Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 82 (English Subtitle)
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Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 82 (English Subtitle)

Are you alone? How did you get here? What’s your name? I’m Joon-hyuk. – Joon-hyuk?
– Yes, I’m Lee Joon-hyuk. – Joon-hyuk!
– Auntie! I told you about him last
time. This is Joon-hyuk. The one living in England.
He’s the kid I’m sponsoring. You wanted to meet him. And Joon-hyuk wanted to see
my place, so I brought him. Joon-hyuk, you should have
waited for me. You came in alone? We talked over the phone last time.
Do you remember? Yes, I know. Hello, Mister. You look very commanding. Auntie, what’s commanding? Oh, that means Joon-hyuk looks
very manly and strong. Does that mean I’m cool? Thank you, Mister. Joon-hyuk is hungry. Really? Then let’s go
somewhere nice and eat. Joon-hyuk, what do you want to eat? Choi Yoo-ra, can you see what
happens when you see me as a pushover? Make sure to remember that I
can always take him to his mother. I followed Park Chang-doo and he
took a boy to Ha Yoon-jae’s house. – A boy?
– Yes. He looked about five, six years old.
I took a picture just in case. Park Chang-doo took this kid
to Yoon-jae’s house? Who is he? If he’s not a nephew or some relative
there is no reason to take him there. Park Chang-doo. He has a personal
safe as a policeman and even a kid. Choi Yoo-ra and Park Chang-doo are
not just linked from five years ago. Park Chang-doo, I’ll catch
that long tail of yours. Joon-hyuk, you don’t like cucumber? No, it doesn’t taste good. So my Mom scolds me. She says that if I am a picky eater,
I won’t grow much. I also have something I don’t eat.
I don’t eat cucumber, either. Really? But you are really tall. I want to be as tall as you. Is that right? If you eat well from
now on, you can be taller than me. Joon-hyuk, eat a lot. Honey, so what do you
think of Joon-hyuk? Isn’t he cute? And smart? I agree. He’s friendly and I like him. How about we adopt a child? If we look around, I’m sure we’ll
find a child who looks like you. Now that we’ve eaten, what
do you want to do? The weather is nice today. Oh, it’s a ball. Watch out! Oh, it’s a ball. Watch out! Are you okay? You
should’ve been careful. It could’ve been bad. It must have been a shock
for you. It’s okay, it’s okay. Thank you, Mister.
I like you, Mister. You’re fine, you’re fine.
What should we do now? Yoon-jae, he’s your son.
Should we raise Joon-hyuk? Should we go somewhere far
away and live with Joon-hyuk? I want to make you happy.
What should I do? Company work on top of
representing Chairwoman Julia. I don’t get to see Yeon-hwa. How is Yeon-hwa these days? Yeon-hwa looks strong, but she’s suffering
and can’t sleep much at night. She often has nightmares, too. She looks strong and determined
but her heart is soft. By the way, why don’t you tell
my sister that you’re Mr. Zorba? Young-soon told me not to tell
Yeon-hwa. But I’m dying to tell her. I need to do something for
Yeon-hwa before that. Soo-ae, thank you for
keeping the secret. I guess Yeon-hwa is late
again tonight. I’ll get going. Okay. I think she went to see her mother. She goes there at night because she’s
afraid Choi Yoo-ra will follow her. Mom, it looks like Min Sang-chul and
Choi In-seok will fall into the trap. Chairwoman Julia trusts and helps me. Oh, and we have an idea where
Park Chang-doo’s personal safe is. The evidence Choi Yoo-ra wants
to hide is probably there. Mom, you know Young-soon, right?
Young-soon says you’re immortal. She says you won’t die because of your
daughters. Right? You’re immortal. As long as you get
the lung function back, a normal life should be obtainable. The surgery went well, so you have to
wake up and give Soo-ae and me a hug. I want your hug. I want to
be consoled, Mom. President. How is your mother doing? The doctor complimented her.
She has a strong will to live. She’ll definitely recover.
She made a miracle happen. Mother, there is a big burden
on Yeon-hwa’s small shoulders. I can’t let your daughter walk
on the path alone anymore. I’ll be closer to your daughter
and take care of her. Will you allow me to
be your son-in-law? Honey, you’re not asleep yet? – About that kid.
– Joon-hyuk? What’s his situation? How
is it bad and in what way? What kind of situation is he in that
he’s getting help with his parents? – Is he ill?
– Well… His family situation is very bad. Didn’t I tell you?
His parents adopted him. If I don’t help them, they’ll
have a hard time raising him. They went abroad from a connection
but it’s not going well there, either. Honey. When we were eating and
laughing with Joon-hyuk earlier… I finally felt like we
were a complete family. If I didn’t lose my baby back then,
three of us would be happy now. Honey, what do you
think of Joon-hyuk? He calls me ‘auntie, auntie,’ and
likes me, so I feel like he’s my kid. Kang-wook, do you know where I went
with Chairwoman Julia last night? – Well, where did you go?
– A classic wine bar. And a one that only those
who know it can go to. Oh, that’s why you’re happy. Chairwoman Julia is more
trustworthy than she looks. Now that she’s staying here
she cares about my work. She even recognized my business skills! I know Julia’s personality. I’m considering opening a wine bar.
What do you think? Julia said that it’s a waste
to let my talent go rotten. You, doing business? I believe it since Julia said it, but
running a business is not easy. After taking a long break, starting
with a big business is too much. I should grab the
opportunity while it’s here. Recently, I’ve been uncomfortable
and having useless thoughts. But as soon as I heard that, my
energy level shot up. But it’s not something you can tackle
without study or experience. I’ll look into it and help you
if you really want to do it. So don’t make any
hasty decisions, okay? I understand, my son.
Go to work now. Julia, let me drive you to the office.
Why don’t we go together? Is she disappointed with
me for something? How’s my schedule today? Representative Lee and the candidates
will check out the neighborhood. I imagine Choi In-seok and
Min Sang-chul will come, too. Please make them get in the mood. Actually Representative Lee
told me on the side. Let’s go. We’ll nominate a candidate considerate
of the minorities and the weak. And someone who can execute
promises he made with the people. We’ve already decided on who can
relate with the youth and farmers. For that,
I’m also paying more attention to situations in the neighborhood. Representative, I’m considering gathering with
young legal professionals. Oh, who is this?
Isn’t this Chairwoman Julia? You’re working hard. I heard you’re checking the
neighborhood, so came to assist you. How nice of you. The two lawyers
are accompanying me today. What do you think, Chairwoman Julia?
I don’t want to lose either of them. But the space is limited. Things I can help you with are limited. Both of them are fine. But Judge Choi In-seok
is superior in recognition, fame and his mother’s wealth. Chairwoman Julia, you shouldn’t judge
Choi In-seok by his appearance. I can’t tell you in detail
but he has many faults. He should not be a
congressman, no matter what. The faults. Let me hear the details. Well, people are still doubtful about
the bribery scandal not too long ago. On top of that, there are many
reasons why I cannot give details. A tadpole the brook. Wiggling wiggling it swims. Then boom goes its back legs.
Boom go its back legs. Hopping, now it’s become a frog! Wow, Joon-hyuk is really good.
You could be a singer! Even your voice is very clear. – Should I sing another song?
– Sure, sure. – I’ll check.
– Okay. How can you be so good? Hello? – Mother!
– Why? Who is it? – It’s Yeon-hwa.
– My god. What do I do? Why does she come so often? Joon-hyuk, go upstairs and
stay in Auntie’s room. Draw something there and
I’ll bring up your snack. – Spicy rice cakes?
– Sure. Hurry, hurry. Yes. Shoes. My heart. I’m going to die. – Welcome, Yeon-hwa.
– Welcome. What brings you here? I have something to tell
you about Attorney Min. Oh, really? Attorney Min came to visit Chairwoman
Julia and talked badly about you. – He said you have many faults.
– What is that? Well, I didn’t know he was that kind
of person. He asked me to play fairly. This is his approach to
Chairwoman Julia. How would it be for Representative Lee? So it looks like the fight has begun. What’s so clean about him? People
know about him. How shameless. Chairwoman Julia wants to meet
with you. She’d like to know the truth. Please come to
Chairwoman’s office by five. All right, thank you.
I’ll be there on time. Bye, Yeon-hwa. Okay. I feel like I’m going to die
from my shrinking heart. – Why, Mother?
– He almost came down. Really? That could’ve
been really bad. If Yeon-hwa finds out her child is
alive and is staying here… who knows what she’ll do? – I’ll bring down Joon-hyuk.
– Okay. What can I do? Now that nature
is severed, I can’t do anything. What should I do? Judge Choi said you are corrupt. What does he mean by that? He talked badly about me? Yes. Chairwoman Julia asked me to do
a background check because of it. – I thought you’d need to know.
– Who covered for his fault? Anyways, thank you,
Ms. Seol Yeon-hwa for telling me. Chairwoman Julia trusts you
and wants to support you. But she’s confused because of what
happened today. She even got angry. Is that so? Seriously. You might have to come to her office. You can come to Chairwoman’s office
by five today to meet her. When I’m done here,
Mom said she’d buy me a gift. Oh, really? How’s that kid? He’s looking at you. – He needs care at that age.
– I agree. Honey, let’s adopt a child. It’s my wish to raise my child. I’ve been born as a woman, so I
want to hear someone call me mom. The reason I can’t let
go of J Cosmetics. The reason I’m holding on to make you
President and doing underhanded things. It’s because I’m lacking in this area. I’m really envious of my friends
who get married and have kids. Let’s complete our family. Let’s adopt a kid like
Joon-hyuk and raise him. I’m Joon-hyuk. I came here to tell you something. At least you should know. What is it? I’m going to propose
to Yeon-hwa today. I want to be by her side. You should already know that
it’s not a hasty decision. I’m not saying I need your approval. Still, I thought you should know. I’m leaving. Yeon-hwa. Do you really love her? Yes, I mean it. My answer will be the same, even
if you ask me a hundred times. I mean it. It’s done now. Thank you so much, President. This is going to help you with
what you’re trying to do, right? Yes, I’m sure of it. I’d do anything to reveal the truth
about Yoon-hee’s accident. Yoon-hee? Oh, Chairwoman. This is Chairwoman Julia. How do you do? My name is Kim Tae-il. Oh, I see. By the way, did you say Yoon-hee? He was engaged to Ha Yoon-hee,
Ha Yoon-jae’s sister. After she passed away, he’s
gone through a tough time. But now he believes me and has
become a big support for me. It must have been really hard
to lose the woman you loved. Yes. It was so tough that I thought I
was going to die, but I’m living again. But it’s still the same. I can’t
do much about missing her. I’ll get going then. Wait. I want to check
out your company now. Would that be okay with you? It’s my honor, Chairwoman.
Please, let me escort you there. Okay, I’ll be back. Please be safe, Chairwoman. I need cash right away. No, a big sum. For now, I want to have
about ten or so ready. There are no buyers these days.
We’re dying, Ma’am. I need cash right away.
I need it for something. Can you do a rush sale? – Welcome.
– Is Chairwoman Julia out? She’s out of the office. She’ll be back
as soon as her schedule is done. Please wait for a few minutes. I’m very disappointed. That’s what I should say. I heard you were talking
badly about me. Weren’t you the one who
suggested playing fairly? That’s before you started
talking nonsense. Nonsense? You think you
can just spit out words? I’m talking badly about you? Don’t
you know I haven’t even started? If you resigned over the bribery
scandal, you should live quietly now. How can you put yourself in the
nomination pool after what you’ve done? You think you can just say things? Do you mean to start this? Look at you ignoring me like
this just because I retired. Your character is questionable. What do you mean?
Chairwoman Julia prefers me. And I am very corrupt? Did you forget that I’ve been living
with your corruption all my life? – Look, Attorney Min!
– Why do you think I went abroad? I helped frame Seol Yeon-hwa so
your daughter won’t be charged. Do you know how much
I’ve suffered because of it? Who helped you and your daughter
to walk around with your heads up? Look, lower your voice. How
can you say things like that here? The truth will be revealed at the end. This game is over if I say a word. What? Look, have you already forgotten
about who helped you succeed? It wasn’t you who helped me. Who blocked me from my
future path? I’m also a victim! And you’re saying that you helped me? – Do you have any conscience?
– Look, Min Sang-chul! Having Yoo-ra give a false testimony
after hitting Ha Yoon-hee… Plus, you charged the crime on Yeon-hwa
and rendered the murder verdict! Is that all? You stopped me from appealing if
Yoo-ra’s crime could be revealed. And you want to get into politics now? – Don’t you feel any guilt?
– You. Can’t you just keep quiet? Choi In-seok and Min Sang-chul. I recorded them arguing
about each other’s faults. I just checked everything. That’s great. How did they meet? It’s because of their greed. They were anxious to look
good to Chairwoman Julia. They have to step on each other to
win, so they said everything. Did they talk about your trial
in their conversation? Yes. Attorney Min could’ve
appealed for my acquittal. But he couldn’t
because of Choi In-seok. What useless people. And they are now getting into politics. That can never happen. I agree. What did you do with the file? I made a few copies and sent
the original to Reporter Shin. All we have left is to broadcast it. Did you know this? Your voice
and your eyes are full of life. You’ve done it! By the way, where are we going? Let’s go eat something delicious now. Stop for a minute and
have a break. Will you? Sounds good. So that the
engine is not overheated. Sure. You have to finish everything. Where are we? – That’s a nice house.
– Do you like it? I’m glad you like it. Once your mother gets better
and leaves the hospital… you three, including Soo-ae,
can live here. I want to have your family live here. Living a happy family life and
patting each other’s back. A place you can comfortably lie
down, somewhere warm and cozy. Your home. That’s what I want to make happen. I’d like to be in there too. You don’t need to answer
me right now. I’ll wait. I promise that I’ll become
the face of the Sae Han Party and you’ll be proud. Get out! Get out! Get out! She’s looking for her son. Director Ha Yoon-jae is my son. I’m the real mother of Yoon-jae. Chairwoman.


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