Law & Order: SVU – Tipsy Testimony (Episode Highlight)
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Law & Order: SVU – Tipsy Testimony (Episode Highlight)

– I was walking my dog when I saw them in the middle
of the courtyard. Libby looked barely awake. I saw him and him taking turns forcing themselves
inside her mouth. – For the record,
the witness has identified the defendants Ronnie Ellis
and Juan Flores. Who else did you see? – The other defendant. – William Reeves.
– He was holding her down. – What did you do next?
– I went home. I know I should have
called the police, but I didn’t.
I… started drinking instead,
until I forgot. I will never
forgive myself for that. – Thank you. – Before the night
in question, when was the last time
you’d had a drink, Mr. Nelson? – Almost five years. – Is it possible
a relapse like that could’ve affected your memory? – I know what I saw. I learned how to function
while drunk a long time ago. – Did you ever describe
the suspects to the NYPD before they were arrested? – No, I waited too long
to come forward. – When you found out
that your friend had been seriously injured,
did you feel bad? – Yes. – Bad enough to positively ID
whichever suspects NYPD had in custody,
even though you were too drunk to remember what they
actually looked like? – Objection.
– Withdrawn. – Mr. Nelson, are you
intoxicated right now? – Yes.
Yes, I am. [people mumbling] – Thank you.
Nothing further.


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