Law of Attraction Exercise – TRAIN Your Subconscious Mind to Manifest Your Desires!
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Law of Attraction Exercise – TRAIN Your Subconscious Mind to Manifest Your Desires!


  • Your Youniverse

    Recommended Video: How to Embrace Change & ALLOW Your Creations to Manifest

  • Mark Reynolds Subliminals

    Also before you sleep look at your picture as well and make sure anything you view or listen to before you go to sleep at night is desirable as this will enter into your dreams. Thanks for another helpful video. Ps keeping these videos in a short format 5 mins is perfect!

  • Shardha kumar

    that was just to the point it's what I needed didn't know how to do this technique on my own! I studied many things on a large setting but although having a passion for the laws of attraction I cloud never mastered the arts or skills needed to manifesting the results in whatever in a timely fashion tnks mush .


    in 2013 i weighed 12 stone and i wanted to put on some extra weight ,which i have always found impossible no matter what i tried, i programmed my subconcious mind by golng into an alpha state which aids communication with the subconcious and saying in my mind "i look good and feel great at 16stone"
    I am now 16 stone and have remained there for the past two years..This would also work for people who wish to lose weight.

  • Sara Brandy

    I used to write notes and put them on different spots in my house. I attracted moving to Brazil by using this technique.
    For example, i wrote on a piece of paper " I have been accepted to USP", and a few month latter when i was about to book my flight, I was having problems with my VISA and some other things, I then wrote a note saying "I'm going to Brazil on july 18th". On july 18th my parents dropped me off at the airport, july 19th i was in Brazil. Have been using this technique ever since, but like you said in the video, i don't stare at the sticker notes for a long time, I just acknowledge and read them and then move on to what im suppose to do. I also think this worked for me the times when i didn't have any doubts or resistance. I actually believed that my desires were going to manifest even though i had no clue how. And I also did things to prepare for my desire to be manifested, so for example i had placed my suitcase in my room as if my departure was due in a few days. When i talked to people about Brasil i never said "If I go to Brazil", I always said " When im going to Brazil" or "When im in Brasil". About a month before, I even had a dream about arriving in Brazil, and that when I knew that my desire was about to be manifested.

  • Martin Lopez

    If we belive this to b true, but cant get it right, how come God dont dont help??? He is suppose to love us!!! We as mortals help owr children accompish what they cant on own,God should do the same,, i feel he dont

  • Marie Lehmann

    I got my dream dog with the law of attraction! I wanted a tiny female dog – but they were either to expensive, puppies or not trained. So I visualized having a dog every day, was happy when I saw dogs and even bought a dog bed and toys. A few months later I had no internet for 2 weeks at home so one day I went into the to the www during work (I don't do this normally) and I there was a tiny 2 year old female penkingese (an expensive breed) to adopt for 150€ not far away from my work! I went there and it turned out she was already trained. She is mine since 2016 and I love her so much!

  • suhail arora

    Help me i am practicing law of attraction from last 2 months but now I am facing problem with visualisation, my mind start to divert at the time of visualisation, kindly help me with the solution

  • Lewis Edie

    I like this concept so much, that I collected pictures from the internet and made several mind movies lasting between 33 seconds and 2 mins on my smartphone. I watch them at different intervals during the day when, I am in a slumbering state, right before I go to sleep at night, and when I wake up when sleeping at night and right wen I arise in the morning. All this with my meditation of 30 minutes at mid-day and night, my affirmation just before coming out of the house, my life script, my letter of gratitude, have been life-changing. I hardly miss a day and it has been going on for 5 years. My life has completely changed, my mood is better, my finances have improved dramatically, my view of the world is much much better, my sympathy for people has improved and most of all I do not hold any grudges (that is even better). I want the best for everyone .

  • Rob Satanta

    Definitely going to give this a go. How to figure out the proper time may be a challenge as I work a different shift every week………..

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