Karriere machen mit dem Trainee-Programm Controlling | Evonik
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Karriere machen mit dem Trainee-Programm Controlling | Evonik

Career at Evonik
Traineeship Finance, Controlling & Accounting You always think that controlling is a very dry subject, only numbers… But in the last 1,5 years I realized that this is not true. Due to all these different projects, you can certainly act out your creativity. I could prove my self-responsibility from the very beginning. I was immediately assigned with the first tasks that I had to deal with independently. That showed my how much trust the department placed in me. In one of my departments I had a really interesting task, for example: I did an economic efficiency calculation for a new product and got to know many people from that department. I went to the production plant and got to talk to the engineers, I was working in close contact with our marketing department and with the controlling. That was a very comprehensive task that showed me in turn many aspects of the working life at Evonik. During my traineeship I changed my department every two months. In fact, I did not only change the department but the location as well. The benefit is my extensive network, because from time to time I got to know more and more people. I believe my contacts are not only important for my current work but also for my prospective development and I really appreciate the focus on the networking. Everyday I try to give my best, because I appreciate the work with these people so much. I think it is always the people who make the difference in the company. I’m excited how friendly you are welcomed everywhere again and again. During the traineeship I changed my department every two months. I have always been the “Newbie” but it has never been any problem. I was immediately integrated into the departments and the same with my current job here… The people are very friendly, helpful, motivated to share their knowledge, and I think this reflects Evonik as an employer. Evonik Industries. Power to create.

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