Law & Order: SVU – A Frightening Compromise (Episode Highlight)
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Law & Order: SVU – A Frightening Compromise (Episode Highlight)

-I was trying
to save their lives. Their souls.
– They’re kids, with normal sexual desires,
but you made them feel like they had the devil inside them. – They do.
And it kills me. You have no idea
how much I love them. All I want to do is protect them from the sins of the world,
from themselves. – But you–you can’t rape
the gay out of somebody. Conversion therapy
doesn’t work. – But you’re never gonna
believe that, are you? – Guys, I hope we’re not here
so you can try to convince my client that his
religious beliefs are criminal. – No. He believes what
he believes and we get that. – What you had Lucas do to Ann,
that is a crime. It’s sex trafficking. – Sex trafficking.
Come on. – Come on? All right. We found the payments. Not just to Lucas,
but to the others, too. And I promise you,
we’re gonna talk to every single one of them.
– The Lord Himself sent those children to me
to save them. – And you don’t have
jurisdiction in Indiana. – He’s right, we don’t. But the Feds do.
And if we call them on an interstate
trafficking case, the first thing they’re gonna do is seize all
your church’s assets. Every single penny, gone. – I have over 900 congregants
who raise money for the poor, for disaster relief,
for missionary work. We’re good people.
– I agree. Your church has done
some good things. But the road to hell
is paved with good intentions. And the road that
we’re on right now, every person you’ve ever
preached to will be tainted. Everything you’ve ever built. Everything that you’ve ever worked for will vanish. – Unless you make a deal. You’re gonna plead guilty. – You know what?
I think we’re done here. – Wait. The people that we help
don’t deserve this. My congregation
doesn’t deserve this. – Reverend, this is blackmail. – No. This is my burden. This is my church;
these are my people. And if it means
I have to sacrifice myself in order to save them, then so be it. – He’s really going for it. – I’ll offer a plea
for facilitation. As long as it stops that church
from conspiring to commit rape. – Well, whatever
the judge gives him, it’ll give him plenty of time
to get right with God. And Lucas?
– [sighs] He held up his end
of the bargain. Rape three.
One to four. – Do you know what the most
frightening part of all of this is? It’s that the Reverend
actually believes that he’s doing the right thing. – Yeah. So do his congregants. – Which is even more


  • Joe Whitehead

    So let me see if I got this straight. This reverend guy basically kidnapped kids & tried to convince them that homosexuality is the worst sin of all, & can be cured by rape? Like, rape is an easily forgivable sin, but homosexuality is not? What kinda twisted nut job actually believes in that sorta thing?

  • Camcane1TV

    This is an unpopular opinion, but I feel like the gay guy should've never went to jail… His intentions were weird/irrational, but far from heinous.

  • InfinityDrawings

    I hate people like this. They use God as an excuse for their selfish and heinous deeds. Once you hurt someone mentally or physically at that point it has absolutely nothing do with religion. It just means you are a terrible person looking for a scapegoat. By what these people do it seems more like they're listening to the devil than the lord of peace.

  • Belle Rain

    This really pisses me off! You only hear about the bad ones and they make the good ones tainted! I am a Christian and I do believe that homosexuality is a sin, but so is lying, anger and cursing. What happened to hate the sin but love the sinner?! This is no 'man of God' and it makes me sick listening to him!

  • Izzy Goggin

    He makes me puke and I’m pretty sure He makes God Puke. Every person like him makes him PUKE. I may not be a Christian but I know evil when I see it.

  • Laorin Filet

    Hi, a Christian here. I don’t associate with people like this, and they do not represent anything you religion stands for (: people like him are moronic jerks who don’t understand literally anything of truth
    I feel like I had to get that out there

  • alice maddness

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why I'm not really religious. Love is love as long as it isnt on a child or an animal or on someone who doesnt want to. For the love of christ stop hiding behind religion to justify not liking someone else for the things they do, just start minding your own damn business and at the very least dont hurt anyone.. if they arnt bothering you or hurting you then stop obsessing over their "unholy actions". I dont give a damn because that's the way they are, I can not control their actions. I have no right to do so infact. As long as they arnt doing anything bad or harming anyone I dont understand why you should give two sh*ts. I'm sorry small rant I have no one else to talk to right now

  • wresltgal

    Sex is not a bad thing I remember in sex ed class our principal was the teacher and he made us yell so loud SEX IS GREAT!!!!

  • Carlina Van Helsing

    As a Christian myself, this man is disgusting! How dare he use God as justification for him hurting those boys!

    The only place he'll go to is hell.

    God does not say to hurt or kill gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender people. For those who think so, how dare you!

  • Ana Santana

    There is no scripture to defend "curative intercourse." I really wish they would've put that in the script because no where does the bible say that you should willingly force someone to have intercourse do they can stop being a homosexual. God wants people to do things his way. 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10

  • dracohalo117

    They should have strung him out, no deal, they had the evidence to erase everything he had, they did this to not hurt the people who were unknowingly complicit in this, a wake up call is what his congregation needed not a martyr.

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