Legal Information Tips : How to File a Trespassing Restraining Order
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Legal Information Tips : How to File a Trespassing Restraining Order

Someone continues to walk on your property
and use your property without your permission, and you want to stop it. Hello, I am Robert
Todd, and I am here to answer how do I file a trespassing restraining order. Well this
of course is going to vary from state to state, depending on the state in which you live,
the law is going to dictate or set forth requirements that are, that need to be met before you can
obtain such a restraining order. You may check your state in which you live, their particular
statutes to see what it says. Another way is to contact your local court house and find
out what forms they have available for trespassing restraining orders, and then find out if they
will assist you in completing the application and the process for obtaining such an order.
And then there is also the most practical way, is to be sure that the property that
is being trespassed upon is fenced, and that there are signs posted indicating that it
is private property and that trespassers will be prosecuted. I am Robert Todd and thank
you for watching.


  • Terry Freeman

    say someone is hunting an trespass on my land an happen to find something illegal an they call the police ,even though they were trespassing the police came out to investigate without asking land owner for permission an without a warrant ,can they do this legally an charge land owner for the illegal item found or was this done in a way they cant do anything being there trespassing also…

  • AJ Alothman

    @terryfreeman84 Well, it doesn't really matter. If someone called the police about something illegal, say pot. The cops would get a warrant easily, then search you.

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