How Long Does It Take to Get a Grant of Probate?
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How Long Does It Take to Get a Grant of Probate?

a question that I’m regularly asked is
how long does it take to get a grant a pro base now I used to think it would be the
general sort of information out there it’s a very slow tortuous process and it
can be slow but a recent grant which I received has certainly changed my mind
in that regard this particular one I actually wrote to the probate office and
sent in the CA 24 and the necessary papers the author for executor and so on
in September early September I’m not sure exactly which days but it was early
September it was one query done from the probate office and I actually received
the grant last week so the grant from start to finish
from when I first contacted the probate office and sat in the papers took less
than two months took less than eight weeks so that’s pretty good and there
was one query that we responded to immediately but it was no query at all
it’s conceivable that the grant could have been done could have been granted
or the probate court granted in a month or so so that’s good news if you are
going to have to act as executor of an estate so the question for yourself then
where do you want to apply for the grant you start from not you can do it but
it’s difficult enough to get all the all the papers correct
hope you find this video useful if you do give it a thumbs up down below thank


  • jose torres

    My dad died like 2 years ago but he put his house in my name. The trust deed to my dad's house is under me and my wife's name do I still need to go through probate to sell.

  • Seratonia

    My father just passed away, he bought his bungalow with his second wife,but in his Will he wrote he leaves her a 3rd and a 3rd to me and my brother, but there is also a matter of paying for his nursing home care, which his second wife signed up for, don't know how much, but they use to take part of his pension too…My brother and I are executors (living in the UK) the second wife doesn't speak to us..who applies for probate? because she just put the bungalow up forsale….I found out purely by chance!!!

  • D J

    That's amazing. So far it's been a year and five months for me and still no end in sight. I live in NY and my sister in the UK is the executor of my father's estate which is "simple" apparently. Have to admit it's hard to remain trusting. I haven't heard from her in months.

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