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Keith Eats Every Pie

– In 1963 in Pasadena, California Pie’n Burger opened its doors. Since then, it’s been
slinging delicious pies to all the beautiful patrons
of Southern California. Today, I will taste every
pie at Pie’n Burger. It’s high time for some pies! Thanks to Google Lens for
sponsoring today’s video. (phone ringing) Hello! I just hung up on ’em. (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Keith] The whole vibe
of this place just feels like a very small town pie or burger shop and I love it. – My name is Michael
Osborne, the restaurant is Pie’n Burger here in Pasadena. So Pie’n Burger opened
in 1963, recipes go back about 70, 75 years all made from scratch. I started working here in 1972 as a cook, managed to work my way up to dishwasher and then eventually the owner. – That’s amazing. And that’s
typically how it goes: Cook, dishwasher, owner. And now as an owner you’re probably still washing dishes so often.
– Yes I am. I do, I do. – Now I know you’re
thinking, “Keith, I wish you “could eat at every single
restaurant in the world “so I know what to order.”
Well I can’t do that. That’s unreasonable.
But, if I haven’t eaten at a restaurant near you
that you want to try, you can use Google Lens by using the Google
Lens app on your Android or go to the App Store and
just get the Google app. You simply open up your Google app, click this little lens button right here. You’ll notice that all of your stuff, it just suddenly becomes text. And it even sorts out the
specialty or the favorite items here at this restaurant. At this one it is the
peanut butter meringue pie, and you can read all these
reviews from people underneath as all of this stuff is
sourced using Google Maps. You can even hit the “search”
button to learn the difference between the Dutch Apple
Pie and the Apple Pie. That is amazing! It’s pie time. Let’s do this. We’re gonna start with the Apple Pie. “As American as apple
pie,” that’s the phrase! I do love apple pie, it is
my mother’s favorite pie. We always used to have an
apple pie and we kept it in the microwave, like the
microwave was a cabinet. It was there at all times so
if you wanted to microwave something you had to remove
the pie and then put something in it and then put the pie back. That’s where the pie lives. I think it’s because we had cats. (classical music) Mm. Goes so well with the
buttery saltiness of the shell. It’s not just like, sugar.
It’s very flavorful. Mm. It’s super good. I always forget at the
beginning of these videos that I’m gonna eat so much.
But it’s so delicious. Now for a Netherlands twist
on the old American favorite, Dutch Apple Pie! I don’t know if the
Dutch actually do this. Why don’t the Dutch people live in, Dutch? They live in the Netherlands. But they’re not Nethermans. (laughs) They should be Nethermans. Dutch Apple Pie is great, it’s
got this little crumbly top. Wow, that tastes totally different
than the other apple pie. It’s a little bit sweeter,
the graham cracker crust is doing a lot to affect the
taste, even though this filling is exactly the same as the other pie. I don’t know, it feels a little more densely sweet than that graham crapper. Graham cracker not graham crapper. (children laughing) Don’t- don’t laugh. Don’t laugh at my mistake. No, stop laughing! Please
stop laughing. Graham cracker! (laughing) What have I
done? This is a nightmare. I’ll have some crust. Anybody who throws away
their crust on pie or pizza, shame on you! How dare you do that! It’s the best part! Next pie! Cherry Pie! Look how cherry-ey it looks. And it talks. “Hello!” What’s it got to say? (calm music) It looks like it’s going to
be like, super duper sweet but it’s actually got some
good tartness going on. It’s not too like, sugar, sugar, sugar. Cherry pie is so like, salacious
in pop culture, you know? You know what I’m talking about. Next slice please! Custard Pie. I’ve never had custard pie. I’ve had pumpkin pie
which is a custard pie, but I’ve never had just
custard, custard pie. I’m going in hard. It kind of looks.. Oh yeah lets all put
our hands on the table. (laughs) It kind of looks like a cheesecake right? (sniffs) (sneaky music) Hmm. I don’t know what I was
expecting but it wasn’t that. Creamy, sweet, eggy? You know what, it’s not my favorite. I’m sure there’s a bunch
of custard fans right now who are going wild in the comments. I just, I don’t get it. Next pie! (guitar strumming) Mince Pie! I’m very interested in
this, it sounds crazy. But what is a mince pie? – All I can say is, like,
the old-style fruit log in a pie. For me, personally, it’s not
on my top five list, okay? Trust me. (laughs) – Oh, wow. It smells like raisins. (laughs nervously) I don’t know. Whoa! (laughs) I liked the end taste but the beginning tastes like just every
old fruit and spice. I think this is a pie that like, somebody’s grandma would make me and I’d be like, “Mhmm, “thank you. “Thank you so much.” Please welcome to the counter my friend and yours, Jared Popkin! – Yes! I am very excited for this. – Jared, what do you like about pies? – I actually didn’t realize
how much I loved pies until you entered my life, Keith. – Really? – Yeah, I don’t know if
he’s already mentioned this, but I realized how much you loved pies when you had it at your wedding. – [Keith] I do love pies. I love them so much I
had pies at my wedding instead of cake. – [Jared] Fantastic day for multiple reasons, mainly– – You got some fuzz on
your head, we got it. – And that’s why I’m here. – Yup, to be cleaned. Okay, this is the most popular pie as we learned from our Google Lens moment: the Peanut Butter Meringue Pie. It looks absolutely bonkers. – [Jared] I love peanut butter. (sighs) – All right, we’re getting
a little bit of pie fatigue. I love that the way the
meringue just flops over. – Yeah, I wasn’t anticipating all of that. – It’s so fragile. – I think it’s supposed to be, though. I think that’s the sign of good meringue. – I do, I think so too, because
I hate it when it’s all stiff and chewy and this
is all light and delicate. – You gotta work for it. – This is incredible. – Yeah, this is, this is my favorite one. – No wonder this is the famous, – Yup.
– Like, this is a hit. This is so good. – Home run, sir. – This is excellent pie. What if you got a slice of this and a slice of the banana pie? And then you just made
yourself a peanut butter banana pie sandwich?
– Could you mix and match here? – Yeah, you can order one slice of each, you can do whatever you want! It could be real good. This is brea– (buzzer sound) bread (laughs) (buzzer sound) bread (laughs) (buzzer sound) Banana Meringue Pie. (ding sound) – [Jared] Look at the
size of this meringue. It looks like a marshmallow. – [Keith] So it’s egg whites
that have been whipped and baked. – Okay, here we go. – Oh, hell yeah. – Yes. – When I was a child, I used to mash up bananas,
pour a little bit of milk, pour some sugar and
cinnamon and just stir it up and eat it. Well, this is what you
do for babies, I think, but I did this until I was 12. – When I was an adult,
I would cut up bananas and put them in peanut butter sandwiches. – I do ’em long-wise, too. Instead of doing all the little discs, I hold it, and I slice it like a
hotdog down the middle and then I slice it in half and then I’ve got four long halves, I can put them on the sandwich way faster and they’re less likely
to fall off the sandwich. – I have wasted so many (laughs) minutes cutting bananas. Life hacks. – Yeah. Next pie! – [Jared] Ooh. – [Keith] Oh, coconut pie. – [Jared] you are taking (laughs). – You have to. – [Jared] Oh, my God. – Mmm! This pie is co-co-nuts. I do love the shaved coconut, it’s got very macaroon vibe. Not a macaron, macaroon. They’re different. – I don’t have an answer. I just love this pie. – Next pie! (laughs)
– No, you gotta, you gotta give it a (whoosh sound) (laughs) – I was terrified of
throwing it off the counter. – So many forks. Chocolate pie! – I’m not confused anymore. – Wow, look at it. – [Jared] That looks very thick. – [Keith] It does look thick. – I don’t know if I would order this pie. So I’m excited to see
if I’m gonna like it. – I would absolutely never order this pie. It’s just not in my
repertoire of pie choices but this is why I do this show. (piano music) – [Jared] I love it. – I don’t. – I love it. – Too chocolatey. – It’s not as filling as it looks. It’s very thick look, but it’s very light. – [Keith] You’re very right about that. It’s like the difference
between cream cheese and whipped cream cheese. – You are very right about that. (forks clinking) (chuckles) (dramatic music)
(forks clinking) – Pie me, baby. – [Keith] Woo, next pie! Hell yes. This is what meringue was invented for. Lemon Meringue Pie. The tartness of the lemon is
just so explosively delicious. – [Jared] There was a long time in my life where I thought meringue
pie was only lemon. (upbeat music) – Mmm. M-hmm.
– Whoa! That is a shock to the mouth. – Especially after chocolate. – Oh, my God! (laughs) – This is just a flip. – I actually really like it. – M-hmm. – Give it to me. – All right lemon, see you later! – See you, baby!
– I tell you, that lemon was not a lemon. (squeaking sounds)
(chuckles) All right, this butterscotch
pie apparently is the more difficult pie. Why don’t we cut to that interview and you can learn all about it? – Well, of all the cream pies,
to me it’s the most unique because the other ones all share, sort of a common base to work with but the butterscotch has
two kinds of milk in it. Obviously you have to
caramelize the brown sugar. So the process involved and
it is a little bit more, let’s say, painstaking
than the other creams which are based on sort of
a plain vanilla-based cream. – Smell it. – [Both] Ooooh! – It smells good. – I just wanna point out: look at the texture on that. – [Keith] Yeah, look at that.
– [Jared] Look at the mountain it’s like an Egyptian
pyramid, if you will. – Look at it, look at it. At Egypt, they had some
of the best pyramids. – And some of the, probably the best pie
at the time, I imagine. – Oh, my gosh, Egyptians?
(laughs) – Who certainly didn’t have pie? Not a chance! If you think they could have, leave me a link in the comments. (chuckles) – Wow, look at that. Massive. (whistling melody) (chuckles) – It was too big a bite. – Yeah. You do not need to mix and match this one. – Wow, that is sweet. – Whoa.
– Oh God, I need coffee. – I need milk, coffee.
– I need coffee. Well Jared, this has been a pleasure. What was your favorite of the several? – Oh, the peanut butter, 100%.
– Peanut butter? – Yeah, yeah, 100%. All right. – Bye Jared! – Bye guys! – Wow, what a treat Jared Popkin was but an even sweeter treat in
my life is our next guest. She’s my wife. Please welcome Becky Habersberger! (cheering) – Hello, hello. – Becky, welcome. – Hello, thanks for having me. – (burps) Oh, pardon me, sorry Becky. – Oh my God! – Sorry, it was unfortunate timing. – There’s always like
a demon inside of you. I think it’s trying to come out – (gurgling sounds)
– when it does that, yeah. – Oh Becky, you love pie. – I love pie. Pie is delicious, pie is perfect. – We are pie people. Something that we actually love even more than your casual, sweet, or dessert pie is chicken pot pie. – [Becky] Wow! – [Keith] Wow, look at this. The best part about it is typically it’s always made over a bowl and they just have this pie crust and you just lift it up and look it, oh yeah. Shredded chicken. Wow. It’s hot. It is so homey. Ugh, (sniffs) it makes me wanna cry. It is so delicious. – [Becky] Ooh, it’s hotter on the bottom. – Could you pass me a napkin? – Yeah. (laughs)
– I need to blow my nose. – What’s new? – Well, my nose is always running. – Keith’s nose is always running so much that he keeps a toilet paper roll in the car so that people think he poops on the side of the road.
– Nobody thinks I’m pooping in the car. It’s just that, you know the parking stick? It’s like perfect for holding
the roll of toilet paper. And then I can, as I’m driving, I can
safely pull a few out, rip ’em off, blow my nose,
and throw it on the floor to pee, you know, clean it up later. – To pee! You said, “to pee!”
– To pee on! To pee on later!
– He said, he admitted it! – No! I just– – He admitted it in this moment! – I’m misspeaking! – To everyone here. – I keep misspeaking
– He said he pees – in this episode.
– and he used that toilet paper.
– Earlier I said, “Graham crapper.” Graham crapper. I have to live that one down. – That’s embarrassing,
– It was. – why’d you say that?
– I didn’t mean to. It was a graham cracker crust. – Oh, very good pot pie! – Shouldn’t pot pie just
makes you think about, you know, staying in your old wooden cabin and it’s winter time and your grandma pulls
out some chicken pot pies and everybody sits under a blanket and pulls up those old foldable TV trays and sit on the couch and eat the pot pie. And you watch old
re-runs of Law and Order. You know? – Everyone has those memories!
– Yeah. Next pie: Seasonal Strawberry Pie
with homemade whipped cream. Doesn’t this just look like
the Fourth of July right here? – [Becky] M-hmm, yeah. – Wow, it smells so
– Smell like strawberries? – strawberry-y. Strawberry pie to me feels wrong because it just I mean look, they’re just strawberries. (electronic pop music) Mmm, it does have this
nice little sugary glaze. – Do you ever have strawberries,
well, I know you didn’t but strawberries with sugar on them? – It’s a thing Becky did.
– That’s a thing! – Becky’s family
– Thank you. – just put sugar on things
that were already sweet. – No. You would take a strawberry. You don’t put sugar on a
strawberry, that’s stupid. You take the strawberry
and you dip it in the sugar – Oh.
– bowl, – Right.
– and then you eat it. – Because it’s not sweet enough. – No. – Bye, pie! – Bye, pie. – [Keith] (chuckles) Whoa. This pie looks wild. Seasonal Blackberry Pie. I mean, it looks appetizing to me. I know that Becky doesn’t
wanna eat this at all because Becky doesn’t like soft things. – I’ll eat the blackberry. Let me try this part. – Wow. – The blackberries are good. – M-hmm. The blackberries are super fresh. It’s a little too sweet for me overall but I get it. Next pie. – Pecan pie. – She’s holding that almost 90 degrees and it didn’t slide at all. – Oh, my God! – No Becky no, you’re risking, no, no, no. Wow, that was–
– It didn’t move at all! – Wow! Becky loves pecan pie. – [Becky] It’s my
favorite pie in the world. – [Keith] She calls it “pee-can” pie, I call it “puh-can” pie. This is the same pie we
had on our wedding day. – [Both] Aww. – So cute. You want me to feed it to you? – Yeah. – Well, I’ve been taking tiny bites but this one–
(burps) – Stop! – I blew it away! – It’s so upsetting. – I burp a lot, it’s not my fault! – My God!
– I ate so much dairy and eggs already. – Raised in a barn! (laughs) – What I love about pecan pie is it’s an incredible dessert and it’s also totally
appropriate for breakfast. Like, it’s great with coffee. It’s great with some whipped cream, it’s great by itself, it’s great cold, it’s great hot. It’s probably one of the
most versatile pies ever. I mean it is super unhealthy
’cause it’s a lot of sugar but it’s got nuts! – No, it is not.
– And nuts are good for you! – These are healthy fats. (eating heartily) – Well Becky, you can take
the rest of this with you. It is time for you to depart. – Are we saying “good pie”? – Yes, until next time. “Good pie” Becky. – “Good pie” Keith.
– “Good pie” Becky. – What a treat it was
having Becky Habersberger with us, huh? How did we get her? It is time to bring on the
most famous comedy band in all of Los Angeles. My friends and yours: Lewberger! (guitar strumming) What? Huh? ♪ Our solitary mission ♪ ♪ in this Pasadena tradition ♪ ♪ is the (ding sound) ♪ (laughs) – Well, welcome to the show, boys! The whole video’s in shambles. This video is sponsored. What’s Google gonna think? – Oh, no! – Get out of the frame. We gotta do it again! – All right. Why do I always get yelled at? I can’t do this! I’m already getting DMs
from dozens of single women! – You’re not even in the show yet, you can’t talk until
you’ve been introduced! – I can’t do this. – Get back on me, Miles. (ding sound) is going on over there? Guys, it sure was great
to have Becky, wasn’t it? But now it’s time to welcome
the greatest comedy band in all of Los Angeles to the counter. My friends and yours: Lewberger! (guitar strumming) ♪ Our solitary mission ♪ ♪ In this Pasadena tradition ♪ ♪ Is our perfect combination of dessert ♪ ♪ And entree ♪ – [Keith] Oh, wow! ♪ Our menu’s not a mystery ♪ ♪ It’s sliced delicious history ♪ ♪ We insist you eat your food in the ♪ ♪ Following way ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Eat it in the order we assert ♪ ♪ Bom bobom bom bom bom ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Pie is what’s for dinner ♪ ♪ And the burger’s dessert ♪ – I don’t know if the restaurant
authorized this jingle but I’m in support of it. Well, welcome to the show! What a confusing way to enter. – Thanks. Hey, it’s time for– – Stop screaming! – I can’t help it. – Stop screaming, just talk. – I have resting scream voice. – You don’t. – It’s time for America’s
favorite segment: Alex Brought a Bunch of Cookies
to the All You Can Eat Menu Eating the Menu Time. Today, I knew we were
doing a bunch of pies. It’s a very seasonal time,
so I brought your favorite pumpkin bread. – [All] Mmm! – [Keith] I do like pumpkin bread. It looks like you’ve eaten half of it. – Well, what happened was my mom, I baked it in my parents’ kitchen ’cause they have a much bigger kitchen and my mom was going
to Mahjong and insisted on taking half of it to her Mahjong. – [Hughie] I ate some
of it as well in the car on the way over. – All right, well let’s try it. – All right. Here you go. – [Keith] Thank you. (orchestral music) Yeah, it’s good. – All right!
(laughs) – Yeah! I used less flour this time because it’s more moist if
you use a little less flour. – [Keith] M-hmm, not bad. All right, we’re gonna have some pie now. – Oh, boy. – Okay, this is a single slice of pie. A single slice of pie. How have you been since you’ve
last seen the menu, Alex? – I mean, as you might have expected, I’ve received dozens of
messages from eligible women and I appreciate it. I would like to once again reiterate, I’m not looking for a
girlfriend on the internet. – [Keith] Blueberry pie! I haven’t had blueberry
pie in a really long time. This is like, the pie for
pie-eating competitions at fairs and carnivals. Grab yourselves a bite, boys. – Sorta reminds me of “Stand by Me,” the American classic film, if I may. – Really? – Yeah, there’s a big
blueberry scene in that. I’m not sure if it’s pie-related. – I never liked blueberries as a kid but I love blueberry Pop-Tarts
so this tastes like an excellent blueberry Pop-Tart. Can you get that tambourine off the table? – What if I need to use it again? – But I have this thing
where I sling the plates across the table and it would run woo! There we go. Rhubarb pie. Hughie Stone Fish’s favorite pie. It kind of is like if celery and strawberry got it on. – [Alex] Yes. – [Keith] And created a new plant. – Rhubarb cheers.
– That’s disgusting. – Just try it. (eating heartily) It’s incredibly tart. – Yes.
– It’s like, almost sour it’s so tart.
– [Hughie] Yes. – It just lightens your voice right up! – But it also turns you into like, – Ooh! – A dandy woman from the 20s. – Why, why yes, Alex! Might I say you’re looking quite fine. – Please don’t contact me online. (laughs) – Unless you’re a dandy woman. – [Hughie] From the 20s. – One, two, three. – [Keith] Wee! Oh, there was a plate there. – That wasn’t on me. – No, no. That should have been moved by Nick. (laughs loudly) – All right, we’re having a good time. Boysenberry, and right now, I feel like we’re a few “boys and berries.” (laughs) – Oh! There’s a crunch that I was not expecting. (eating heartily) This is not a Lewis favorite. – Oh, this is a
– Oh, yeah. – Stone Fish favorite.
– I’m not gonna blame Pie’n Burger. I think
it’s the Boysenberries. – [Hughie] It’s like a
blueberry pie all grown up. – [Alex] I would love
a cocktail like this. – [Keith] It reminds me
of the expensive cherry in an old fashion. Wow, these boysenberries are good but it’s time to try a
little bit of a baked peach. – Oh God, and there’s ice cream. – Oh, boy! – [Alex] He was really
on top of it that time ’cause you made fun of him. – I didn’t even slide it.
(laughs) – My thing! Peach pie ala mode. Truth is, almost every
single pie we’ve had today could have had a scoop of ice cream on it. I think peach pie is an
excellent ala mode pie because peaches have a lot of sweetness and they’re fairly complex. A really good blend of
spices in a peach pie, I think that would go really well with some vanilla ice cream. (happy music) Come on now. It’s like we’re just a bunch of debutants headed to the ball. I’m getting so full of pie. – Now if you like this witty banter, be sure to check out our tour. – And be sure to go to @i8athumbtack – No. to send out some message
and tell him how handsome you think he is. – Hey, now we’re talking! – Is this pumpkin pie? – Pumpkin pie! This is my favorite pie. It’s so soft on the sides. It looks like cheesecake. It’s got so much flavor. So much love. It’s got so much zest in this. It’s so pumpkin-y and also sometimes it’s usually the squash,
it’s not pumpkin at all. Some of the– you spat all over my hand.
– I’m sorry! – That was disgusting. – [Alex] You made me laugh! – Oh yeah, let’s do a thumbnail. – Oh! – I got it! (sighs) – Yeah, baby. – I like pumpkin pie. I remember the first
time I had pumpkin pie. I was at the Opryland Hotel
in Nashville, Tennessee. It was my Thanksgiving and I went over and I
tried some pumpkin pie and I was like, “Wow, this is delicious.” and before that I thought
it wasn’t gonna be delicious because it was pumpkin and pumpkins have spooky faces on them and I didn’t think you could
eat a spooky faced object but turns out you can. – What a great way to conquer your fear. Oh, yeah. I could use a little whipped
cream but that’s delicious. – I find this pie “gourd-geous.” – Oh, that old gem. – So we are actually going
to be paying for everything ourselves, so you guys had about five slices of pie so you know, so I guess you
should throw me some bones. And don’t even worry about
it because with Google Lens we can actually take a
picture of the receipt, calculate the tip, and then
divide it between ourselves to see exactly how much you owe so you don’t even have
to worry about the math. It’s very cool. It just
like scans the thing and it like, does the math. You pick what you want.
It’s like, “Here’s how much “your tip will be.” – That’s great, ’cause
right now we’re touring. We always have to like,
split the bill on things. – That’s true. – And I’m like the worst
at calculating tips. – He’s stupid. – I’m an idiot. – Very handsome though. – He’s so handsome. He’s very handsome and
he’s very courteous. Well boys, thanks for dropping by, thanks for the song. I
thought it was beautiful and why don’t you guys sing
the chorus as you leave? ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Eat it in the order we assert ♪ ♪ Bom bobom bom bom bom ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ Pie’n Burger ♪ ♪ (Scrambling lyrics) ♪ – They nail it every time! And now it’s time for
me to choose the best and the least best. The least best pie today: the custard pie was just too
weird. It had an eggness to it that I just didn’t quite jive with, you know? And I’ve decided the mince
pie is just so confusing. You know what? I’m not gonna
say it’s the least best because it was so unique. It was so bizarre. Part of me liked it but a lot of me didn’t. The best pie, however, gosh,
you know, that apple pie really was perfect. I’ll always have a special
place in my heart for apple pie. And I’ll always be losing
a special place in my heart to chicken pot pie because it will slowly fill
me up with so much cholesterol that it will have a
permanent place in my heart. So many of the other
pies were so fantastic. The pecan, the rhubarb, the
favorite peanut butter meringue. So many amazing flavors, I truly am blessed to spend
my entire day just eating pie. Thanks to Google Lens for
sponsoring this video. Google Lens can do even
more than help you know what you want on the menu. You could point it at a plant and it’ll tell you what
kind of plant it is. You can point it at a bottle of ketchup and it’ll tell you what ketchup it is. It basically is Google
search but through photos but instead of a Google image search, you’re actually using
the camera on your phone to look around your world
and learn more about it. It works on Android phones
and iPhones and of course, Google phones. It’s super dope. Check it out yourself and in the comments below, let me know what you would use
the Google Lens at for, huh? Until next time, I’m Keith Habersberger and this has been Eat the Menu. Thanks to Pie’n Burger,
thanks to Google Lens, thanks to all my friends and thanks to me. See y’all later, bye! (rock music) Oh no, I said “graham crapper.” It sounds like an old person pooping. (laughs) Nobody wants to think of
that when they’re eating pie! What have I done?


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