Law & Order: SVU – Rollins Goes Rogue (Episode Highlight)
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Law & Order: SVU – Rollins Goes Rogue (Episode Highlight)

– Okay, another shot. both: On the house.
– Thank you, sir. – My mama is gonna flip when she finds out
that I met you. – Oh. She here with you
in New York? – What kind of vacation
would that be? [dance music] – It’s a busy city. Girl could get into trouble. – Boys. I mean,
no matter what age, y’all just never figure out
that some women like trouble. – Oh… [tense music] ♪ . – [breathing heavily] [groans] – [laughs] – Oh…look.
Listen… No, no, no.
I’m sorry, I for– I forgot to tell you.
I have a boyfriend back home. – Oh, it’s okay. I’ll keep my lips sealed
if you won’t. – I can’t–
[knock at door] Excuse us. – You two have met. – Hey. – You want a really good story
to take home? – Me?
What kind of story? – I think you know. Right? – I–no, no, no. I want to–
I want to go back upstairs. – Uh-uh, not yet.
Not yet. – [gasps] No, no. – Those puppy eyes. You can’t hurt his feelings. – [grunts]
No, no. I–I said no. – “No,” as in you know…
– Ow. – You want this. Come on, baby…
– No. – This is what
you came in here for. – Hey– [grunts] – Huh?
– Okay. – You make one move,
and I will snap your arm. – Okay. – Oh, God. – [grunts] Okay, I’m sorry
if you misunderstood. – I didn’t misunderstand
anything. – [grunts] Hey. Hey.
– Stay away from me. – I’m sorry about my friend,
okay? – [scoffs] What the hell
are you doing here? – I had a feeling
you weren’t going home. – You followed me? – Mike, good to see you. You two know each other? – No.
– Yeah. Yeah, we do.
We work together. – You a cop? – Yep. Now, I was gonna wait
until tomorrow, but… you’re under arrest
for attempted rape. [dramatic music] – So you want me to take ’em
down to the station? – Yes.
– No. Just give us a second. – I’m s–Dodds.
What–what are you doing? Just butt out.
This is my collar. – Rollins,
you can’t arrest him. – I’m sorry, why? Why,
’cause your father said so? – No, because
you went undercover without authorization…
– Detectives. – On an open investigation when the suspect was already
lawyered up. – What? When did that happen? – When his dad told him to
this morning. – Son of a bitch. – So, setting a honey trap
for my client, or is this what new mothers
are wearing these days? – You know what?
Save it, Counselor. – Given your unseemly
tactics, unless you take those cuffs
off my clients, NYPD is facing
a major lawsuit. ♪ – Let ’em out of there. – Seriously? – They’re not off the hook. We’re gonna take this up
with Barba tomorrow. – Yeah. You okay?
– Yeah, I’m great. – All right. – I want to go back upstairs. – Not yet. Come on.
Come on, look at my friend. Look at those puppy eyes. You can’t hurt his feelings. – No. I said no. [TV clicks off] – You used yourself as bait? – Uh, yeah. Dodds said if we didn’t
catch these two in the act, then they were gonna walk. – Oh, so this was his idea? And now I have to hear
from your father, the Deputy Chief,
that two members of my squad went completely rogue on me. – We’re here now.
This is pretty damning video. – Except it’s more prejudicial
than probative, and they’d already invoked
their right to counsel. – All right, well, technically
cops are not allowed to talk to them without their lawyers
present, right? What if, while the cops
are illegally talking to them, they commit a crime? – That’s fun question
for a bar exam. Any judge would throw this out. – Are we talking about Detective
Rollins’ antics last night? Bobby D’Amico called me to tell me
that you came on to him. – No, they tried to rape me. – It does look bad, Chief. – You know you want this. – I mean, it’s the same M.O.
as Kristi. – Same M.O. as the other victim
we found, too. – The one who won’t testify.
– Kristi will testify. – You sure you want to walk
into a court with an online ranter
as your only witness? – I can talk to her again,
See if she’s up for it. – You know what?
We both will.


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