in God that's a reason right there how dare the doctor tell her to kill me that I'd have no value when in fact I do and I am living today breathing functioning in society helping others Etc but especially because I have a Creator who loves me and created me in the eyes of himself in my mother's womb he knew me before I was formed in the womb amen.

  • Bev in TX

    Abortions are 100 percent dangerous for the aborted babies. It does not matter whether the abortions are legal or not. A baby is murdered.

  • Matthew Hudson

    I’m trying to study pro lifers and pro abortionists. Pro lifers I’d like your opinion: are you pro abstinence or pro birth control? I guess you could be both but it seems like people are either one or the other. And why are you one or the other?

  • Sandra Ramirez

    I've heard abortion is very painful. And devastating on a woman's body…if you have enough abortions or even one…you may never be able to have another baby full term…even if you wanted to.

  • Dan Norton

    Does a clump of cells count as a "human being" (or "child" or "baby"), i.e., as an actual human being (or child or baby) as opposed to merely a potential one? I don't see that it does and thus I don't see that it has rights or that killing it counts as "murder." If abortion is prohibited, then isn't an actual human being (the mother) being treated as less important than a merely potential one?

  • Anthony Morris

    The bank robbery analogy is poor. Bank robbers cause harm to others and serve no purpose. Abortions may save a woman's life, and have other benefits. Just sayin'.

  • Cemetery of Choice

    I wish you had gone into more detail. Here's a video I did describing the lengths the abortion rights movement will go to in order to keep legal abortion widespread at the cost of women's lives:

  • Cemetery of Choice

    Here's another example of how the abortion rights movement goes beyond ignoring quackery and into the realm of rallying behind a quack that killed a woman:

  • Cemetery of Choice

    Here's the story of the results of the National Abortion Federation keeping a member that — in a NAF session moderator's own words — played Russian roulette with patients' lives:

  • Cemetery of Choice

    This covers the lies and data massage the abortion lobby use to convince people that legalization makes abortion safer for women:

  • Gator

    Honestly, as shit as this sounds when I look at these leftist screeching like banshees, I often think. Yeah maybe this individual doesnt need to have a kid, maybe that kid doesnt neet to grow up knowing what a shit parent they have.

  • Anthony R. Maradin

    I always knew and still know murdering babies is wrong.

    Then literally days ago, it was confirmed I survived an abortion.

    I just turned 51, and just lived through a seven year nightmare that began as a false accusation by a female and turned into a police brutality case as a result of her.

    So to learn this now makes it even harder to grasp.

    Sex is about procreation and not recreation. When this changed social decay began.

    Most females who abort end up having serious psychological problems later, because the act goes against natural instincts and morality.

    A bit about me.

    Professionally, in my fifty years I worked in; corrections but not as a CO, more in the pseudoscience of psychology (look up the Rosenhan  Experiment) department, while having another government position and businesses simultaneously, while being a fitness and martial arts instructor,  focusing on bodybuilding and freestyle fighting…

    to having a great career in law as agent, with a placement and offers prosecuting, and revolutionizing the debt recovery world using litigation, 

    it was during this time I briefly walked with the elite types of the world, and learned things most deem as conspiracies, all while having the status of a peace officer when process serving and supply teaching public schools when I had time…

    to working in the mental health industry and former published author… …

    to what I had been dealing with for the past seven years ending Dec 2019; whistleblowing about police / judicial / political corruption – which began as a false accusation by a female, and I tried to keep out of prison for fighting for truth and justice for all (men).

    I was almost shot and killed and survived a brutal beating while handcuffed – based on a false accusation by a female – she changed her story to she heard rumors it was someone else; some of the description boxes of what videos I have left up tell more details of this story. Now my life is ruined.

  • Zachary Walter

    As some one who doesn't believe in a god I can say that your personal beliefs should not take away another's choice. I'm sure, as many people are pro-gun are also pro life, can relate right, as guns are dangerous, and "just because some thing is dangerous doesn't mean it should be legal. Maybe instead of worrying about women's choices in life and them "killing" a "child" maybe worry about the children and kids and parents that are killed by guns and shootings every year. Maybe focus on fixing the actual problems instead of taking away women's choices about themselves. And those that say that there are other options such as adoption, yeah it exists, but how many children who live in foster care are happy? Sure you're alive but mommy and daddy didn't want you and no one else does either, sorry about that. For people who say "think of the children" how interestingly little you actually care, as long as little Susie comes out of the womb ok, she can live in a trash can for the rest of her life and you would just tell her to just "get a job" despite having potentially a horrible home and awful mental health, she would be alive, to hate herself as well as everyone else. Don't infringe on others rights just because you think it should be a different way. If you don't want an abortion, don't get one, end of story your decision has been made, you can judge others on their decision, but no one has the right to take away another's freedom. And for those who ask "would you want to be aborted," well I wouldn't have to deal with you or your hypocritical religion, so yeah probably.

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