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Houston Probate Attorney – Law Office of Joseph Onwuteaka, P.C.

Probate deals with what happens after there’s
a death, put it that simple. Someone has died. Usually what happens when someone dies, either
they leave a will or they do not leave a will. If the deceased had a will made out, a good
will, properly authenticated, then simply you file application to admit the will into
probate, set it off for hearing, and then you’re done. Within a matter of a couple of months you
are done probating the will. An heirship application, or intestacy distribution,
that takes a longer time. Because not only do you have to go to court
to file the application, you have to publish it in the newspaper. The court will appoint an attorney ad litem
for what they call the “unknown heirs”. The attorney ad litem has to do their own
investigation, recommend back to the court. Then you have to go to the court to get the
final order, then and exhibitor administrator gets appointed. Now they get into an accounting requirements
regarding the estate, so you go through all this long course. That’s why if you have a will, within a couple
of months, very, very cheap at flat fee, so you don’t have to worry about a big retainer
or hourly rate. Your case will be over. In our law office, we’ve handled hundreds
of probate cases. What makes us different in being a small law
firm, in dealing with probate issues, that we understand probate. We understand that it is personal. You’re dealing with the loss of a loved one,
usually when people comes to you. We are always able to confer with the person,
advise them as to what is involved, what the process will undertake, and whether it’s going
to be a simple process. We review the will to find out whether the
will is perfectly put together. Or, are there potential challenges? Because it’s not every will that can be admitted
into probate. And if there are problems, you let the person
know upfront. That’s what we feel that we are different
from other lawyers.

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