Law of Attraction: Let Go and Receive it ALL (Watch What Happens)
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Law of Attraction: Let Go and Receive it ALL (Watch What Happens)

imagine that you go to a restaurant and
you put in your order and you say I would like this and then you say it and
then the waiter says okay I’ll be back they leave and then imagine the whole
time you’re worried about what’s happening your ask another staff member
if everything’s going okay in the kitchen you’re asking your friends to do
something about it you’re creating all this resistance and all you really had
to do was let go and trust the process now it’s a huge paradox but when you let
go that’s when you can have it all and in this video I’m gonna show you exactly
how to do that welcome back to another video my name’s
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be sharing with you how letting go allows you to then have it all and this
is a huge paradox but I’ve looked at all that like if you were to take a timeline
of my life out from me working that nine-to-five job that I
wasn’t passionate about some women shoes you’ve probably heard me talk about it
in other videos before but if you’ve seen or heard me talk about going from
that to then going full time on YouTube to now going into a new arena which is
me doing live events if you’ve seen any part of this journey I was looking at it
myself and seeing and noticing that when the
great results came it was when I really let go of the outcome trying to control
it now in a way willpower got me far me choosing my actions choosing what I’m
doing but in order for me to then get a jump from let’s say here to here it
always required for me to let go to let go of outcome to let go of something and
that has been the key I remember especially there was a time maybe a year
and a half ago where my intention was to really grow on YouTube and the more I
thought about it and I was thinking about it and I was making the daily
videos I’ve been making daily videos for three years in a row and I was doing all
of these different things and I realized I was creating a lot of resistance and
one day it kind of hit me I remembered that there was this talk I listen to I
think was Bashar or something and he had this talk where he was talking about you
know 15 minutes a day think about what you want
feel it as if you have it and then let it go trust the universe to bring it to
you and in that moment I also had a remembrance that when I was working that
nine-to-five job selling woman shoes it was a commission based job and the days
I did the best were the days I went in and I let go I had a vision for an
intention I want to sell this much amount per day or whatever it was but
then I let it go and I focused on having fun and joined the process every single
time I did that I would have amazing results so when it came to YouTube
wanting to grow on YouTube what happened was back in December 2018 I think I was
focused on it but then what happened is I started to let go of it I actually at
that time was moving into a new relationship and when I was it was like
almost I was creating so much resistance around creating and and having my
youtube channel go to the next level that what I ended up doing is I realized
I was like holding it in place like it wanted to take off but I was trying to
hold it in place and because I was trying to hold it in place it was then
it was then Korean resistance as I was moving into that new relationship I
realized that my attention was going away from that and I would just start to
allow it to be in a way I kind of put it on the back burner a little bit I still
wanted I still was intending for it but when I did that that’s when everything
got taken to the next level because I let go of the outcome I look at the
energy dynamic there and any time I let go from tried really hard and in a way
like holding the resistance in place that’s when then the results came so it
comes from letting go of the outcome and trusting the universe to do its job and
imagine it like this to let me switch the camera angle and I did a diagram to
make this a little bit easier to understand I’ve showed this chart before
but I’ll explain it in a different way but understand that it’s not our egos
job to do everything there’s a job there’s there’s a job there’s a song by
Mac Dre because that’s not my job okay that’s a very relevant song I mean
that’s the actual whole meaning of that song it’s completely not relevant but
that word that phrase right there is very relevant that’s not my job remember
that any time any time that there’s your ego is trying to control things and
you’re trying to do things your higher-self you could look at your
higher-self and go wait that’s not my job okay
that’s not my job now let me show you this chart right here I just did this
talk cuz I’m a really good driver are you ready for this
okay this is our higher self all angelicus stuff givin you the message
this is also you by the way he says trust just says it like that chest and
then here’s you you’re like hey I got this this is like me okay let’s say this
is me sometimes people are like oh it’s mean when you say like that you mean
something I’m talking about all of us this is how we just are in general so
I’m like hey I got this okay I got this I can control and I know the best way up
the mountain the higher self though is sending us a frequency that frequency is
passion that figure she is trust and what happens is we’re like now I got
that I can catch all at all here’s the thing there’s a mountain lion right
there okay and we can’t necessarily see over the trees whereas the higher self
can tell us hey Erin go around the corner and it’s even it looks longer but
I promise you it’s safer and you’ll get up the mountain even faster but you see
I can’t hear that message if my ego is the only thing that I hear so the key to
this is understanding that the higher self can see better perception then our
ego can but when we think the ego must do everything that’s where we get into
trouble so the key to this is knowing them that you can bypass the mountain
line trust the higher self and Trust and enjoy the process what if I enjoyed this
is like the yellow brick road it’s actually supposed to be water but the
yellow brick road but imagine I enjoyed this and it was fun and I was in the
right in the right state and then going up this mountain would be even easier so
the point of this is understanding that it’s not our egos job to do everything I
see people that have the hardest time manifesting what they want is the people
that are so attached to it having to be their way to the blueprint that we have
in our mind and I stand from experience because that’s how I was for a very long
time but I’ve learned now that what we can begin to do is know that
when we let go we are also saying I trust the universe I allow these things
to happen and let me show you what else makes the biggest difference when we
don’t let go we’re also saying we don’t trust that getting what we want is a
natural reflection of us being the way we want okay let me show you using a
different camera angle here we go now what I’m about to share with you is
an absolute game changer when it comes to understanding how to let go to
receive it all and it has to do with understanding the levels of
consciousness now the levels of consciousness sounds very complex and
you haven’t seen my other videos on it then it probably sounds like this like
what is this but understand that there’s this level of consciousness and it goes
from zero to a thousand and lower vibrational emotions are at the bottom
like shame fear guilt anger and then 250 is neutrality we have 400 as reasoning
500 is love and then joy peace and enlightenment going up the higher you
raise your vibration the easier it is to manifest things that’s the key to this
and this is from a book by the way called power versus force it talks about
how we use muscle testing to calibrate different things things calibrated
different energies for example there are movies that calibrate at like maybe 300
not the movie 300 but maybe like the movie Avatar I think resonates right
between 3 and 400 there’s some movies and books like the book the power of now
resonates at about 500 the book autobiography of a yogi’ represent
resonates at about 550 or 600 something like that I forget the exact measurement
like heavy metal rock music is very chaotic it resonates at a lower
frequency maybe like 175 and these are all different three different
calibrations now our vibration the higher we raise it the more magical our
life becomes the easier things manifest the key to getting up the scale is just
letting go that’s it let go the things that keep us some more vibrations is we
attach ourselves to things that happen in the past we attach ourselves to lower
vibrational things maybe drinking alcohol and because of that it keeps us
tethered to the lower vibes but if we let go we can then receive it all
so letting go is the key now here is something that’s a little bit more
advanced but this is what makes all the difference when it comes to this now 400
is the level of reasoning science reasoning is the level of 400 now
wouldn’t you become aware that your beliefs create your reality and you
start to change your beliefs that’s when your reality really begins to change and
that’s a 4 to 500 level transformation that’s when you it’s a high vibration
most people on the planet are under the four hundreds I believe if you’re
watching this video then you’re of a higher vibration how did that stand back
up I don’t remember doing that okay anyways it’s very windy here in Vegas
and there’s a plant that was on the floor yesterday that standing up now and
I’m kind of tripped out with it I know I didn’t put that up but the reasoning so
right here reasoning is we always do things for
reasons as well I’m going to think about this because then I can attract more of
this I’m going to do this I’m gonna make daily video so that my channel grows and
then I feel more approval you see that’s reasoning now when you get to the 500 a
big step is 500 what you do is you’re focused on being the middle levels are
focused on doing do you do things to get somewhere else and then when you get a
500-year being you’re being for the sake of being for example I’m making daily
videos because it’s what I’m passionate about it’s Who I am
when it’s who I am I’m not as attached to outcome if I’m going to the gym every
day because it’s going to get me a better body then that’s the level of
reason nothing wrong with it but a higher paradigm is I’m going to the gym
every day because it’s Who I am you get in life not what you want but a
reflection of who you are being of who you are and when you get to the level of
being that’s where magic happens that’s where
you can let go of the outcome because it doesn’t matter what reflection you get
because you realize it’s just who you are you’re not doing it for the reason
of getting something else you’re doing it because it’s who you are that’s when
you’re not attached to the outcome so that’s the key to really doing this is
realizing that your self-image go with you if you’re doing something to
change your self-image then it’s the reasoning it can still be powerful but
do it because it’s who you are I simply saw myself as a full-time youtuber and
then I did it because I was passionate about it
I didn’t enjoyed the moment more so I wasn’t that like oh it needs to happen
in three weeks I was like I’m loving this I’m loving making his videos I love
that people are getting value from it that was when I first started getting on
YouTube back in February 2017 and then six months later I quit my job I became
it I was being that version of me the key to letting go to having it all is
being it because it’s who you are and then you can let go of the outcome
because you trust that process you trust it even if things didn’t happen right
away I knew that it’s just a matter of time but I also know this is just who I
am I make daily videos now this is me and
if I look at anything else in my life that I’ve had to let go of what I’ve
realized if it was a relationship that I wanted or something what I would do is
I’d focus on just being and doing what I love trusting that that’ll get brought
to me when the time is right but also enjoying the present moment many times
it’s hard to let go because we take things so seriously we are holding
things in place and we are we are trying to make it happen the way that we want
and we’re creating that resistance when if we were to just have more fun and
loosen up I noticed that you know sometimes if I’m getting serious about
things and then I just go have fun I just loosen up I go to a cool
restaurant or something like that I’m then like I’m in loose I’m then enjoying
the process my energy then raises you see that’s why with the whole abraham
hicks thing it’s like raise your vibration raise your vibration don’t
NEET and that’s something too you don’t need the reason to get somewhere else to
escape the moment do it because of who you are but you see this is all about
understanding where are you and what can you let go of so the one thing I’d like
you to do today that will change your life is decide on one thing you’re gonna
let go of you could let go of something maybe you’re drinking a lot or smoking
or you know it’s not it’s not serving you anymore maybe you’re trying to
control things in your life give it up and realize that your higher self
all angelic is just saying one word trust just got a halo like that that’s
like just just it okay it’s gonna happen you just gotta let go just just and then
our egos in the valley it’s like I got it I got this I got out and then what
happens is there’s a mountain lion right there but if we would just listen to the
angelic nough some our higher self going Aaron just just God this way instead of
that way then guess what I would have gone around the river and it’s okay cuz
the river ends right there it just ends there’s no the river does
not keep going so what I could have done is just walked around and then ascended
up the mountain into the 5th dimension it was that easy the whole time but my
ego was trying to control telling the mountain line to go away just made the
mountain lion even more angry so I don’t want to make mountain lions Andrey okay
I want to let go to them to let in it’s a huge paradox but when you let go of
outcome things just happen they just happen but you gotta let go let go and
listen to your higher self all angelic just saying trust trust it’s all you got
to do is trust and when you trust you’ll find that then things happen in a very
easy way because you’ve let go of the resistance and when you let go of the
resistance it naturally just raises up now the key to this is letting go to
them let in and if you haven’t seen yet there’s a meditation that I have that’s
on raising your dominant vibration permanently we listen to it on January
1st we do that live as a very powerful energy momentum when you listen to it
and it will help you to raise your vibration up that scale that we were
talking about so if you haven’t listened to that yet I recommend you listen to
that for 21 days watch how it changes your life read the comments and see
what’s possible I’ll link it below I’ll also link it as an end card right here
listen to it watch what happens and then that as always peace much love and


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