Introduction to Filling out Forms as a Notary Public Loan Signing Agent
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Introduction to Filling out Forms as a Notary Public Loan Signing Agent

In my escrow forms course
you’re about to watch, you’ll learn how escrow forms should be properly filled
out — PCORS, trust certification, statement of information, dispersement of proceeds,
and many more of the most important loan escrow documents are all part of this
next course. I’m going to teach you how to fill out every single escrow form you may run into. However, this does not mean that you actually fill out these forms for
the borrower when you’re on your next loan signing. I’m teaching you these
forms in this course so you can help the borrower know how to read the forms and
fill them out when you’re in the loan signing. So when the borrower is filling
out their trust certification and has a question, you can officially show
them where the answer is and where it lies within the loan documents, and
ultimately be able to answer any question they have. Once again, our job is
to be impartial, not to be an uneducated loan signing agent. If they ask what a
trustee is, you should be able to answer it. I can’t stress enough, a great notary
knows how to fill out all escrow forms, how they should be filled out, where to
find the appropriate answer, or better yet, be able to answer any simple
question the borrower may have. The difference between knowing how to fill
out these forms and not knowing how to fill out these forms is literally the
difference between a busy loan signing agent and a slow loan signing agent.
Understand, if you return the loan documents without all the escrow forms
filled out and completed, that simply means the escrow officer is returning
the forms that you’ve missed to the borrower to have them fill that out. If
that is the case, you won’t be getting anymore signings. So watch the filling
out escrow forms video as many times as you need until you understand how each
and every form should be filled out, so when you’re doing your next signing you
can help the borrower fill out their escrow forms. Then you can get as
much repeat business as you can handle. Go to and get
my perfect signing course. I look forward to seeing you become a top loan signing

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