• Jay Harris

    But she is a criminal she tortured him she kidnap him she murder somebody you don't take justice in your own hand

  • James Faraci

    Pretty sure there's an alternate ending in which he slips and winds up a splattered pile on the sidewalk

  • Anthony William Rich Jr

    Stone Crying in the end, Why didn't he have the brother arrested for threatening, just let's him walk out of the bar ? Penthouse scene way too long. Shoulda had cops at the place his sister was at, waiting for em, ?

  • Janina Sandoval

    the scene with Benson in danger had me at the edge of my seat I didn't want to leave for work until the show ended! the finale was so good!!!!

  • Elliot

    terrible episode. stone was right, based on the facts they shouldn't have arrested miguel, it totally seemed like he was innocent. benson broke the law (again) by holding him on 0 evidence. and the political propaganda was so annoying.

  • mria621

    Did Mariska have a cold, or is her voice getting lower? Lol-seriously, I can’t tell. Her voice has been bothering me lately, and I have no idea why! 😝😂


    after everything that happened to Miguel Lopez & what he gave up in the end there's no way he would ever go to prison or be deported

  • Christian Thompson

    This was a GREAT episode but I have a problem because subconsciously this teaches people not to trust Hispanics. What we watch becomes ingrained in our minds. We are taught that we shouldn’t assume that every Mexican is illegal or involved with the cartel but this episode takes a character that you would not think is, and he ends up being guilty. Tv always has a message and whether this is just irresponsible writing, episodes like this just further implants into people’s minds that you can’t trust Hispanics. Very entertaining but we popularize the wrong things.

  • Amy

    For a season finale this episode was disappointing. I feel like we’ve seen this same scenario happen before. The whole hostage thing has been dragged out.

  • kierstyn jordan

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  • Juliette Carter

    I find it odd how people in these comments try and blame Liv or switch the entire situation into something else. I actually felt guilty for doubting in the beginning that it wasn't him. When he said he burned her with his 'cigar' it stood out to me. That was something to hold onto because the girl never mentioned a cigar. I definitely knew it was him when Maria was shown his photo. He's a good actor I'll give him that much. But Liv was clearly having PTSD herself. It just showed plainly on the screen. She KNEW. She knew. That girls certainty that Miguel was the one was so adamant and yet I doubted. I'm sure a lot of you did but Liv seen it. No lapse of judgment. She is badass.

  • Ulsydian47

    This fucken TV show is what brainwashes society as a whole. In real life, when you are faced with a loaded gun pointed to you, you DIE. Simple as that. These fucken shows need to be eliminated from society. END OF FUCKEN STORY. This show is one of the worst.

  • Frank Farmer

    Yeah all that talk with pathetic and pointless crying, having a firearm, and claiming to be a rape victim, but once again (especially with most women) when it comes to feelings and emotions, all I see is nothing but crying with no action, what's the point of wanting Revenge for claiming to be a so called rape victim by pointing a gun at somebody (especially if the individual made you a rape victim), if you're not going to pull the trigger but talk a lot of nonsense with pointless crying, so as always Benson convinces the so-called rape victim not to kill the guy by not shooting him and the guy falling off the building, then at the end of the episode of Benson has them both arrested, but Benson should've had the woman arrested and let the man go, because she had no proof that the guy raped her except from her delusional and irrational behavior when she was telling her pointless story to Benson, no wonder I love watching this show it's the best Law & Order show I've ever seen yet so far.

  • Bri stuart

    can we get one of the guys held hostage for once? Let's get Carisi in a sticky situation at some point. I would love to see how that would take a tole on him and the squad

  • Monkberry Moon Delight

    Génesis Rodríguez is amazing. I haven't watched since Doña Bárbara from Telemundo. Glad to watch her in SVU

  • Martha Brink

    Watched it last night OLIVIA has become so annoying. Great acting by that young actress. But seriously. Tone it down Benson!

  • Herida Cristina

    reading so many comments from people judging the girl makes me angry. they certainly did not watch the episode continue. Miguel was guilty. he was part of a gang and he raped countless women and he was getting away with it for years. such an amazing episode of SVU.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I believe that this is the fate many evil people in the world should face , either shot or thrown off a building . Those who play with people’s lives deserve the same punishment

  • dama de copas

    SVU is very partial. There are some seasons, a guy who was innocent was arrested and in prison, he was a rape victim. Leaving there, he raped a girl and killed her because of her post-traumatic stress. He was tried and convicted. Here we have a very similar case, the difference is that it is a woman. Because she had Benson's sympathy, but the guy did not? In fact, this show should talk about special victims, but they ignore the male victims.

  • Akihito

    I get it, you choose the "righteous" path, but come on. If someone did that to my friends Id rather see them dead and dealt with than in prison. Bensons logic is also flawed. Its impossible to choose the death of someone you love, but choosing to end the life of someone who took them? Not even remotely hard.

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