“Judge & Public Prosecutor”  –  Expectations of a Society Towards Legal Professions
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“Judge & Public Prosecutor” – Expectations of a Society Towards Legal Professions

Hello, My name is Nutcha Watewilai My nickname is Chy I am currently a Judge of Court of Justice Temporarily working as a Judge of a Criminal Court For the judge examination, In the present, there are three types of the entrance examination for candidates who want to become a judge As we have heard, there are large field, small field, and miniature field As for the large field, Regarding on the requirement of age, candidates must complete 25 years of age. For educational requirements candidate must graduate from bachelor degree in law Then, the candidate must pass the Thai Bar examination according to the Institute of Legal Education of Thai Bar Association. In addition, the candidate must have at least 2 years of work experience of the occupation specified by the judicial commission. As for small field, most of the requirements are the same as the large field. However, the addition is that the candidate must graduate with a master’s degree under a program of not less than 2 years from a university inside the country (Thailand) Lastly, miniature field the requirements are also the same as the large field, but the master’s degree must be completed from a university abroad which is accredited by the judicial commission, and under a programme of not less than 2 years This means that if we graduate a master’s degree under a programme less than 2 years, we have to complete two master’s degrees, each course of 1 year to have the total not less than 2 years. For the judge’s work, Mainly, it is to control the trial and judge the case. As we go to the court, there will be a person sitting on the throne and controls the trial That is a judge. When there is a case, there will be two sides: the plaintiff and the defendant. At the time of the examination of the case, if there is no one controlling the trial the case may not be well-organized, or in accordance with the court system Therefore, we need judges to control the trial so that it follows the court system properly. Another essential duty of a judge is to deliver the judgement of a case. To illustrate, after the examination, judges have a duty to bring the evidence gathered from the examination and arrange it into the judgment. Then, render a judgment determining which party wins or loses with the supported reasons. These are the main roles of a judge. In the perspective of politics, a Judge is one of the most important professions. because the Court is independent and free from any interference. The society have expectations, when they come to the court, that they would receive fairness or justice from the trial and the judgement from a judge. Therefore, we are the expectation of the society But how can we show the fairness and justice to the litigants? This can be done by remaining neutral when the litigants come to the Court and show them that we are not biased. However, it is impossible for both sides to win the case. In the end, there can only be one party that wins the case. But how can we make the losing party understand and accept that the judgment rendered by the judge was fair? That is by our work, the judgment that we have to write and explain to make the party understand the reasons why he lost the case and persuade him to accept it This is deemed that the justice had been given to the litigant. Hello, My name is Chidchanok Chaichareon I am currently an assistant public prosecutor at the Office of Attorney General. Hello, My name is Boat Teepakorn Komolphanporn, a public prosecutor of the Office of Attorney General Primarily, the requirement is a completion of 25 years of age, graduated from a bachelor’s degree in Law, and pass the Thai Bar exam according to Thai Bar Association with the work experience in law, which has the period of not less than 2 years. These are the primary requirements In taking the examination, there will be 3 types of the fields: a large field, small field, and miniature field As of the large field, the primary requirements are the same as mentioned previously. As for the small field, there is an additional requirement. That is the graduation in a master’s degree. There must be a master’s degree either from university in Thailand or abroad, having a duration of not less than 2 years. As for the miniature field, the last type, there will be a little more requirement that there must be the graduation of 2 master’s degrees from foreign universities, or have the duration per course of not less than 2 years. Office of the Attorney General has the duty to supervise the case and bring justice to the society and people which can be divided into 3 main duties. First, the duty to bring justice to the case, as a public prosecutor of the country, by proceeding the case in the court. Second, the duty to preserve the public goods, by giving advice to the government in inspecting various contracts, including supervising the law concerning public interest of the country. Lastly, concerning the society and citizens directly. it is about protecting the rights and assisting the society, such as advising people who are having some legal troubles. Therefore, as for the role of a public prosecutor, it can be divided into 3 main roles. If asking “how important this profession is? Actually, the work of a public prosecutor is similar to the work of a lawyer. What differs is that we are the lawyer of state. That is, with regards to the criminal case, The public prosecutor will be a lawyer of injured person. For example, when we report the case to the police office for criminal cases, and the case goes to the court, the public prosecutor will be a lawyer for the injured person. However, we don’t see ourselves as a lawyer of injured person. We are actually the lawyer of the public. Since in criminal cases, It is the case where the peace of the society is affected. Thus, we see ourselves as a lawyer for the state. Another scope of work of the public prosecutor, which people do not know is that we also work on the civil case, in which it is a civil case of government agencies, either suing or being sued. In addition,the scope of work of the public prosecutor is more than taking care of the cases. One of them is to circulate the laws, and there will be organizations in foreign countries providing legal knowledge for Thai people who live in those countries. This is the scope of work of the public prosecutor, which society commonly does not know. As for the expectation of the society towards the public prosecutor, we are the people who work alongside society. As we have a duty to bring justice to the society, whether by giving advice or counsel, It is all the expectations of the society, who expect that the public prosecutor will be alongside, serve, and advise people. What are the expectations of the society toward this profession? We would not know what the society expects on this profession. The question should rather be ‘what we are trying to provide to the society?’ As for me who have become a public prosecutor, I feel that it is the profession which is valuable. For example, in a criminal case, we help the injured person seek justice. At the same time, if we see that the defendant may not be guilty, or there is not enough evidence to sue, we have the power to issue a non-prosecution order, like we are the filters that help bring less cases to the court. Furthermore, we view that we deliver justice to both sides, both injured party and alleged person. I would like to share the saying that “Never give up until you try your best” Many people have a dream to become a public prosecutor, but they abandon their dreams because they are desperate, or may be because they have not read the books, or have not preparing well enough, or having obstacles on preparation. For this reason, if we always fight and prepare ourselves, and stay focused on reading books, no matter how many years it takes, I believe that all of you will definitely be successful in becoming a public prosecutor as the saying “Never give up until you try your best” Fight for your dreams!

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