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Hi ther,e here’s our latest question. Hey
Aunty, I’m about to be a senior this year and I need help in discovering what
colleges would be best for me to major and develop in Indian law. Well I’m so
stoked that you are thinking about things in advance, we can certainly use
you! So, some things to think about before you get into Indian law: Your
undergrad program of course. You’ll have to finish one before you get into law
school. You don’t have to go to the same school for your undergrad or graduate
school and sometimes this is not even encouraged. So, for your prerequisites and
LSAT you can study any major and be eligible to apply to law school so long
as you take the prerequisites and the LSAT which is a standardized test that
you’ll have to take before you apply. You’ll want to let your freshman advisor
know of your plans about going to law school and certainly your high school
counselor as well so that they can make sure that you’re set up for that path
and then as far as law schools, think about whether you want to attend public
private or Ivy League schools. As far as public colleges, Arizona State, the
University of New Mexico, University of Arizona and the University of California:
Their law schools have good Indian law programs: ASU UNM and UA have specific
programs that recruit natives into their schools and they have a robust Indian
law program and as far as Ivy League schools Stanford is great
and probably a few others that I’m not aware of. Keep in mind though that Ivy
League schools can be substantially more expensive than public schools. And then
for the last part how to get into law school. So it’s good that you’re thinking
about these things in advance and thinking about applying to law
school because you’ll want to hit the ground running. So this means during your
last year of high school your senior year that’s coming up. You’ll
want to do really well, the best that you can and then you can talk to your
counselor to get help. They can point you in the right direction and then let you
know what colleges have native recruitment programs and then during
your undergraduate program you’ll want to maintain a high GPA, especially during
your last sixty credits and then you’ll want to of course score a high LSAT
score and then apply to your law school. And every law school is different but
mostly and in general there is an online application you’ll have to write an
excellent personal statement and then you’ll have to go through an interview
process. So I hope this helps and I’m so glad that you’re thinking about in Indian ed…good luck to you! Bye 🙂


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