“Knowing When to Pivot” + An Announcement | ONE IDEA
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“Knowing When to Pivot” + An Announcement | ONE IDEA

hello world good morning today we have a
very important idea to discuss especially for entrepreneurs which is
all about knowing when to pivot because sometimes as entrepreneurs this is the
most important decision we can make for our businesses and for our lives
entrepreneurial ventures are always a kind of experiment and we should always
be analyzing the data seeing how things are going and while there is a value to
grit and resilience you want to match your resilience with being smart about
the direction you’re going with your entrepreneurial venture and I have to
say and announced at this moment that this has become one of those pivotal
moments for me recognizing where I’ve been going in my work as a leadership
coach for entrepreneurs I’ve learned so much about both leadership and
entrepreneurialism seeing what even from this podcast and YouTube show has
generated the most interest and it’s given me ideas for where to take my
business next so part of the big announcement is that this will be the
last episode officially of the founders and innovators morning show but you will
see me again doing podcasts and probably YouTube I am already in the works to
take some of the ideas that we’ve started to develop on this show and
figure out how to give it a new angle that seems to address both viewers
interests as well as my own interests and then also just some other really
fascinating entrepreneurial projects that have been sparked by all the
fascinating discussions I’ve had with people through this podcast through my
coaching experience and figuring out how to take what I know about leadership and
coaching and entrepreneurialism and actually make that big impact on the
global causes that matter most to me so I want to take this moment to thank you
all of you who’ve watched this show listened to the podcast gone along
this journey and adventure for me stay tuned for June that’s when I’m expecting
the announcement for the next phase of my podcast and entrepreneurial life and
journey and I look forward to seeing you all for the next phase bye for now
everybody thanks for joining us today please don’t forget to subscribe review
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