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How to Use the Law of Attraction in Business | MANIFEST ANYTHING

Do you want to use the law of attraction for
your business, but you’re not quite sure how to get started. Don’t worry. This video is
for you. I’m going to show you exactly how you can use a law of attraction in your business. All right, welcome back. What I’ve noticed
is that you guys really appreciate and really like my law of attraction, manifestation and
mindset videos. So I wanted to do a special one for you today to intersect business along
with the law of attraction and talk about how you can use the law of attraction in your
business. And before you get into watching the entire video, I’m going to give you the
answer right now, which is don’t make it that difficult. It’s not so different from how
to use it in your life, but there are a couple of things that I have done in order to make
it a much more smooth and simple process. And that’s what I’m going to share with you
guys today. I’m also going to share with you how I use it to generate my very first five
figure months. So stay tuned for that. So how can you use the law of attraction in
your business? While it’s as simple as far as understanding how the law of attraction
works, so how does the law of attraction work? Well, the way the law of attraction works
is you get really, really clear on your outcome. You get really clear on your desire, you clarify
it, you might write it down. I’m a lot of times people will do this and call it scripting
or you know, journaling or you just write out or you just get really specific about
what you want. You can even create a vision board if you’re not quite sure how to create
a vision board. I did recently publish a video on how to create your very own vision board
and I even share my vision board in that video so you can take a look at it, but that’s definitely
a great way for you to visualize and for you to kind of be specific about what you’d like
to attract into your life. Then the second thing that you can do in order
to make the law of attraction work for you, period, is just to be a vibrational match
for the thing that you want to draw into your life. So what does that mean? Well, negative
energy tends to attract negative energy. It’s the reason why when people are down or depressed
or feeling sad, they don’t like being around someone who’s happy and upbeat and you know,
bubbly, right? Positive energy tends to attract positive energy. The energy of money tends
to attract more money. Have you ever heard the rich get richer? Well, there’s a reason
for that and it all comes back down to the law of attraction. Birds of a feather flock
together. Have you heard that one? That’s also another one that really just comes back
to the age old rule of the law of attraction. So in order to attract the thing in your life
that you want, you have to become a vibrational match for it. So how does this work in business?
Because we know that it works in your life. If, for example, you want to attract a partner
or a spouse or a mate or whatever that is, then you essentially want to be a vibrational
match for that partner. So if you’re looking for someone who’s loving, well, you’ve got
to be a loving person. If you’re looking for someone who is going to listen to you, well,
you have to be the type of person that’s going to listen. And however, in business, a lot
of times people feel like they can’t really use the law of attraction in business or you
know that it’s not ethical, that you are convincing people to do something. You’re, you’re persuading
them in a negative way. And if you’ve ever heard of that, let me know.
Comment down below. I would love to hear what you guys have heard when it comes to this,
but as far as I’m concerned, I think the law of attraction works great for business. And
here’s why. The first thing we do when we’re trying to work on our business, especially
when you’re trying to gain clients, is that you’ve got to get really clear on your ideal
clients. So you get really clear on your target client, which is basically the exact same
step of what you do for the law of attraction when you want to attract something else in
your life. So getting clear on your ideal client or writing down who that ideal client
is and actually have this exercise or my clients that I share inside of create and fill your
coaching program. So if you’re a coach and you need help getting clear on your ideal
client, you definitely want to check that out. But basically what we do is we go through
and we figure out, okay, what are their demographics, what are their likes and dislikes? Where are
they hanging out online? Who are they already listening to? What podcasts they listen to,
what magazines do they subscribe to, what YouTube channels do they watch? And we get
really, really clear on who that ideal client is. And that’s essentially the first step
in attracting anything into your life is getting clarity and getting clear. Then the next step
from there in order to use the law of attraction in your business is to just be determined
that it’s going to work no matter what. One of the biggest things that I will say with
using the law of attraction is that you do have to have a certain level of confidence
and you have to be able to hold that confidence and hold the vision even when it’s not clear
in your physical reality. So I want to tell you guys a little bit of
a short story which will tie into how I generate my very first five figure month. And it all
starts with the beginning of my coaching business. So before I started my coaching business,
teaching people how to build their brand and their business using online marketing, I had
actually built my very own brand using online marketing. I built my brand as a millennial
personal finance expert. I have started a personal finance blog. I got featured in Forbes
and fast company and business insider did an entire profile on me and I was on local
news and I had done all these things for myself. And so I decided to take that and start teaching
people how to do it. And I started out with just doing like individual workshops and sharing
just kind of little bits and pieces about, you know, here’s how you grow an email list
and here’s how you set up your blog and here’s how you get featured in the press. And I started sharing my knowledge and sharing
what I knew. And when I first started that coaching business, I didn’t start with a ton
of email subscribers or huge audience. Everyone that had already been paying attention to
me was paying attention to personal finance advice. So if now I’m suddenly coming and
trying to provide business coaching advice and helping someone build their brand and
doing marketing consulting, it’s not like I could pick up that audience that I had already
created and bring them over to the side. I essentially had to start from scratch. And
so what I did was I deleted my entire email list and I started with zero. And I remember
I got my first six email subscribers by telling the people on the other lists like, Hey, this
is what I’m doing now. And six people came over and I had a lot more, I had like hundreds
of people on that email list, and so that shows you that there wasn’t very much of a
crossover. Those six people that came over likely were
just trying to support me, but it was very nice of them to do that. So I started my coaching
business with six email subscribers. Then from there I knew that I was going to hit
my goal. My goal was to be able to deposit $10,000 into my bank account. That was my
five figure goal and I remember I created a little video and I’m going to share a clip
of it right now and you can see the difference in this video. Let me set it up before I share
it. Number one, this was before I had got my braces, so this was like back and you know,
I look the way that I did before I was obviously much younger. I’m not that much longer. It
was a couple of years. But in the video I say exactly what I’m determined to get and
what I’m going to do. So take a look. Hello, my name is LaTisha Styles and I am
chronicling my journey of rebranding. I decided to take my business in a completely different
direction in about October of 2015. Essentially, I’m sort of starting from scratch, so a little
bit of background. I created young at the end of 2010 in December of 2010. Today,
it’s November 23rd, 2015. And so it’s been almost five years. I feel like I’m sort of
ready to move on from that brand. The reason why it’s so important to me to Chronicle this
journey is because, as I mentioned, I’m sort of starting from scratch. So I am building
my email list from scratch. I started out with zero names and then within 12 months
I’d like to build a coaching business, a business that is sustained by only my coaching, my
one-on-one services, as well as my workshops and my group courses or group programs. And
I’m so thankful that I am happily depositing $10,000 per month into my bank account from
my business. So as you can see in that video, I said, I’m
so happy and thankful that I’m depositing $10,000 every single month into my bank account
from my coaching business. And I had to hold that vision. I had to use a law of attraction
in my business to hold that vision because it was not clear to me how that was going
to happen, not with six email subscribers. I didn’t know what I was going to do, how
I was going to make it happen, what was going to happen at all. And over the next couple
of months, I continue to hold that vision and I continued to take the action steps and
go through the motions. So I said, okay, I think I need to do this. So I’m going to do
this. I know I need to have a mentor, so I’m going to hire a mentor. You know, maybe I
need to grow my email list by, you know, doing a virtual summit or creating a challenge or
doing this, that and the other. And I’d put my feet to the pavement. And I
started moving and once I started moving the vision that I was seeing, the steps that I
needed to take just started kind of making their way plain to me. And I was like, Oh,
I need to do this next. Like, Oh, okay, I know I need to use ads. I’ve got to grow my
audience so I can do this. Okay, I’m going to use ads. Okay, I’ve got to learn ads. So
who can I go, you know, learn ads from, okay, now that I’ve learned how to work with Facebook
ads, like I know I need to, you know, do figure out how to put together a funnel and a webinar.
And like all of these things, I realize that these are the individual pieces that I needed
to learn. And as I learned those things and got better with those things, I realized that
there was still something missing. Because here’s the truth about the law of
attraction, even though the last six letters are action A C T I O N in the word attraction,
the action that you need to take is inspired action. And it’s not necessarily like the
things that you might think you need to do the practical of, okay, I need to put up a
blog post, or I need to send an email, like that’s great, but when, if you don’t have
your mindset right to match that vision, then it’s just not going to happen. And that’s
what I was talking about before with being a vibrational match for the thing that you
want. So even though I said I’m so happy and thankful that I’m depositing $10,000 a month
from my coaching business, I still wasn’t a vibrational match for it. And so what I
had to do was I connected with a mindset mentor and coach, and she helped me to just knock
that mindset that I needed out of the park. I call her my mindset champion. Like it was
an amazing, amazing month that we worked together. And directly after that month of us working
together, I hit my very first five figure month. In fact, I made over $11,000 instead
of $10,000 and I remember feeling like, wow, like I’ve done it. I did it and at that point
I actually didn’t even remember that I hadn’t made that video before. It wasn’t until I
was trying to like pull some stuff together to share with the client that I found that
video. And I was like, wow. Like less than a year later I did it and I did it because
I held that vision and I became a vibrational match for the thing that I wanted. So can
you use the law of attraction in your business? You absolutely can. It comes down to number
one, getting really clear on what it is that you want. Number two, holding that vision and making
sure that no one takes it from you and you don’t allow anyone to discourage you from
your vision. If that’s what you want, and that’s what you desire, you truly can have
it. And I am living proof of that. And then the third thing is to become a vibrational
match. And that might involve working with a mentor or a coach or someone who can help
you to really get to the point where you not only see it, but you believe it with every
fiber of your being and you know exactly what inspired action to take. So I hope this was
helpful for you. If you are looking for a mentor, someone who can help you. I do offer
one-on-one coaching on a limited basis in my program, attractive, where I help you become
attractive in all areas of your life, including your relationships, your health, and your
wealth, so that you can design and create your very own version of a lavish life. Thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Okay, bye.

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