LAW OF ATTRACTION explained by Hans Wilhelm
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LAW OF ATTRACTION explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hi I am Hans Wilhelm. Today let’s talk about
the Law of Attraction. It is one of the most fundamental laws of the universe which says
that “like attracts like” and “unlike repels unlike”. This law rules our entire
life, the world around us and all the decisions we make. You will notice that in almost all
of my videos I mention how this law impacts us and how we can use it. It begins well before we are born. Our soul
is a vibrational energy body that reflects our current state of consciousness with all
its karmic burdens. To incarnate and be attracted to planet Earth it requires parents – in
particular: a mother – who are of similar vibration. Like attracts like. Therefore,
we always choose our parents according to who we are. And we also choose everything else in our
life according to who we are and what we sense, feel, think, say, and do. Consciously or unconsciously
we are continuously transmitting energies that attract or repel everyone and everything
in our life. After all, all of life is communication=sending and receiving. It just shows how
powerful we are. The people around us and the circumstances
we find ourselves in are all the result of the Law of Attraction. Again, there are no
coincidents. They are in our life because they represent something about ourselves and
have pulled us together through the Law of Attraction. They resonate with something in
us, be it good or bad, positive or negative. They are mirroring something of ourselves
back to us and therefore they a perfect tool for self-recognition and growth.
The outside world reflects what is in us. For instance, if we are emotionally charged
when we see images of war or fighting, then there is also a war or fighting going on within
ourselves. Anything that is emotionally unwanted in our outer reality is potentially something
in us that is not yet healed or loved. Everything is here to teach us unconditional, unlimited
and all-inclusive Love. So, we have the amazing power to influence
the circumstances as well as the choice of people in our life when we consciously become
aware of our sensations, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions and then deliberately
change them. But before we do that we explore what messages they have for us and then clear
up whatever is negative or unloving in us and our relationships.
That is truly “living in the Now”. Having peaceful thoughts will attract more peace
and kinder situations into our world. Many new age teachers claim that by deliberately
using the Law of Attraction to our advantage we can attract and allow boundless abundance,
wealth and happiness such as a grand villa, a sports car or lots of money. Unfortunately,
this doesn’t always work out. Because our intentions are too often based on selfish
desires for ourselves and not based on selfless-love and service for our neighbor. Our Higher Self
will not cooperate with the desires of our ego for pleasure and comfort. The Higher Self
has much higher ambitions for us. It knows life is not about getting, but about becoming.
There is much more about it in my video “Why the Secret Didn’t Work”. The Law of Attraction also influences our
thinking. We usually believe that the thoughts we are having are our own. But not necessarily
so. We can pick up the thoughts from other people if there is something in us that resonates
with these thoughts. The realm of thoughts is densely populated with free floating thought
forms – also called vagabond thoughts – that hang around us like heavy mud or oil slicks.
They can poison and take over our thinking and lead to creating more negative karma. And it is not just vagabond thoughts that
can poison us. This can also be done by negative astral entities. All our negativity, vices
and weaknesses are potentially portals for negative energies or entities to be attracted
to us according to the Law of Attraction. They can attach themselves to us and influence
and even possess us. But when we upgrade our vibration through
life and love-affirming thinking, speaking and acting we no longer become a magnet for
them. We have that power in us. Our karma is also subject to the Law of Attraction.
Karma is the result of our inability or unwillingness to solve a problem with love. Whenever we
think, say or do something unlovingly it is not only stored in our soul and body but most
of all in the repository planets of identical frequency of the material and semi-material
universes. Like attracts like. When these constantly moving planets are full or reach
a certain position they download our karma back to us – either in this life time or
many life-times later. It may manifest in many different ways, from an unpleasant sensation
or emotion to illness, and blows of fate. In other words, everybody
can only reap in life whatever he himself has sown. But karma is not necessarily a bad thing.
It just shows us how infinitely powerful we are by having created this situation we are
facing. It’s a teaching tool to bring us gently back to love. Through forgiveness,
love and service we can speed up our return Home to the pure Heavens – from where we
once came. Because eons and eons ago we left our spiritual Home – these pure Heavens. We did this through negative and selfish thinking. It immediately changed our
vibration and we could no longer stay in the high vibration and consciousness of Love and
unity. By having changed our vibration, we ejected ourselves through the Law of Attraction
into the far regions of space where we now incarnate from time to time into the material
universe. We became these fallen angels in exile. Our final test comes at the moment of our
transition back into the spiritual world – the event we commonly call “death” when the
soul separates itself from the physical body. Have we increased the vibration of our soul
by having learned our life-lessons and became more loving in our earthly life time? Or have
we squandered our short time here on Earth by increasing our selfishness. The energy
of all our feelings, thoughts, words and actions throughout the lifetime determine to which
spiritual realm our soul will energetically be drawn to. This follows the law of spiritual
gravity which is another word for the Law of Attraction. Will it be a higher level than
we had before our birth or will it be a lower level? Or will it just be the same level as
before with little to no signs of progress. Luckily most of us are now on our way Home,
back to the pure Heavens. But we can only enter the pure Heavens again if we carry the
Heavens in us – which is pure Love – because like attracts like. Are we ready to use our
life time here on Earth to grow in love and compassion? I am looking forward to seeing you in my next


  • Kel4everSmiles

    I'm a little confused on we "choose our parents". Mine gave me up when my eyes were still crossed. I was adopted ! So guess I chose the wrong belly to climb into.. huh ???
    Guess I should have said "oops, my bad. Wrong belly" ?
    Hey people, I was just looking for a warm belly at the time !!!..Anyone can make the same mistake..Don't judge ! LMAO
    I did get patched over to the best parents in life tho..They paid for me. I seen the receipt and it said clearly 'NO REFUNDS'..They were and still are the love of my life even though they have passed..For the record 🙂

  • Minita Bathija

    You only spoke about how karma can determine our LOA powers and also restricts us. But I follow Abraham Hicks, she says all our desires are accepted by the source energy. We all are extention of source energy.
    There is no Karma or no judgement here, but we come forward to know who we really are and give birth to our desires. No desire is rejected by the universe. And that we grow by our contrast of life and know what we don't want which results in knowing of what we do want.

  • GabiKalita

    Wilhelm, what books would you recommend to read, except yours books of course, to truly understand your point of view, to get to the same ideas but from scratch? I want to truly understand the things You are talking about!

    With Love, Gabriela

  • jollyjaws

    Thank you for your videos. They are very kind and thoughtful. As compared to religion and its rigidity and perfectionism these vids try to explain our circumstances more fully. Religion seems to focus on you being bad and sinful. It is a very controlling position to have people tell you you're bad and ask for your money and then throw you away.
    My life has been a series of problems and difficulties and I keep feeling I'm a nice person but I would have no idea of that with what my life has given me. At every turn I have been thrown away, abused, used, and abandoned. It has made me feel powerless. Did I deserve this was I bad in a former life? With these types of struggles and not knowing from any loving being that I'm of any value or from any human for that matter it has made me withdraw and lose all hope. On top of that having hereditary ADD you might as well just throw in the towel. If it's a learning experience and you have a brain that doesn't remember and can't retain or succeed is this really a loving God.
    The world is moving toward darkness and narcissism and selfishness and what was not accomplished in Germany has no obstacles this time. Biblically, it suggests that this time it's going to be many times worse. I'd like to understand the love of any God that does this to people. One wishes some loving entity, like an earthly loving father, would step in and enlighten humanity. When the dark forces know the reality and the good forces are totally in the dark it will only end in disaster.
    I guess that would be the luciferian element. Why was a Lucifer necessary when human beings could destroy things all by themselves?
    With the platter that I have been given I have no idea what love is. My Republican family can't love fully they are immersed in saducee black and white rules.
    Nothing loving with the law of attraction could prove that I am valuable after what ive experienced. At some point loving deities should intervene. The reason the world is the way it is is because nothing intervenes except for the evil one in this game of Good and Evil between two opposing deities.
    When even the original information has been twisted and we do not know the realities and circumstances of our lives it is a totally unfair playing field.
    With the information that I have gleaned recently I have discovered that we do not live on a rotating ball reeling through space at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour. We supposedly live on a flat stationary plane with a dome over the top of it. There might be specks of light on the ceiling that we call planets but that's a lie. If we are influenced by specs we should be told by God why.
    We have been lied to by NASA. By computer graphics we have bought the LIE. We've also bought the lie about the pyramids and everything else that they don't want us to know about. What is the point of this madness. I don't see love in it.
    When you try to enlighten people on the realities of this world you are considered a lunatic is how extreme that it has gotten. There is no listening. Human beings like animals have been indoctrinated like cattle. All of humanity must be punished for some reason with the realities of this existence. We are bad because we don't know the circumstances and the powers-that-be won't tell us the circumstances?
    At least in these videos there's a semi explanation of some of this.
    That only the dark entities on the planet the lower vibrations know the truth is just ridiculous. It does not sound like an omnipotent deity or a loving deity to not have control of his child Lucifer? The Book of Enoch sheds some light on some of the realities that we are not supposed to know?? No wonder we are living in insanity. This is not a loving plan. if we are too filthy for pure energy to associate with maybe it shouldn't have created us. Do children learn without a teacher? Where is the teacher? He won't come and visit us?
    So strange.
    A being that can't socialize with his creation? God help us all. The minority of our fellowmen are taking the majority to enslavement? Because we are not awake?

  • Andre Townsel

    The only thing that's false about this is the choosing of your parents. No way in hell an infant baby can choose his parents.

  • MrAeronuk1

    In one of his other videos he says that we are all fallen angels trying to make our way back to heaven…But I always thought human beings were different from angels. And i thought that Satan and the fallen angels were beyond redemption so it would not be possible for them to return to the heavenly realms…All very confusing.

  • John Cronin

    For me, Hans is one of the most underestimated voices and producers on this subject online. He covers every detail and leaves nothing to be confused about unless you choose to contaminate it with other beliefs. An added plus is that it appears as if he lives these truths himself. If you ever read this Hans, I want to say thank you!!

  • Therese Sorrell

    If you feel very, very upset with the cruelty that human beings does to others include animals.I believe it is because you have no violence in your self, instead it is because the love you have for all life you feel so confused and sickened for all that evil. Your heart is filled only with love.♥️👻🕊😇

  • Connor Duke

    A terrific and inspiring video again. One question, my parents are narcissists (baby souls) and I am a fairly old soul. So am wondering if I overruled the law of attraction with another universal law before I was born.


    HS will not cooperate? so where is expansion, free will, etc. then god is a selfish buster living in hipocrytical opulence reserved only to himself. less of so much bs Source, pleasssssssse. I beg you. Where does this dude get his info!!!😕

  • jessy pinkmaan

    interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about about law of attraction try Magonsi Abundance Action Expert(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  • Seraph EL

    Dear Herr Wilhelm,
    Please allow me to make a suggestion. Subtitles in different languages would be a good idea. Not everyone is perfect in the English language. Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge. So I think even people who were/are bad at school can understand wisdom, if they have the chance to hear it. Just a thought of mine of course. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Jay33 goodwin

    Hans really love your wisdom and knowledge!this is truly priceless and it means more than money!! Thank you for sharing 💖 God bless 💙

  • HunterG7

    Honest question – what do we get to do in "the pure heavens"? Floating around spouting "I love you" would be nice, but also boring in my opinion. Wish I could just go there (now) and see for myself.

  • Carol T

    Dear Hans,I really love your videos and I agree a lot with most of the subjects,however, i think the LOA isn't true,in physics, same sides of the magnet repel while opposite sides attract.this is also true i n human relations,opposites attract not similar people with similar phsyc's.this is why most of the time we end up with people who abuse us and manipulate us and destroy our lives.
    As to me,i don't feel that anything in me is similar to any of my parents,especially my mother.she and I have very little in common,and still i'm currently stuck with her and feel like i'm choking…why on earth would I chose such parents??? To teach me how to love,on the contrary,they are making me hate,hate myself and them and even hate my life.
    So,if LOA was true i wouldn't have chosen such life from the begining if I truly wanted to give and learn love.

  • honey hush

    So we are a big magnet and should behave like it. That explains why my stepsons are so full of hate and are cold. They play too much Call of Duty. Lazy p.o.s.s. And another reason why it's evil to be a jealous individual. No wonder why my sister in law doesn't progress and why her life is so disorganized. It's hard to love ppl who are vindictive. The law of attraction simply works if we use it in a positive repeticious conscious way daily. It has worked for me.

  • Drew Prettyman

    "You are Amazing! This year it has been so difficult for me, I lost my job, I was feeling so blue and the only thing that really helped me was to keep reading your beautiful messages and they really help me to keep stand and fighting! You meant A LOT to me! I want to show my gratitude for being in my life when I felt so lonely [ Check Details here === ]. I wish you the best and again thank you thank you so much! Send you a BIG hug!”

  • Devin Paul

    After trying a few other programs and not getting anywhere I stumbled upon your Destiny Tuning and – I like it! By following the first 3 weeks I regained the self discipline and daily routine (and decluttered my living space 🙂 Also I am listening frequently to a few of my favorite mp3's from your program [ Check Details In My Channel ]. Thank you, Heather, and God Bless!

  • Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty

    I was born with love and compassion it helped me so much to help others. As the years went by I was attack by negative people possibly as a target because they noticed my light. Now I’m in midlife and I’m not sure what to do with narcissist abusive people. Live and compassion doesn’t work. I pray to bless them and to protect my soul.

  • Alex Devlin

    and where did you get that information? your living a lie get back to church people like you poison my favourite girls mind ive seen angels demons and aliens your not even close.

  • Cecilia De Rossi

    Well war is terrible. While I find a lot of your videos very interesting and enlightening and law of attraction as a whole yes I understand that however as individuals we most definitely are not responsible for a war and when we see that war it makes us feel terrible because we can see the devastation it is having on the lives of the people affected by it which is highly distressing. It is not only about ourselves.Yes if we are in conflict watching something like that causes distress but on a different level for a different reason however everything is not always about what is in ourselves. People have free will, people have different personalities and attitudes and we are not responsible for their behavior and neither do we attract them. They went a certain way because they chose it. However our reactions to their behaviour will have an effect on both ourselves and them when we encounter them. There is not one total thing controlling all of this there are other elements to it that require each of us taking responsibility for ourselves while also if having the strength to help others when they need a hand without becoming their crutch. I tend to see the reasons why behind people who seem to be bad and unreachable and am often able to reach such people and it is certainly not due to my own conflict but rather having a lot of empathy and understanding as well as insight. My point is that it is easy to just believe what is in a video, most of which is very good but again by doing that we are relying on others for our enlightenment and to tell us how things are and then just accepting blindly what we are told. I like the way you put things and it is very interesting but truly the only being that knows is the one who created us and our own soul which we must listen to. Many of us have reached certain levels of understanding just as you have and the important thing is to listen to and be open to all of these things and evaluate them in comparison to others. Not follow them blindly. When you do that you become very adept at sorting out what is true and what is not. Your videos provide a much needed perspective which I believe is far closer to the truth than a lot of other perspectives. Thank you for putting them out there.

  • IPM Be

    Wait i am confused why do you say we left our spiritual home for selfish reasons. I have heard many times that God/Energy exploded and sent us everywhere so we can gather experiences and lessons and bring them back to the source!!

  • Cincinnati Nostalgia

    It's almost unheard of in this day and age to someone like you shining the absolute love of God on here. I have seen about 12 of your videos today, and believe me you are truly doing a great thing. Over three years ago I came out of a coma and since then all I seen was a cold Godless world, and I wanted to do is go home, but I didn't where my home was. I know where it is now thanks to you, David Wilcock, Garnet Schukhauser & Dolores Cannon. By the way I realize how many people love & hate me by being a born again christian and a former leader of the masons. Now that I'm almost completely blind now, I'm looking forward to going home someday soon to be with God.

  • New Age

    The tricky part is believing in LOA. People are so used to reacting to circumstances and don’t trust the Law Of Attraction to work.

  • New Age

    You can become rich from LOA and you can obtain “selfish” things. This video is lying. It doesn’t want you to know the truth.

  • Lt H

    Where do the annunaki fit into all this? Wasn't them who created us 200,000 years ago. Before they arrived we were simpletons weren't we? .

    I find a lot of this stuff hard to believe. Why would a higher soul allow someone to get so depressed they live in misery for 20 years and then commit suicide to escape the hopelessness they experience ? .

    Surely if they are allows helping they'd step in to help. It's clear that person doesn't understand the "constant" help they're being offered. To me that higher soul should get sacked from the job their doing…

    No offence but there's major flaws in these teachings

  • Rodney Jackson

    Dr. Can love and acceptance be synonymous? For instance if we are here to learn unconditional love and hate attracts more of what we hate. Can we gain our cosmic truth by accepting all of life exist without actually having to love it?

  • Kateri Tekawidthá

    The universal guides our souls to the path back home.We are being prepared for what is yet
    to come.Love❤ is key🗝
    to the next evolutionary
    & universally phase.
    Positive thinking and doing is what gets you on the spherical realms of 1 of 12 spheres or stages of our transition.😇☄🌈

  • Paul Weatherby

    I recognize those dark energy thought forms. They cling to me immediately after talking to my sister over the phone. Ha!

  • miz erie

    Like this for hans to do a video on HEAVEN and HELL. B.c i see so many videos on here (YT) of people saying jesus showed them took them to hell to save thier soul.

  • anonymous

    beautiful beautiful truths to it all…except the religion of truth is islam…im not saying this bcz im Muslim bcz in islam we r taught the original christianity was truth but since its been corrupted by man(the bible)….god of all the universes ..Allah swt as he calls himself….lord of the universe sent quran down to earth as a guidance to mankind.everything abt the spirit world sir hans says is similar to wat we learn in islam..but majority of the guidance is based on the physical realm.

  • Vishnuvardhan Reddy Yeduru

    according to spirituality what you say in your videos is absolutely true..according to spirituality body consciousness is the biggest vice followed by five other vices that is lust not just the physical body but lust also means desires,anger,greed,attachment and ego..soul consciousness means energy is made of seven elements purity (thought level)peace ,happiness,love,knowledge,bliss,power…every soul is a divine soul but we are towards the end of our journey to return back to our home the spiritual world where we came from so we totally forgot that i'am a soul wearing this body .towards the end of our journey there is very less power in the soul just like a battery …now it is the time to connect to our supreme spiritual father to charge ourselves …sir please visit brahmakumaris spiritual university to know in detail…there are about 9000 centers in 150 countries.thank you sir

  • Sarah Sarah

    I love how simple you can manage to explain the things so important in people’s lives ….. you are so incredibly good in what you do Mr. Hans Wilhelm

  • Vanessa Odette Herrera

    Dear Hans, thanks for sharing your knowledge. what would you if you want to go back to the heavens, don´t want to reincartate anymore, in this wonderful excile, and you can´t get rid of a black magician, that keeps bothering you, how can I get rid of him. I have tried every reasonable way, and he doesn´t get it- my god, its been allmost 7 years of this interference, of this weird black magic stuff, I don{ t want it. I have paid all my karma, I swear. I´m clean! I´m drained. exausted.I .don´t want this pain, I want my life back, my good relationships, my energy, my good romance, my health, my sense of purpose. and do what I´m here to do, and hopefully never come back again. Thank you!!! keep doing these great videos. From Canada, Devi.

  • Eliott étoile

    Thank you very much. But it is not a good idea too add music and writing. I like your drawings for they make it very simple to explain complex concepts. Music disturbs attention. Tank you so much for your work and make it so clear to understand. Love.

  • Eric Scaillet

    Some good thoughts here ,and to add a bit – the physical reality is often painted as 'the bad'place and the ultimate is to go back to the heavenly spiritual non physical plane, well that is not the case entirely-the physical reality is a manifeststion and in this dimension it is very crass by nature and on top of it we have mostly peverted it hence we have what we have today and have had throughout the ages, there are many more physical dimensions whereas the spiritual and physical are in harmony.

  • Goeblaubagan

    It must be tempting to believe you chose your parents if you had a happy childhood, but the truth is most if us have nothing in common with our parents, and many of us had parents who did everything they could to destroy us. We don’t find our true family until we go out into the world.

  • Sandhya Bhandwalkar

    Sir could you pls make a video on promiscuity and how it will affect mental & physical being, esp for today’s young generation. With advent of dating apps in recent years, nobody cares for real love but reduced to purely gross physical sexual craving, shopping for sex via apps. Photos of people online that you browse is similar to shopping for clothes and shoes. Humans are barely reduced as commodities. They don’t care for people who are live in front of them, but more importance given to photos on dating apps. This is an extremely sad state of affairs!

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