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    🤔Do you agree?
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  • Der Fledermausmann

    SLAAP suits are basically the exact scenario that judges in the UK call "the floodgates of litigation". Its exactly why there are some comparatively Conservative decisions in English law…. Glad that that's the case though… excessive litigation can just get ridiculous…

  • Alice Putt

    I was unable to sue my neighbor who damaged my roof because he was a lawyer and I couldn’t find a lawyer to go against him without bankrupting myself. Later my landlord broke contract with me and he had a team of lawyers on retainer. Again I couldn’t afford to go against him. Law is for rich people.

  • Andrew McCauley

    I would love to see your reaction to this series of crazy vexatious lawsuits and the hilarious way in which they were dealt with: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oatmeal_and_FunnyJunk_legal_dispute

  • Ilkka Rautio

    I was in court for a pretty petty case. My neighbor sued me bc of a graffiti that wasnt even at his property and i sued him when he used faul and racist speech while he sued me. Id eventually got into court but neither of us won, judge said that we waisted time and money over basicly nothing. That was kinda dumb. 😫

  • ShroudedWolf51

    I'd be curious to see if you have an opinion on Jim Sterling and the surprisingly drawn out spurious defamation suit against him by Digital Homicide.

  • Volker Siegel

    What the heck? I'm not longer surprised about basically anything, as European observer. But that Clifford's (Stormy Daniels's) case was rejected did surprise me. Was that "not defamation", or "not defamation because the president is known to lie so much that what he says can assumed to be hyperbole", "probably defamation, but we have better lawyers" "defamation, but I'm rich", "defamation but I'm powerful", "defamation, but Trump does that so often that we can not handle all that" "defamation, but Trump does that so often that nobody takes a defamation from him serious anymore", "defamation but I'm the president", "defamation but you'll never find out why it was rejected"?

  • CheapPhilosophy

    That american rule regarding who pays the lawyers favors the wealthy, not a surprise, but I wonder when it was changed from the British one, if ever.

  • Thrifty032781

    I'm conflicted. Because on the one hand I hate using lawsuits as a tool to bully people.

    On the other hand, John Oliver is such a piece of human garbage that I do like seeing bad things happen to bad people.

  • Sean Heupel

    Ok, first loved the coverage of John Oliver. Second, legit $359 is a genuine good deal for a suit (not promoting; just saying). I know they are paying you, but it is a legit good deal. Thanks for finding them.

  • Cowboyjuggernaut

    I'd love if you could do a bit in lottery winners and what actions need to be taken to prevent the frivolous lawsuits that are filed against you.

  • Cesar Augustus

    I don't know how this ended up in my feed, but BRAVO!!
    You made me interested enough in an arcane and arguably brutally boring subject long enough to watch to the end and learn something in the process, and it was entertaining and engaging. Well done, sir!

  • somethin somethin

    Wait. John Oliver @ 19:20 is complaining about a law suit saying that Bob Murray has a bunch of money and can just file another SLAPP lawsuit. And yet John Oliver has a late night talk show and is backed by HBO's lawyers? That isn't exactly the bully picking a little kid. It is more like the rich kid telling the funny mean kid to stop picking on him and instead the funny kid gets his parents to back him up and only does it more.

  • Simon-Pierre Dupuis

    Just before the 10 min mark, you say that anti SLAPP laws help defendants recoup the cost of the suit. I just wanted to confirm that the recouped cost would be from the plaintiff with the frivolous suit?

  • Mitchell Krouth

    Yes you are absolutely correct young man you are growing a Virgina

    good work keep up the motivation and the enthusiasm vaginas rule dude and you’re number one 🙂

  • Kansas City Shuffle

    In America the winning party gets their lawyer paid for all the time. It's not the rule but judges will add that in their verdict all the time.

  • Quality

    There's a big issue with the English way. If my friend got in a lawsuit he was likely to win and I was his lawyer I could then charge him out the ass without it costing him any money. The other side might be able to afford their own lawyers but can they afford to pay my salary as well? Probably not if I'm setting the price. I agree the English way is better- However, this is a huge exploit and there must be a reasonable limit for how much the loser can pay.

  • the cellulon triptometer

    So if it was dismissed, and they gave up the appeal, then certainly that points to the case having no merit. So the bottom line is that SLAPP suits hurt people whether they have merit or not. So yes, there should be high penalties for SLAPP suits.
    Perhaps the best way to answer a SLAPP suit is to make it so public that so many people turn on the guy that he wishes he hadn't filed the suit. I'd have to think that Bob Murray reached that point way before John Oliver danced in Times Square.

  • Andrew plack

    Oliver is a shill for the man. He’s a propagandist on display conspicuously. We used to get entertainment, but now we get a gravy dose of what you are supposed to think. He’s not funny.

  • Jayson Stonne

    Of course there should Anti-slapp laws to protect the smaller guy. I was victim of a Slapp case but I found dirt on the CEO that won my case but not everyone has binged Matlock.

  • bisquitnspanky

    If libel laws were loosened up, Trump would lose every cent he has. No one has libeled more people, more viciously than Trump. The Obamas and Clintons would get a new Florida resort.

  • Leonard Orth

    Washington state used to have a anti SLAPP law. But SLAPP suits make lawyers lots and lots of money. I suspect that is why our state supreme court killed the anti SLAPP law.

  • Rafael Sotomayor

    It is expensive to have a legal defense in the USA. But once you have money, you cal kill and go free. Seriously. OJ Simpson case.

  • lladnara stalinovich

    I'm generally mistrustful of one Oliver. It seems, in line with his litany of rightist trojan horses- to be an effort not to stifle frivolous lawsuits against the weak by the powerful, but rather the opposite. He is the bitch of the capitalist classes.

  • Justin _

    this video was effectively an okay video but effectively used some words effectively more than you effectively would have expected them to be effectively used. effectively.

  • Minias

    I watched the Oliver anti slapp video and I'm very interested in this response but I keep getting distracted. This is an unfairly handsome man…

  • DA666

    A laywer talks on Youtube about the 45th POTUS affair with a pornstar, that he had while his wife just had his son. This really is the darkest timeline.

  • Lucy

    Thank you for this video. I'm a rhetoric scholar with a spouse and maaaaany friends in various legal jobs, and also a huge John Oliver fan, so this expert commentary is really nifty.

  • Eric Y

    Legal Eagle definitely needs to do an episode on Nunes SLAPP suing to expose the owners of Devin Nunes' Cow & Devin Nunes' Mom Twitter accounts!! 😀

  • Zeke Brunt

    Video idea!

    Bull: season 4 episode 9
    It's a great episode, and I'd like to know how accurate it is legally, and especially with what I assumed to purgery from the main defendant…

  • gold star

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    Video: Merkel moves Berlin to Russia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2pO6PFYnL4
    ⚡⚡⚡Who is John Bolton? Trump's 3rd National Security Advisor | NowThis – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4-6eS4TLGY
    ⚡⚡⚡John Bolton Asked For Plans To Attack Iran – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unK02NLYxM0

  • Xastur Speaks

    If you don't like it John Oliver go live in Canada or the UK. Realize that in those nations HBO is not producing YOUR show, yet why not move to Canada and produce your show, or here's a thought move to the UK, produce the same show and poof you are magically in a place where the laws work the way you want. Problem identified. Problem Solved. You are quite welcome my British non-friend.

    Note: this is the last paragraph above, the following is the background information as to why, read if you want, it has to do with the real goals being culturally pushed by John Oliver which is not a new objective. It is quite old: turn the US into a place more like the UK and Europe in general. Many of you will love that idea and can't wait for that day, but in fact that is a horrible outcome, and the UK really is a police state I doubt many Americans would actually want to live in. There is a reason why the founders specifically rejected the British system, but adopted it as one aspect of the basis for the American system.


    This is yet another case where the real issue is trying to turn America into Europe, in particular the UK (or Canada which is quasi-Europe). I covered this with hippies, where they refused to wear deodorant and hair products, but in Europe turns out the ladies don't shave the pits very much and deodorant? What's that? Sure some do, but that is a thing in Europe so that hippy was, in reality, getting American youth to adopt European attitudes toward grooming. Body oils is a thing over there, like in the Middle East, but I don't think hippies were into that. That is why then you get the prototypical 'dirty hippy' as it is a protest against the standards of society, but my point is the standards here in the US and in Europe in general as there are many nations each with slightly different standards are different.

    This is true for many things like laws on how to refrigerate eggs and thus import/export law effects this so Americans might find it difficult to export eggs to Europe unless those standards align.

    Now, in the UK the idea that the winner gets the other side to cover all legal / court fees as damages would effectively turn the US system and culture into a place more like the UK. Great, if you are an Anglophile like John Oliver, but John you chose to work and live in the US and there should be differences between places. If not, what is the difference between China and the US or UK and Russia?. We are talking the UK and US though, much like comparing Canada and the US. If there is no real differences like that, then effectively they are essentially the same nation but that is not a good thing since there are so many things about the UK and Canada that suck, and I don't think many Americans would want that to be the way it is in the US.

    I am giving a short repeat here, but there is a long history of this thing and John Oliver is merely a single example of MANY trying to do this. You think it is about a law suit, but this is about saying 'wow the US system sucks we should be more like the UK'. No you really don't want to be more like the POLICE STATE that is the UK. You really don't want laws that state you can't poke fun at the Queen. Yeah, that is part of their system too. Go watch the Daily Show that points out that you cannot legally do that in the UK but you can in the US and then they go about doing just that.

    Be VERY GLAD you don't like in the UK under their legal system. Same goes with Canada and its legal system. If you disagree go live the F in Canada or UK and have a party. Like many celebrities who stated they would in fact do that if Trump was elected only not to do that and ICE should in fact deport these people like Amy Schumer, and the rest of the celebrities who felt that way. Imagine a TV show where lights pop on at 5 am and they go in and forcibly remove Amy Schumer, deporting her to Canada and strip her of her US citizenship and best of all freeze her money forcing her to work like a normal person and use any benefits the Canadian government grant her. She can be that welfare queen for a while.

    That show, especially in 2017 would have been one of the highest watched shows, much more than John Oliver. Imagine all those smack talking people deported who you know full well never would have moved to Canada, but surprise are forced to put their money where their mouth is and do it anyways. You know, at least most of you, that you'd love to see that and relish each episode watching Soddy Queen after the Soddy King deal with the reality of having no money in a place they feel is so fantastic, Canada, great go live there and do so under the conditions of a immigrant or refugee.

    I know John Oliver was not one of those foreign nationals that said that because he knows that moving to Canada would be stupid given his position in the US and knows most likely he'd never have his posh position if he did live in the UK or Canada. There is a reason why he lives in the US, same goes with so many Canadian celebrities. You are welcome since one of the main reasons why you can have such a position is specifically due to the capitalist American system where you have many rights you are not afforded int those other Anglo nations. They know that fact, and that is why people like John Oliver are here and not there.

  • Xastur Speaks

    Plus in the UK are there more law suits so if the legal framework allows winners to force the loser to pay all does it make it more likely someone will sue if they think they can win. If so the only real winner in the UK system are lawyers who want you to take that plunge since win or lose THEY WIN. This is really about lawyers in an onion and one layer is about how a profession, lawyers, mines gold from the public via the court system, via the fact you can bring law suits against people.

    So if the American system has less overall total lawsuits maybe it works differently since overall the only real winner in that aggregate effect of all those law suits is the law profession, courts (yes the state profits from this and really are a business partner to lawyers and law firms), and you the public are the loser since you are forced to pay these fees, and deal with those laws which most often are not written with your best interest in mind and do not serve you the people. I'm not saying the American system does that either, but rather both systems largely do not, but one system, the UK, has a slight more draconian outcome that in the end generates more law suits and thus more profit for the state and lawyers. That is not an accident, nor a natural outcome. It is a well crafted and desirable outcome by vested interests, and you are not one of those vested interests most likely if you are not part of that Big Club, just like George Carlin said. You ain't in the Big Club.

  • Red894336643

    That wasn’t a Slap lawsuit. In a Slap the accuser threatens a lawsuit they haven’t filed but go public threatening to sue someone.
    Legal Eagle is confusing a Slap with a nuisance lawsuit. Some States have laws about holding a media event before actually filing a lawsuit, that is a Slap. In this case a lawsuit was filed against John Oliver.

    This guy doesn’t even use the nomenclature correctly.

  • orlock20

    The U.S. population can be very stupid at times, so I don't believe in a hyperbole defense. Tina Fey, dressed up as Sarah Palin, said she could see Russia from her house. That actually went viral and Barbra Walters went on 20/20 attributed that quote to Sarah Palin. I believe that there are enough people in the U.S. that attribute that quote to Palin that it's no longer hyperbole. The same year, a newspaper writer quoted Sarah Palin as declaring the war on Iraq as God's plan even though the speech was video recorded and Palin never said that. A buried retraction wasn't not enough to get people to believe that Palin never said it.

  • broomsterm

    Stormy Daniels went on a stripping tour to pay for Trump's legal fees in defending against her frivolous lawsuit. Guess I paid for a few hours worth of fees…

  • Nick M

    Since we are on the subject of deformation of character, I have a question; Let's assume 'Celebrity A' is being charged with sexual assault by 'Victim B'. Can 'Celebrity A' later sue 'B' for deformation of character? Can they only do it if they are found not guilty? Do they have grounds to do it at all?

  • gatosyratones

    So the American people's taxes paid for trump's secret rendezvous? Does one file that under business? How do you sue someone in another country?

  • wj ebel

    This guy is so boring, I may have to subscribe to his channel so I have something to listen to when I'm having trouble falling a sleep.

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