Kate Keyt KEYTLaw Marketing Consultant (2019)
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Kate Keyt KEYTLaw Marketing Consultant (2019)

I tried out for Star Search when I was young
for dancing, I used to love to dance. Hi! my name is Kate and I am the creative
and Marketing Consultant here at KEYTLaw. My general role and responsibilities is I
help with the blog and updating blog pages and blog articles to keep you guys current
on the laws that are happening, and then I also help with marketing and making these
YouTube videos. Things that I love to do I don’t know if I
call them hobbies but it would definitely be photography, it would be writing, I do
feel like I have lived out a lot of my dreams I worked at a jewelry company for over five
years doing art direction and creative direction. And I have also ran a blog which I still do
and that’s kind of my current dream. So just writing and photography, I have my
own photography business. Anything where I can really create and make
pretty things. Some of my favorite places that I have traveled
to would be, Japan. I love the culture I love the people. Probably Paris, because what girl doesn’t
love French Persian food and fashion and history and romance. I can touch my tongue to my noise and I have
only broken two bones, and it’s my big toe and my pinky finger.

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