Institutional barriers to trainee reimbursement
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Institutional barriers to trainee reimbursement

>>SHARON BERRY: We want to talk now about
institutional barriers. Looking at your own organization, your own agency, to see what
interferes with allowing trainees to bill. The bigger picture is: Are you allowed within
your state. But let’s say you are. Many states are able to bill Medicaid for trainee services
under the supervision of a licensed and credentialed provider. Look at your agency and start conversations.
Key people will include your billing department, whatever it is called; revenue management,
billing. They may think that it is absolutely not possible, and you will want to start to
give them evidence not only for how it is possible in the state, but how it is being
done in other states, and what the difference will make to your program and to those who
want the services you provide. There are people around the state or in other states who will
help you. Talk to them to open the door to the idea if they are absolutely opposed. You
will want to talk to the people who refer to you. Many of them already so value what
you do that they will serve as an advocate, and they will help others see that this is
why we need this to happen. We want to get your patients in. We want quick access. We
want low-cost services. All of these make a difference. Use your referral sources to
help establish this as a foundation. You may need to talk to leadership. They will think
that this is going to cost them a lot more, and in fact it will not. If you do a budget
and a pro forma, and you can get help from others who’ve done this before, that will
make a difference. Education will be key in providing examples, many of which you will
be able to get from others who are providing the work. Look at what is happening in your
own organization and what you are hoping to achieve with them.

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