• Liz P.

    There is a movement happening all over the nation, CVA bills are being introduced in state legislatures everywhere. CVA is child victims Act. So what these bills are doing to extending statute of limitations (SOL) on sex crimes and even eliminating them so victims can report them forever.
    Now for you victims where the SOL ran out before you could report your rape, some states are opening up time frames for victims, especially minor child victims, to bring civil suits against their rapists.
    Find out where your state is in this process… https://www.childusa.org/2020sol
    Since the CVA was passed in NY almost 1500 cases have been filed.
    That's how many perverts exposed? how about DNA matches to rape kits? The perverts think their crimes were hidden forever, but thankfully there is a new wave of laws that is going to expose the rapists.

  • Jacque J

    Enough evidence by testimonys..Jury asked what is
    Laws sexual Consent? Really?anytime there is Force or coersion of any type is Not Consent Weinstein is Guilty of rape No Doubt.

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