How to Get a BigLaw Job | Step 4: BigLaw Hiring Process
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How to Get a BigLaw Job | Step 4: BigLaw Hiring Process

The most traditional path right out of law
school is to get a job with a law firm and all law firms participate in the same decades-old
vetting and hiring process to get those law firm jobs and they have very specific steps
and very specific requirements and so that’s what we’re going to go through in-depth today. The first one is participating in OCI or on-campus
interviewing where law firms come to campus and you submit your resume, they accept you
for an interview, and you participate in as many interviews as you possibly can as many
law firms who will accept your application. And these interviews are going to be 20-minute
interviews very fast, usually with two attorneys and if you are looking for tips on how to
maneuver these OCI interviews, I made a video on that right here, which I will link to in
the description below. Then once you’ve gone through about that week,
week and a half of OCI interviews, you’re going to start the call back process where
law firms that you’ve interviewed with are going to call you to come back to the office,
meet more attorneys, see the office and have a more in-depth interview experience and that’s
going to be about a half-day interview. You’re probably going to meet anywhere from
6 to 12 attorneys. Usually it’s going to include lunch, you’re
going to miss class. It can get pretty stressful. But as I talk about in this video about how
you go about doing call-back interviews, I give a lot of tips on how to prepare, but
also give the tip that you should take as many of those as you can to give yourself
the best chance of getting a biglaw law firm offer. So after you do your call-back interviews,
you’re going to start getting calls from these law firms offering you 2L summer clerkships. So clerkships for the summer that’s coming
in about a year. And so depending on if you have one offer
or multiple offers, you will make a decision on what law firm to choose. Fast forward to the 2L summer you’re going
to have a summer clerkship with them which usually takes place 10 to 12 weeks, almost
a full summer in most cases, if you do really well in that summer clerkship, which I made
another video which I’ll link in the description on how to do well in the summer clerkship
at the end of year 2L summer you’re going to get a permanent offer of employment. That is the golden ring. That is what you are trying to do from day
one of law school all the way through your 1L year all the way through your 2L summer
is to get that permanent offer of employment because if you get it and you accept it, then
you will start with that law firm the following year after you’ve graduated and after you’ve
taken the Bar exam. Usually around September, October are the
starting dates. And from there you will then be working in
a biglaw law firm and you will have completed the entire process closed the entire circle. So that’s the traditional biglaw firm hiring
process. That being said, if you were in a position
where your 1L grades did not make you competitive to participate in the process, it’s not the
end of the line. There are some biglaw firms that will will
allow 3Ls to participate in the 2L traditional 2L hiring process, but that does mean a few
things. If you are going to try for a biglaw firm
position as a 3L, you are going to need to do the following during your 2L year. During your 2L year, you’re going to need
to kill grades your first and second semester to get your GPA up into those higher echelons
that the big law firms are looking for. You’re also going to need to make yourself
as a standout candidate, which means not only grades but also extra curricular activity. So we’re talking law review or being a member
of a competitive moot court, mock trial team or being a research assistant to a professor
or having a leadership role in a student organization or even a combination of all of those. You’re also going to need to have a stand
out 2L summer internship that is also substantive legal experience, and the more niche you can
get or the more focused you can get on a specific area of the law, the better because you can
show them that you have a focus, that you have a vision, that you have an area of the
law you’re particularly interested in that’s going to help you out a lot as well. You’re also probably going to need to have
an explanation in your back pocket prepared for why you weren’t competitive your 2L year
because that probably is going to come up. And whether that’s because you had one bad
grade that sank your entire GPA or your GPA as a whole wasn’t where you wanted it to be,
you need to be able to come up with an explanation that is understandable that gives insight
into why that was the case. Whether that is because you didn’t understand
the study process and the test-taking process very well, or you thought you had a good handle
on the information, but you were able to meet with a professor and review the exams afterwards
and now you understand the material much better. Or you had any personal or financial or work
issue that made, that took you away from studying more than you wanted it to. I would absolutely bring that up. And you can use all of those things regardless
of what their reason is to reestablish why you’d be a good candidate for the law firm. So that’s the process. That’s the strategy. That’s the game for better or worse, that’s
how it works year after year after year in law schools across the country. And I know it’s not everybody’s goal to work
in a big law law firm. And so this video is specifically about that
process and how to make yourself competitive for those positions. But I will be coming out with a video on how
to get a job after law school period, in any legal sector and any size of law firm, anything
across the board that’s not specific to this very small niche that only a handful and only
percentage of law students ultimately get right out under graduation. I hope you guys like this, give it a big thumbs
up if you did, let me go on the comments and of course if you have any follow-up questions
about the process, about whether there are any caveats to what I said, let me know in
the comments section below and be on the look-out for the next video in the series, which will
talk about how to get a job after law school period. Not necessarily just in the big law firm. So I don’t see you guys in the next one. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye.


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    Hi, not related to this video but a general question. Im in my senior year of undergrad. Law school (specifically admiralty law) is something ive vaguely looked at the past couple years. Its something im looking into more seriously now but i'm still not 100% sure on taking that career path. any advice?

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