How to Identify Advocates for Gender Diversity in the Workplace
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How to Identify Advocates for Gender Diversity in the Workplace

I feel that, actually, I was always a bit scared to speak up about these topics because I was afraid of people’s reaction. I was
afraid to be, you know, seen/perceived as the angry feminist with her bullshit
ideas, but I was really proved wrong so many times that I’m really optimistic
now on that topic. I think there are two traps that you can fall into when
you want to talk about that and speak up about that. The first one is to over
victimize yourself and women in general. You don’t want that because then you
lose your credibility as a leader. And the second one I think is being too
harsh or moralizing. And in this situation what you end up is —
you end up losing people’s attention and people get defensive.
But in my experience as long as you’re not in one of those situations — if you
have the right tone of voice — people are extremely open to discussing those
issues. We launched about a year ago a diversity initiative at Aircall. We
started talking about it in the company like “we’re starting to talk about that
is that interesting for you.” and there were several men that joined and it was
almost as like they’ve been waiting for us to start something like this. They were so excited about the the topic, and really got
super involved about this later and they still are. So again I mean my advice
would be just go ahead and do it. Be careful not to be too aggressive. Be
careful not to be too much of a victim in the way you talk about it.
Yeah, maybe we were lucky and I don’t think so because I will also see that
outside of Aircall, people listen to you, and they’re open to change.

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