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LA Probate & Trust Litigation | Contingency Fees

Los Angeles probate litigation is a tug of
war between risk and reward. If you are facing an estate fight in the Los
Angeles area, you hire an experienced lawyer to solve problems. You deserve to know what it might take to
succeed. What are the risks? What are the rewards? Attorney’s fees are part of the risks in reaching
for the rewards. If you need to fight the unjust actions of
an estate wrongdoer but don’t have the money to hire a qualified attorney, where do you
turn? Beneficiaries in an LA trust dispute or will
contest may already be frozen out from their rightful inheritance – this freeze-out includes
barred access to the resources to assert their rights in court. Contingency fees allow wronged heirs and beneficiaries
to gain a fighting chance for recovery of assets. Contingency fees share the risks and rewards
of trust and probate litigation. They align the interests of attorneys and
their clients. While not all probate litigation may be appropriate
for contingency fees, at Hackard Law we discuss alternative fee arrangements as a part of
early attorney and client meetings. There is no fixed percentage fee of recovery
applicable to all cases. Contingency percentages may increase with
hours expended or tasks accomplished. Fee arrangements will address the advancing
of costs. Sometime clients advance all costs in return
for a lowered contingency fee. Conversely, when attorneys advance all costs,
their own risks increase – and with increased risk comes increased reward. The advancement and reimbursement of costs
must be addressed in a contingency fee agreement. Probate litigation is emotional and challenging. Contingency fees can soften the initial financial
challenges that are unavoidable in estate disputes. For these arrangements to be final, they must
be in writing and signed by the client and the attorney or law firm that is engaged in
the litigation. Here at Hackard Law, we have plenty of experience
successfully resolving Los Angeles trust lawsuits and cases of elder financial abuse under contingency
fee arrangements. Our team of attorneys regularly represents
clients in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and other venues in the LA area. To see how we can help you, call us today
at 213-357-5200. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

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