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How Humble? The Truth About Johnny Depp’s Riches | Rumour Juice

“My son had to hear about how his old man
lost all his money from kids at school, that’s not right”. It is a widespread opinion that Hollywood’s
famous and rich are immune to the problems we mortals face. Their issues are so superficial. They can buy literally anything, can’t they,
and their gold reserves are bottomless. The case of Johnny Depp proves us wrong. Depp’s movies have earned over $10 billion
worldwide, with Depp making about $650 million. But his estimated net worth of $200 million
was almost all gone by 2018, according to Rolling Stone’s widely-read cover story
on the actor. This guy started by buying his mama a house
with his first big paycheck. His fame grew, as did his bank account and
appetite for luxury. And here we are, reading about Depp spending
$30,000 a month on exclusive wine alone. Correction: “It’s insulting to say that
I spent $30,000 on wine,” Depp commented on the matter, “because it was far more.” For the past four years, Depp has been navigating
through one lawsuit after another. And if you think his feud – emotional, legal
and, yes, a financial one,- with ex-wife Amber Heard is his sole recent cause of headaches,
think again. Before we dive deeper into Depp’s making,
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Hollywood… and Hollywood’s money. We started this video with a quote from Johnny
Depp’s big interview slash profile for Rolling Stone magazine. When the issue was released, Depp went on
to criticize the magazine, calling the article a “sham”. Nevertheless, some direct quotes are quite
telling, illustrating that Depp’s relationship with his finances has always been pretty hard
to grasp and interpret. When Depp sued his former lawyers and managers
for mishandling his affairs, they retaliated. Yeah, Depp’s relationship with his lawyers
and managers, who had been by his side for years, turned sour pretty fast as more and
more strange money-related occurrences were being unearthed. His opponents insisted that Depp was aware
of his financial troubles. His former managers even suggested that Depp
may be suffering from some psychiatric issues like a compulsive-spending disorder. These legal battles have been settled for
now. But not before we learned about Depp’s own
monstrous spending habits. Depp’s spending was so bad at times that
his agents had to scurry and look for new projects that would bring in additional money. A source in the industry told Vanity Fair
that it was extra difficult to find good-quality scripts for Depp whose usual fee at the time
was $10-million-plus. That is why we have such flops as Transcendence,
Mortdecai, and The Lone Ranger. In 2009, Depp listed his upcoming projects
to his lawyer: The Tourist, for $20 million; Pirates of the Caribbean 4 for $35 million;
and Dark Shadows for another $20 million. The actor then asked for advice on how to
come up with more money. “What else can I do? You want me to sell some art? I will. You want me to sell something else? Sure, what? I got bikes, cars, property, books, paintings
and some semblance of a soul left. Where would you like me to start?” Many of you are probably thinking, $20 million
plus for a single movie, and Depp has the guts to complain about being broke?! Wait until you hear where the money goes. From his lawyers to his family members, everyone
wanted a piece of Depp’s fortune. And he used to trust his (now former) legal
team. “If there were things for me to sign that
would come in […], I would sign them like this,” Depp told Rolling Stone and pretended
to sign an imaginary document without even glancing at it. Today, the actor added, he studies the papers
carefully before putting his signature on them. When Depp first arrived in LA from Florida,
he was intent on making it as a rocker. That was long before the days when his lawyers
would try and persuade him to sell one of his luxury homes to raise some much-needed
cash. At 19, Depp’s first and foremost worry was
the realization that his first career choice wasn’t paying the bills. In order to put food on the table, Depp took
odd jobs, including telemarketing — “selling pens over the phone in order to eat”. One of his buddies, a fellow named Nicolas
Cage, advised Depp to try his hand in acting, as there was more money involved. Johnny agreed and soon booked what proved
to be his breakout role in 21 Jump Street. Which led to him being labeled as a “TV
boy”. Luckily, his agent found him a new project. So what if it was a little bit odd? “It was the story of a boy with scissors
for hands — an innocent outcast in suburbia,” Depp recalls. “I read the script instantly and wept like
a newborn.” As we all know now, director Tim Burton’s
Edward Scissorhands was a 90s smash and went on to become a cult classic. As years went by, Depp found his calling by
playing quirky, out-of-this-world characters. Some thought there was no good in that. Say, in 1994, Johnny Depp took up the role
of Ed Wood in the eponymous movie (directed, once again, by Tim Burton). Depp’s adviser at the time did not react
well to the news. “The guy told me, ‘Johnny, it is not about
you doing black-and-white movies about a cross-dressing, D-movie director – it’s about f***ing
the girl and carrying the gun.’ ”
Depp’s reaction was to star in more quirky movies that brought him more fame and more
money. A year after the “f***ing the girl and carrying
the gun” talk, Depp made headlines by buying a vast home in West Hollywood, more like a
castle, really, for $2.3 million. The castle was just the beginning. In 2003, Depp was paid $11 million to portray
Jack Sparrow in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Audiences instantly fell in love with Depp’s
character, and thus, a multi billion dollar franchise was born. In 2011, Depp sat for an interview with Larry
King and reflected on the irony. “[…] The fact that you have a 20-year
career of failures and then you do a pirate movie and that buys you an island […], the
irony of that is pretty good.” In the same interview, Depp recalled what
his friend told him years ago: money doesn’t change you; it reveals who you truly are. And Depp still saw himself as that guy that
used to pump gas to make ends meet. Certain people in his life, however, saw him
as something completely different. Johnny Depp worshipped his mother, Betty Sue,
despite their complicated relationship. He used his first big paycheck to buy her
a small horse farm near Lexington, Kentucky. Little did he know that his gift would turn
into a money pit. Soon, one of Depp’s sisters moved in with
her husband. The couple were hired to manage the property,
with their son joining the payroll later. Eventually, Depp was informed by his now ex-team
of managers that spending at the Kentucky estate was out of control. Here’s a grim anecdote: Depp requested a
report on the expenses, and when it arrived, the actor was on set of Pirates of the Caribbean. He asked his assistant to print the report,
but it was near impossible, since the document was over 200 pages. Depp contacted his manager who revealed that
Depp’s sister who lived with his bedridden Mom was buying her numerous luxury items such
as handbags and jewelry. In 2013, Betty Sue was diagnosed with terminal
cancer. Thanks to Johnny’s care, she lived for another
three years but passed away in 2016. What about her farm? Well, Depp’s family still lives there. “Their thinking is that I’m going to take
care of them forever and that the farm is now theirs,” the actor commented. “I didn’t make that promise.” Why didn’t he cut them off, then? Depp says he was convinced that his legal
team would take care of that. Same goes for him having to pay the Internal
Revenue Service over $5.6 million in late fees. The actor argues that he had no clue he was
in such deep trouble. His former financial advisers say the payments
were made late because Depp was chronically short on cash. Nevertheless, Depp maintained his lavish lifestyle
which he knowingly or unknowingly could no longer afford. Spontaneously buying a $400,000 diamond cuff
or a couple of suits worth $100,000 isn’t a big deal for him. Depp likes to tell the story of how he spent
$3 million (or $5 million, as he told Rolling Stone) to scatter the ashes of his beloved
friend Hunter S. Thompson with a cannon. According to his former lawyers, Depp has
spent $75 million to ‘’acquire, improve, and furnish 14 residences” all around the
world. The actor prefers to travel on a private plane,
which costs him $200,000 a month. In one of his 2009 emails to his former legal
team, Depp defended his choice of transportation: “I don’t have all that many options at
the moment. A commercial flight with paparazzis in tow
would be a fucking nightmare of monumental proportions.” In the same email, Depp promises to watch
his Christmas spending as best as he can: “[…] I need to give my kiddies and [family]
as good a Christmas as possible, obviously within reason.” Depp is a generous relative; his former lawyers
say he spends up to $10 million to support friends and family. His 40 full-time employees cost him $300,00
a month. Personal round-the-clock security for himself,
his two kids and various family members is $150,000 a month more. Depp has allegedly spent millions to hire
extra lawyers in addition to his existing team “to bail him out of numerous legal
crises” and pay “hush money.” Depp has compared his recent financial woes
to The Matrix. “I’m just a small part of this. I didn’t see the movie, and I didn’t understand
the script, but here’s what it is.” The last couple of years have brought many
bad news for Depp. Judging by his reaction, he only recently
understood how dire his financial situation might be. His Mom died. And, of course, his much-publicized, scandal
and controversy-ridden divorce from Amber Heard was yet another blow for the actor. He admits this was the lowest point in his
life. It was stressed in the Rolling Stone article
that Depp felt alone. He is constantly surrounded by people – lawyers,
cooks, bodyguards, journalists – but those are people who get paid to work for him. However, he seems to have found it in himself
to fight back. Depp said his Mother had taught him to never
start fights but to finish them if someone attacked him first. He fights for his daughter, Lily-Rose, and
son, Jack. They are his real priceless treasure.


  • Rumour Juice

    The last four years have not been kind for Johnny Depp as he is still facing multiple legal and financial challenges. Will he – and his net worth – make a full recovery?

  • lily Rose

    Well he has amazing rare talents he works hard so he made a lot of money and he's free how he want to spend them
    I really hope he get justice

  • Crystl22

    Yep, he's a hard working, very unique guy who can spend his money however he wants. $30'000 for wine is not that much if you are buying really good stuff. He trusted too many people & was willing to sell stuff like his yacht that J.K. Rowling bought from him, when he found out about his financial situation. People also forget that property, art etc… are all investments!
    Hope he has all the happiness in the world after all Amber put him through.

  • Candy Cain Churchwell

    Does not matter if you had a dime to your name. I'd still love you but I'm just a common person who doesn't fit in your world

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