How to pass MRCGP AKT | 7 Top Tips | Effective Guide to AKT
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How to pass MRCGP AKT | 7 Top Tips | Effective Guide to AKT

if you’re watching this video chances
are you’ve decided to sit the applied knowledge test also known as AKT
would you like to know seven top tips to pass the AKT hi my name is Dr. Erwin
I help high performers create habits to lead a happy and successful life and
this video I’ll share with you seven top tips to pass the AKT the AKT is one of
the components of the MRCGP so AKT can be taken from ST 2 onward which is
GP specialty in training year two and above so the way you book the AKT is
to go on the RCGP website and you book it online the AKT is an applied
knowledge task so you’ll have two hundred questions and three hours and
ten minutes to complete all the questions the educator is a favored exam
ideally having some GP experience will help you in your preparation although
it’s not obligatory tip number one timing is key a good time to see the AKT is after you’ve started your GP post because then the questions will
make sense to you and you will know what sort of management that will require
your for patient because you’ve seen patients in primary care and a question
of pace in primary care so you will be familiar with a lot of conditions as
managed in primary care at least two to three months of solid preparation is
necessary to pass the task when it comes to sitting the AKT it’s important
that you know exactly how many questions you will have in the task and how long
you will have so you will have 200 questions and most of the questions will
be single base answered question and you will have three hours and 10 minutes to
complete the 200 questions that makes about 57 seconds per question so timing
is important you need to be going at a good pace so that you complete all the
questions some trains have struggle with keeping up with the time because when
they practice for their AKT the use a time pressure so when it comes to
the test then they were not used and trained to actually complete the
question in 57 second so when you’re practicing make sure that you use a time
pressure and practice within that time pressure because then when the test will
come you will find it easy to actually answer the question within the time
frame so you won’t have to rush for the last few questions and you won’t leave
any questions unanswered because each unanswered question will cause you to
lose a mark tip number two learn from other people’s
mistakes the RCGP produces a feedback and examiner’s report after each sitting
of the AKT so if you go on the RCGP website you will find all the report
examiner’s report and feedback for each sitting of the akt many candidates do
not use this resource and it’s a resource as freely accessible and so
invaluable this is the examiner’s report on sitting or the akt so the aussie trip
producers and examiner’s report with feedback after each sitting of the apt
it’s so important that you make use of that resource because you’ll find that
it pays off when you user abusing resource and I went through the
examiner’s report year by year to see where the candidates struggle and one of
the topics that’s likely to be reassessed in the future because the
examiner’s report and comment they give good feedback about how they actually
assess how the candidates have done and what they’re likely going to reassess in
the future so make use of that resource and go for at least three to four years
of examiner’s report so that you can actually address these areas which are
likely to be reassessed so how your topic areas
tip number three you will find that on the RCGP website there is a AKT
content guide so the AKT content guide you could see it as a foundation of the
curriculum so this is a curriculum that you will need to know
it says the level of knowledge that trainees are expected to have so it is a
long document but make sure that you have a look at the RCGP content
guide and read it focus on each of the area and have a read of what is a level
knowledge that is expected from a trainee and once you’ve read it make
sure that you evaluate your own knowledge and focus and the areas of
weaknesses that you have each of us has areas of weaknesses depending on what
experience we’ve had so for example if you’ve not had much experience of
terminology or ent this could be an area of weakness for you so you need to
address that by focusing your revision and covering the subjects of en tiem
ophthalmology what can happen is that we focus our revision mainly on areas of
strengths so what we do is that we declare areas of weaknesses and we do it
in a rush or we do spend a small amount of time in these areas so make sure that
you have a balanced revision you address these areas of weaknesses first and then
go through other areas because this areas of weaknesses would be the areas
where you can actually improve the most was the areas where you already have a
good sound knowledge there’s not much that you would get by spending time or
effort in these areas tip number four 80% of the weighing of the
AKT is based on clinical domain so make sure that you spend sufficient time
covering all the clinical medicine because that’s a bug of your marks so
make sure that you spend a good amount of time during the reven around these
topics because clinical medicine is a bulk of your marks tip number five don’t
neglect the 20% of the weighing which will cover organization management and data
interpretation and statistics although organization and management may
sound like an tell subject to many trainees
these are easy marks that you can actually score so make sure that you
cover this areas such as DVLA guidance licensing what is the GMS
contract what is a PMS contract do you know the rules of our data protection
access of medical record in terms of data interpretation and evidence make
sure that you refresh your knowledge on a sensitivity specificity what is number
needed to treat p-value do you know what is lab applaud or what is box and
whiskers blood so make sure that you read about these different plots and it
is easy marks that you can actually score if you actually do the reading
tip number six effective reading question when the examiners write a
question each of the word has a reason behind so each of the word has some
information that the examiner wants to convey to you so there are some key
words that you need to identify when you’re reading a question some
candidates on the exam pressure might not read the question and interpret the
question well so it’s important that you read carefully each question and you
extract the information that the examiner wants to convey to you so there
are some key words that you need to pay attention to such as what’s the most
likely less likely was commonly or what’s the characteristic cause of never
always or they use wording like which one overflowing is not so the question
is phrased in a negative format so if you read this question and you think
that you knew what you need to answer but you actually read positive so you
misread the question and you’re going to answer the wrong question so make sure
that you read carefully and pay attention to these key words in each of
the questions last but not least tip number seven make sure that you’re using
effective learning technique but effective learning technique what I mean
is active recall spaced repetition and learning by concept so I’ve done a video
about these free learning techniques that you can actually apply to help you
not only memorize what you’re learning but also to apply this in the akt
so have a look at the video where I cover how you actually use this learning
techniques so learning the active recall is one of the best way to learn because
you’re using your cognitive ability to use information that you have stored in
your brain and apply it so this is very powerful when you’re learning because
what happens is that some candidates they only requires passively so they’ll
read the guidelines and then they don’t actually use a new light
by actively recalling and attempting question and using and simulating this
learning process so have a look at the video I’ve made that goes over the free
learning techniques so here you have the top seven tips to pause the akt I’m sure
you will post the akt if you apply these tips and all the best in your
preparation if you like this video give it a thumb up and don’t forget to
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comment section take care everybody bye-bye


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