• Chrissy Perry

    I know thie r doing this for the drama but if this lady tries to take Noah from luv she would be taking him from all he had ever known and that would be wrong

  • Richard Hutchison

    Brooke Shields looks amazing for her age! She sounds a lot like Liv and her pauses and speech are a lot like Liv's too!

  • Alisha Williams

    Please dont take Noah away from Olivia. She is the only mother he has known his life. I love watching the benoah scenes.

  • wildmann23

    I like the line of "I Don't Wanna Be Your Enemy". This episode is similar related to my family. One of my older bros Stacey & his girlfriend Amy. Both have problems with partying of alcohol & drugs. But they had a on & off relationship..there were times thought that my parents & me. They would change. Then when they told us, that their gonna be parents. It brought us joy, then later 2 months after my nephew "Noble" was born. Before Christmas Stacey & Amy were happy to see their son in their arms. But now, let's say Amy has some trouble with law. Stacy has issues as well. Social services took Noble away, due suspensions of neglect. On which weren't true & facts got mistakenly. Now my nephew is now 2 yrs old. Living with amy gma.

    Amy is doin 8 months in jail & Stacy is tryin to stay straight & sober. Now both families are in a process same as Olivia. Letting both families visitation & bein part of Noble life. In hope & pray we have a bright future of being part of my nephew future as well his parents do the same.
    Only we can hope & move forward.

  • Jessy Grover

    This doesn't make sense. Ellie said she was bounced from foster home to foster home. That was the main reason my Olivia took Noah in the first place. Who changed this story up?

  • Sinead Keyes

    2:11 well you can eat sh*t for all I care Liv was there for Noah when no one else was, and is his mother legally and physically. So you can f*ch right off to whatever hole you crawled out of

  • Star G

    I hated the fact that they made Sheila character kidnap Noah but in real life i think any grandmother would. If your husband u listened to and maybe had to cause never knew if he was controlling and then u found out your daughter died and your only blood was adopted when u was never notified and u was a good person u think any human would unless yes u got close to that person and they became family and she like liv did let u be the true grandma u was but liv did make her feel like she was the enemy which maybe if it was under certain circumstances it would of been different. Liv never had a family bond or closeness except elliot which he left but she just didn't know how to identify with it. They should of kept her in and never had her kidnap him cause it would of been good for liv to have someone to lean on as family. I know I went everywhere with this comment it was more as to if u was Sheila and seen your grandson and could of had him if the courts knew would u of been okay with not having him after all your blood and family died. I just wouldn't know unless in that situation.

  • Bill Randall

    I'll be NO cop, and no woman alone, in NYC just opens her door to a knock, without checking who is on the other side of it, much less a female cop who has no man.

  • Wykeisha Craft

    If Sheila had of did what she did to Olivia to me ,she will not be around me or my child , because I wouldn't trust her with nothing .

  • Brian Ellinger

    I'm just talking sht.
    I'm Godly sure.
    you would be a good Mother.
    Please enjoy my seed.
    it let it enrich uour life and your family.
    . Blessings… …

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