Jay Sekulow: This impeachmet is based on policy dispute, not violation of law
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Jay Sekulow: This impeachmet is based on policy dispute, not violation of law


  • We The People

    Shiff and Nadler had their orifices reamed out. Can’t sit down for the rest of the Hearing on Wednesday. Well done Sekulow, brains and the Constitution will get you every time.

  • Swedish/ Irish American

    Only violation is he puts Americans first. Dirty scum the Democrats hate Americans an im sick of hearing them say what they do is best for Americans they have 0 interest in helping American citizen .

  • Daniel Bools

    America the land of opportunities, everyone can become president. Give the people a beer, some snacks and something to watch on tv and all is well. The only good side is that there is something to laugh about.

  • acdii

    Impeach ALL in the House who stood for this shim sham flim flam schiffty schiff schittt show. Fire them, Get rid of them, TAKE THEM OUT!

  • KAS

    FOX knows that its viewers are too stupid to research for themselves so they don't allow you to hear what the left is even trying to say. I bet you guys HATE Bolton and Kelly now!!!! LMFAO! Stupid cunts.

  • Joseph Alexander Sanchez

    If they go ahead and give the democrats their witnesses, I am sure now there can an investigation into Joe Biden.

    Really tired of this. I don't want the Democrats to have a talking point of it being an unfair impeachment trial.

    If Biden is guilty, then finish this up and start that investigation in a way that wont give the democrats a talking point.

  • Soulaesthete

    And Jay Sekulow went on to say that you can't impeach a president over policy disagreements. I encourage everyone to find and watch his entire address, it was spot on and masterfully delivered.

  • John Smith

    I know this is on deaf ears….but if you care anything about fairness for the President…..do not buy Bolton's book when it is published….it needs to be in the garbage along with this fake impeachment….

  • Katrina Marie Barracuda Babe 5

    In The News Today, Several Democratic Representatives From The House Have Been Arrested In A Crackdown. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Shumer, Jerrold Nadler Were Among The Several Arrested. More Details As They Develop.

  • Agolf Twittler

    Sure, using one's private attorney and his henchmen to extort a foreign government into investigating one's main political rival is just standard US foreign policy. Which is why he had to circumvent regular investigative as well as diplomatic channels to carry it out.

  • mark raven

    End the impeachment that should have never been…Republicans go back to work, Democrats go back to whatever it is that you do. Trump is the only person still working for America, yet he is the one under question?

  • Greg Thomas

    KEEP OUR TAX DOLLARS. Weird a$$ lefties would love that if they weren’t blinded by hatred and greed. Mine mine mine is your slogan, no?

  • John Berger

    All the foreign service personnel treat their assignments as though they're the ones setting foreign policy, not the President, and view themselves as successful if they obtain more $$ in foreign aid for their country. They have little interest in requiring that certain goals be met before that aid is extended. Trump turned this long standing practice on its head, and these clowns objected strenuously and embarked on a protracted journey to undermine his policy changes. They needed to be removed from their posts, but most were holdovers from the Obama (mal) administration and figured they'd still be at their overpaid, underserved jobs long after Trump left office. Working against the President's mission is an act of sedition, if not outright treason.

  • Mike Smiths

    The democrats are nothing but lying garbage.. They can't provide and rally proof.. It's time to start charging the democrats for all there crimes…we the people vote democrats for prison 2020

  • property Manager

    When it comes to policy, nothing changed.
    Trump extended the same exact policy established by Obama.

    Aid will be dependent on evidence Ukraine is fighting corruption.
    Early spring of 2019 we received the evidence, and the aid was released.

    Trump then stopped the aid, and tried to extort the Ukrainian leader into announcing investigations into Hunter Biden, and Ukraine interference in our 2016 elections as reported by the Russian military.

    Trump's crime was realized, and a few months later Trump was FORCED to release the aid.
    Trump then broke the law again by refusing to release one single piece of evidence requested, a clear violation of the constitution.

  • Michael Stone

    Why dosent Bolton speak out about what is in his book? Maybe because it is a lie? Hey walrus speak up why dont you appear on CNN to back up your assertion. I'm sure your commie masters at CNN will give you plenty of time to spread your lies.

  • Jason Wilson

    The President's managers destroyed the entire last three years of investigations and bs allegations in their opening statements on the first day.

  • Keith Mc

    Jay Sekulow is a liar. He told us to The Mueller Report was "Total exoneration." So why would thinking people believe liars like Sekulow, Trump and Giuliani?

    Even without Bolton and all the evidence the White House is withholding, it is obvious to thinking people that Trump committed a quid pro quo.

  • Sandi Hackett

    How can anyone trust John Bolton? It amazes me that everyone seems to think his word is golden. He was fired by Trump! He could be out for revenge.

  • John Holifield

    To all you dem socialism lovers go ask the lady who was screaming Obama is gonna pay my mortgage for me how that turned out

  • SSp232

    The Democrats are all about suspicion, accusations, catastrophising and hysteria.
    The Republicans are all about professionalism, following the constitution, sanity, the rule of law, clarity and intelligence.

  • Brian S

    It’s was always about a policy dispute.. the clips of Nadler, Schumer were icing on the sham!

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Al B. Dersame


  • Proud Jayhawk

    Jay is a hoss! No doubt. Schiff is a joke and a disgrace. We all see through Schiff's false bravado act. Its sickening and it makes me cringe. Lets be done with this.

  • M C Murphy

    Now Schumer is saying trumps children are making money like Biden's in an interview just now with no evidence, disgusting. The Senate needs to end this now or our republic is done.

  • R N

    RINO Neocons' last gasps. RINO big-head Romney protecting his own family corruption in Ukraine, just like Sleepy Joe, Crazy Nancy and Geo Soros' kid…

  • Darrylx444

    Hahaha, just a policy dispute? WRONG! It was SOLICITATION OF BRIBERY! It was all about personal gain for Trump, not for America. ABUSE OF POWER!

  • malcolm clark

    …and I yield back my time to the detour sign, even though there's no game clock in this NFL football game in these LFL uniforms…

  • d. nuzzio

    Watched the entire sekulow speech. He's an amazing attorney. The whole trump team has been fantastic. Looks like we should be able to dismiss it all soon !

  • Elliott VanEiger

    Jay Sekulow I have a great deal of respect. If you could just pause for emphasis on each of your points you could really drive this home a lot easier.

  • QShookMeAllNightLong

    Oh ya let’s give billions to Ukraine so Hunter can get richer and put that money in his pocket! DEMONrats are running scared.

  • Kevin Shaw

    D'oh. We educated citizens knew it was just because they didn't like what he was doing so they wanted to overturn a legitimate election since before the inauguration.

  • We The People

    Democrats can’t work within the Constitutional Law. They prefer a Banana Republic, no Laws, rules or regulations. Where Corruption Rules. Pick up your ball and go home. Election 2020 coming , change it, the people of America decide, not the Democrats.

  • Spying Beast

    If the Dems EVER stop lying and putting forth their lies as fact, their ENTIRE party would fall apart, and they would ALL be finally charged with corruption… These people make me sick, and so do their denialist supporters…

  • joey johnson

    Democrats are wasting everybody's time and how much money did they spent in that process i stand with President Trump and don't forget to vote TRUMP 2020 !!!

  • KFD

    Today, Jay was on top of it – at his best. He is not the best speaker on the Trump Team, but today he had several dynamic takeaways.

  • TheMeanLiberal

    Just here to feel sorry for the America and Constitution hating Fox News/Trump supporters.
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 👍🇺🇸

  • gloryboundkev

    Thi only quid quo pro in Ukraine was what Joe Biden admitted on video to committing. The Dems have been illegally getting laundered USA tax money through illegal and treasonous dealings with foreign nations. They are trying to coverup their illegal activities and treason by lying and falsely accusing trump in order to overthrow the constitution and the people's votes. They are wasting taxpayer money and time in order to try to illegally depose a duly electred president who is doing his job because by doing his job he is exposing their criminal activities and is protecting and defending the Constitution of the USA. They want power and control for the communist global New World Order and will do anything to get it. The Democrat leaders are committing high treason and need to be prosecuted.

  • Bambi Forester

    This entire John Bolton manipulative play by the Left is absurd! If the President had done something illegal or corrupt, John Bolton would have reported it at the time, not now!!

  • Iam N.

    If such an allegation was true, John Bolton would have brought it to the forefront after his departure from his position in the Trump administration, considering this issue was at the very heart of the House Judiciary Hearings. What a strategic move to unload such an unproven allegation during the Senate Trial. The House Managers would love nothing more than to wrap the Senate up in an unnecessary witness circus, equal to that which they staged in the House, so as to keep their anti-Trump narrative alive, in an attempt to turn the voting public against the President for their 2020 election run. Do not let them soil the Senate as they have already done to the House! No Witnesses!

  • Notmy Cupoftea

    These dems have gone crazy with everything, heard yesterday a Senator wants to put wolves in Colorado. Their gonna love chasing down the skiers for a quick snack. Stupid dems!

    Not to mention the tole they'll take on the Cattle and Horse industry.

  • Cliff H.

    Are thought crimes illegal?

    Ukraine didnt know that aid was being withheld.

    Ukraine got the aid ahead of schedule.

    Ukraine didnt have to do anything to get the aid.

    So even if Trump bounced the idea off his advisors to withhold aid in exchange for an investigation into corruption by us citizens and was advised otherwise and ultimately ended up not withholding the aid, what law did that break?

    If everyone votes the exact same way as 2016, than Trump will win again, thats just math.

    Based on dem behavior in the last 3 years though, how many Trump voters have decided to vote dem?

    And then how many dem voters have decided to vote Trump or not at all?


  • Kerkopes

    trump has been impeached–that's forever, no matter what the Senate does. Now Americans have to do their job and vote trump out in 2020.

  • El dorado

    I keep waiting for Sekulow to take off his glasses, untie his tie, open his shirt and expose a big S…and fly off like Superman to save the Patriot's and rid the country of democrats

  • Daryl Leckt

    "policy dispute"
    that's exactly how Nixon descriped his ordering the republican burglers to break into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate.
    Nixon then declared;
    "I am not a crook!"

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