• Anda Dale

    I love these tips! I'm going to start using that mantra! 🙂
    Another thing I like to do, is put aside 10 minutes each day to write in my gratitude journal. Anything that pops into my mind. Either from today, or years ago. That's been really helping.

  • Claire Figley

    I say an abundance creed every day. I found it on utube. although it hasn't helped yet, I am changing the way I think. I bless all money that comes into my hands and leaves. I list all I'm thankful for ever day.

  • Ivana Glogovac

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out how to manifest law of attraction try Zamartar Mind Trigger Remedy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  • Jasmine Lewis

    Tip #6 resonated with me the most because it was counterintuitive like you said. To give money away when you feel short. That's very interesting.

  • haroonshoney

    Can believe I always LIVE this without intentionally meaning.
    Never whine
    And always GIVE I hunt for ppl and placed to give money even if it's a little
    Cooked food
    Home made goodies or desserts

  • Michelle Calvo

    We've done the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class. It's changed the way we think about finances and has helped us pay of debt. We have learned to tell our money where to go instead of feeling like you have no idea where it went. 🙂 LOVE your Q & A's!

  • Shalini Rao

    You are amazing Marie! my fav strategies were "tell yourself there's more of it where that came from" anytime u part with a big chunk of money and spread the wealth! looking forward to applying these! 🙂

  • Tee Jenkins

    I read Secrets of a Millionaire Mind out loud to my children years ago and my youngest still says "I am a money magnet " whenever she finds money. That is my ATM as well.

  • Creating Happy Mondays

    I have been tithing as a way of thanking the Universe for my abundance. It's amazing what happens when you tithe to those who influence you.

  • Luna Montez

    Your hair is literally the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Thank you so much for all the videos you are making, they are amazing and I like to think of you as my own guru.

  • jego207

    I will take the ATM advise with a grain of salt. I'd still work on a budget rather than being blindly optimistic. This could work well by having the Fun Fund.

  • Inspocean

    Marie you are inspiring but Secret sucks. You may already know some of the contributors in Secret have got the lawsuit at them

  • Natasha Sharapova

    Last month, when I had my last 20$, I went to бн friend's concert and bought her some flowers and a glass of cheap wine for me. I had no idea where i will find money tomorrow, but i knew I had to complement her, cause this was more important. She was so happy with the flowers and I had a great evening. The next day a new client contacted me and it was all good *) Life works in a Mysterious ways!

  • explore what you can learn

    I believe in charity it brings u more than u think just believe in Allah and charity to please Him than miracles happens for u for sure n that's the promise of my Allah.make Him ur partner and he is only trust worth for me now

  • Dark Blue Nutrition

    My mom has always had this poor person mentality to the max… I find that this isn't uncommon for others as well. Love your videos Marie 💕💕 the tip that resonated with me the most was saying to myself "there's more where that came from" when parting with money. It sounds a bit cheesy but I have some serious anxiety when I spend money, especially medium/large amounts, even if it's necessary.

  • Sandy Flores

    I listen to Clark Howard, because just hearing about how careful he, his staff, and their listeners are with money is enough incentive for me.

  • Nida Lighthouse

    For me personally practising gratitude every morning or evening really helps. Or I do it when I am stuck in traffic or stand in ques. Just to shift negative to positive experience

  • Mana Lani

    Love the mantra. Theres always more where that came from. That makes me feel confident around money. Thank you Marie.

  • Janice Darlyne

    I love Jen Sincero and learned from her the great mantra: My bank account is wide open and ready to receive! I love it!

  • Priyanka Bhalla

    Hey. Marie i, priyanka m confused about my life and career. Actually everybody say's that I distract by multiple goals stay consistent with one goal I done computer application degree want to learn coding more in advance but everybody say's your score in degree wasn't good enough so u can't be able to learn that I m a math tutor at home but want start website business I love singing also and want to learn singing in depth but m stuck with lots of things now I m doing nothing just teaching student but not getting enough mony from that please help me to know what's my goal please love to hear u

  • Katelin Jenkins

    I love this video !it definitely gives a boost of s reality check and things like this certainly inspired me to give $ to my friends baby, who is struggling with health issues… And give back to those who work hard with me on my fitness challenges 💕

  • Kritika Bhutada

    Hi Marie,
    I started watching your channel an hour ago and I absolutely love what you are doing! I can feel the difference in my attitude already! And I completely agree with you regarding money mentality. I have a very similar attitude when it comes to money and thankfully I always have enough to enjoy the little and sometimes big things in life.

  • beyondios

    This is good. I never had a scarcity mindset, but living around people who did and having little "energetic boundaries"…. I absorbed their beliefs and had to fight just to keep them out and let my own take over. It's all good now. I hate buying cheap stuff, I hate eating low quality food/groceries, I hate not having fun, I hate settling for "good enough," I hate the false belief that "I can't afford it" (I can and it always seems to work out), etc. I find ways, there's always a way. It's sad… the people around me have a lot more than I do, quite literally, and they're stuck in that whole scarcity mindset and thinking that life is supposed to be incredibly hard. My dad actually GOT MAD when he was gifted vacation plane tickets for his birthday. I couldn't believe it. I thought about why he would feel that way, and I concluded it's because of his deep-seated beliefs that he doesn't deserve it, or that it shouldn't be that easy. Makes so much sense.

  • Dan R.

    I've always had a hard time taking success, money, etc. advice from females. Not sure why. It's just a different kind of energy. For example, there's too many flowers and purple in this video for my taste, it's too "cute" to be taken seriously. My friends and I can't even read books written by women anymore (I've only read one). But I'll show this to my girlfriend.

  • Steffie Babes

    I didn't find this helpful. I can currently just feed myself on £10 a week for food. I spend more on fuel than food! Giving some away would mean I actually wouldn't eat! x

  • Geno

    Marie, you should've said something about learning how to budget!! I think it's one of the most important yet often misunderstood topics of wealth creation..

  • Christie Kushmerick

    Thank you for all of these awesome reminders. I am a broke grad school student who recently married a software programmer. To say our finances are unbalanced is an understatement. We're trying to merge our lives, and money is a major sore spot for me. Now, I feel like I have some practical strategies I can implement regardless of what I have in my checking account.

  • Michelle Parent

    I have listened to this more than once, this time I am compelled to comment. I am working my way through my relationship with money. I have naturally put several of these steps into action. The BIGGEST thing I have done is let go of fear. I believe in myself and my abilities. I know I have the capacity to make more money…..but now I see it is not about the money, it is ALL about the attitude. At this moment, I barely make anything and I have never felt more abundant. As a result, more abundance will come to me.

  • Samuel White

    Put all things to the test. Mind over matter it's in the Bible. But you didn't know it yes Jesus in the book of Matthew and the book of prov 18(21) yes they hide it right in your face. That's way the Catholic Church remde the people and Churches don't really talk about they us it to attract your money. Yes God is in you and around you and the power is in you at all times .
    No none these books people trying to get you to buy need.
    Put all things to the test right now. It's said you have what you say and you get what you expect. So start expecting something you want to happen and speak it. Now remember that Jesus only spoke to things one time .
    Thank you for reading and putting all things to the test .
    Your's truly [email protected]

  • Marian Crole

    just wanted to share one of my "make your own luxury". I like the image of Roger & Gallet brand of cosmetics but it belongs to L'oréal and they are not very ethic not well ranked when it comes to health… and th 330 ml body cream pot costs 15.- dollars.
    I bought one, one day just because i was working on offering me nice gifts. Things after i read about the brand company, i didn't want to use it anymore, and i wouldn't have bought one of those each month because of the cost. so i took the bottle which is nice and i filled it with sesam oil (super cheap) and now my body is happy and it feels as if i was having that luxurious cosmetic
    when in fact sesam oil is more luxurious and healthy than the original cream 🙂

  • Viola Hui

    Very useful video Marie! I am totally struggling with the money scarcity mindset. I just graduated Uni and started my first job in a foreign country so I am very insecure about my finances. I do donate to a charity regularly and try to count my blessing more constantly. I'll implement your tips and read up! Thank you for the awesome content 🙂

  • Edison Edwina

    I am so excited to share my unbelievable manifesting experience after just three weeks on your manifesting program [Check Details Here ===https://t.co/dbwxDwUcTU ]! I was able to manifest $10,020 today!! My skepticism has been destroyed, and my FAITH IS COMPLETELY RESTORED!!!  To anyone out there doubting this…DON'T…this is real, it works, and it’s FANTASTIC

  • ruthshama

    Thank you!!!!! This is almost exactly what I am teaching my kids. They have been doing this since they were 1.
    Here's my son explaining his system.

  • Andy Jame

    "Your way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it– the tone, the depth of spirituality, I can't put it into words.  Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference! I LOVE your 12 meditations too [  Check Details In My Channel ]! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, "ANIMO!" Lots of love and every blessing to you both."

  • Crystal Moore

    After trying a few other programs and not getting anywhere I stumbled upon your Destiny Tuning and – I like it! By following the first 3 weeks I regained the self discipline and daily routine (and decluttered my living space 🙂 Also I am listening frequently to a few of my favorite mp3's from your program [ Check Details In My Channel ]. Thank you, Heather, and God Bless!

  • tt21292

    Yesss I was going to go get a facial for my birthday but I want a vitamix blender to start off my cleanse so I said you know what I can afford a facial. I’ll do it myself at home!

  • Cybermojoman

    "it's just money, I can always earn more" Can't think of a time I ever regretted giving or donating money.

    A very wealthy person once told me…. Money is only good if you don't have any….

  • Tara Wagner Coaching

    I love these! Especially the point on "keep reading books". So much of our mindset is influenced by our knowledge, experience, and surroundings. The more we're around positive money mindsets, the more we NORMALIZE money in our own mind. It becomes comfortable, natural, useful, wonderful, healthy, and therefore it changes our actions and habits, and change our experience of money. It's not "woo-woo"! It's not even LOA. It's just common sense! (Cents? LOL #ilovepuns)

  • Andy Jame

    ts still amaze me just how lots of people have no clue about Mofedest Miracle ( luky7.co/8att?dr/sghag ) although I've heard some amazing things about it and my friend finally discover the correct secrets laws of attraction by using it, but she refuses to tell me

  • Elise McDowell

    HA!! I remember exactly where I was mentally, spiritually and emotionally when I wrote you this question Marie! 😅 I was sooooo stuck in scarcity! And you were 100% right, it wasn't about everyone else, it was about me. I had to change what was going on inside and I did. I continued the work even when it was sooooo hard and I didn't think anything would ever change. Your advice was helpful and I took it to heart and followed what I could. If this helps anyone watching I want you to know that I transformed my abundance mindset. 🎉 I now run my own business helping women transform their money mentality and grow their business (heading into my 5th year now), I make more money than I ever knew I could, I've been travelling the world full-time for the last 3 years, my life is my DREAM life and I am grateful everyday. 🙌 So don't give up. You are ALWAYS making progress, even when you think nothing is changing, it is. 💖

  • Joanna 000

    "Be a living demonstration of a more abundant reality" LUV…great reminder for me…so on a sticky note it goes and posting it in various places in my home. 🙂

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