Harlem Globetrotters Train Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart
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Harlem Globetrotters Train Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian
Kevin Hart seriously hurt
in a car accident. Hart sustained
“major back injuries.” Some encouraging news
for Kevin Hart. He is reportedly
able to walk again, although he’s
in tremendous pain. Kevin:
Basically, what you realize
is that you’re not in control.
At the end of the day,
it can all be over, man,
so don’t take today
for granted.
Welcome to my first
all-new episode of “What the Fit” Season 3. Wow. This season’s
gonna have a special, special, special feel, because this is the season
I’m doing after my accident, where I got hurt. I basically was put
in a situation where I was like,
“Oh, my God. Am I gonna be able to walk?
Am I gonna be able to recover? Am I gonna be able
to get back to myself? And through hard work,
determination, pure will, I got to a place
to where I can be
physically active again. So I’m thankful for
some of the small stuff, which is just the ability
to get up and move around. This season,
I gotta make sure that people see me
giving it my all to be the old me again. I’m starting it off today. Me and my friend Jimmy Kimmel. – ( honks horn )
– Here go Jimmy. Get in the car, Jimmy. ( chuckles )
All right, all right. – Man!
– I’ve been waiting
for hours. Hours?
You know what it is, Jimmy? – What is it?
– I– I can’t– I can’t even blame it
on traffic. – I’m black.
– I didn’t know
you were black. – That’s what it is.
– Wait, why wouldn’t
you tell me that? Here’s the thing.
It’s not that all
black people are late. – Yeah.
– Sometimes it’s true.
Sometimes it’s not. – Sometimes you’re not black?
– Sometimes I’m not black. – Okay.
– Sometimes something
really happened. But in this case,
there’s no excuse.
I’m just black. Tell me, what do you do from
a physical fitness regimen? You know,
I’m not so enthusiastic
about working out. Jimmy, I know
you love basketball. – I do enjoy basketball.
– You do enjoy basketball. I’m not good at it,
but I like it. So, I said
why not embrace the world
of the Globetrotters? The Harlem Globetrotters? The Harlem Globetrotters.( Globetrotters theme playing )– Oh, wow.
– And they’re gonna
let us participate, and that’s how
you get active, man. Okay. How’s your body? Well, I’m so excited
to be back. I’m so excited
to be active. You know,
I couldn’t wipe my ass. – Oh, my God.
– True story. – See, I just don’t, but…
– You just don’t wipe your ass. – …not being able to
if I wanted–
– Yours is a choice. What are you doing?
How are you doing? I don’t know.
I feel like maybe I
should be driving, though. Why? Well, you know,
you’ve got a bad track record. Well– no, that’s not–
that’s not true. – That’s not what happened.
– That’s true. I mean, Jimmy,
I was off for seven months. And you’re not
the type of person
that lays around anyway. – Like, for me…
– Don’t act like you haven’t lost a bunch of weight, Jimmy.
I’ve known you for years. My secret was come out
of the gate fat. – Okay.
– ‘Cause now people are like,
“Oh, you look great.” It’s just I look great
compared to what
I used to look like. You’re gonna love
what we’re doing then. I’m gonna go get
my body fat percentage. – I want to know what it is.
– Okay. Because I know that
it’s not what it used to be. You’re gonna get yours, too. Isn’t it going to be
embarrassing? No, no. I know this is going
to sound like an excuse, but I carry a lot
of weight in my breasts. – Okay, Jimmy.
– So… You don’t have to– there’s– there’s no place
for insecurities here. – Yeah, I’ll try.
– You’re Jimmy ( bleep )
Kimmel, man. – No, Jimmy, you just…
– Did you remember to put
that car in park? What?
I’m glad you said that. It is now. There it is. All right, come on, let’s go. We would’ve rolled right
into that goddamn thing
right there. Hey, guys, how are you? – How you doing? I’m Kevin.
– Hey, Kevin. – I’m Jimmy.
– Hey, Jimmy. – How you doing?
– I’m Linda. This is a mobile
body fat unit? Yeah, you know,
specifically we look
at hydrostatic weighing, so we’re gonna look
at your composition
in the most accurate way. – Kevin: Okay.
– We’re gonna find out where
you fall on this chart. Jimmy:
What would be a bad number? So, anything higher than 20%
on either of you guys is not gonna be
all that great. Oh, well,
I’m in trouble. – This is like a tank
that we get in?
– Linda: It is. Jimmy: Can we get in together
and average out our body fat? – Kevin: No, that’s
gonna mess up the test.
– Jimmy: Okay. What’s your budget
for these robes? – This is a good robe, man.
– It is a nice robe. This is a nice-ass robe, right?
What are y’all– – This is like
a baby blanket robe.
– Yeah. We’re gonna get
your height next. Go ahead and stand
against the wall. The cameras probably don’t
need to get this, right? All right,
stand as tall as you can.
Actually, no shoes. Well, that–
well, that’s– I mean… – All right.
– You ready? – Great, walk away.
– Six two. You’re putting a box
of print cartridge labels
on his head? It’s soft. What was that?
Six– six what? Looks like 5’4″
and a quarter. All right, all right. – The height stuff is…
– Stand as tall as you can. Looks like you’re 5’11”
and three quarters. And you said I came in
at five– 5’5″? – What did you–
– Yeah. – Right.
– All right. Are you ready to do this? I’m pumped up about it. – Okay, so…
– I get in and what? – I’m gonna have you–
– Swim a couple laps. No, no. That’s
a little guy joke, Jimmy. – Oh. Oh, okay.
– You was trying to sneak
that in there. – He tried to sneak–
– I figure since we just
measured, you know– Kevin gonna do
a 50-meter freestyle. Listen, this day is not
gonna look good for me. Let me have this moment. – Is it cold? Oh! Ah!
– Not at all. ( sighs ) Kevin, the goal
is to blow out all
of the air in your lungs because all the air
in your lungs looks like fat. – Oh.
– So you’re blowing
everything out. Be forceful and steady
with the blowing, okay? What? Oh, my goodness. It got dirty in here. – All right, you ready?
– Blow hard. – There he goes.
– ( exhales ) Linda:
Good, there we go.
Commit to it. Everything you got, Kevin. Look at him bubbling
and bubbling. It’s really quite beautiful. Good. Kevin, you’re done.
You survived it. – Am I still a fat-ass?
– No, no. Let’s go, Jimmy. – It’s nice in here.
– It’s nice, right? – Linda: Now…
– And you did or didn’t
pee in here? A little bit, but it wasn’t
enough for you to see. – All right. Or taste?
– Or, like– yeah. Okay, same deal.
Blow out everything
you have, just like– Just like the men’s room
at the park. Yeah, steady and forceful.
You got it, buddy. Linda;
Okay, go for it. It sounds like he’s drowning. Linda: That’s the air of fat
leaving somebody, right? It doesn’t sound safe at all
when he was down. There you go. Nice. – Jimmy, you’re done.
– Was that pretty good? This is like what they do
to prisoners– the CIA. – This is against the–
– No, Jimmy. I mean, is that insane? I’m not nervous to see
what’s gonna happen. I mean, I know–
it’ll be fine, right? Linda:
Absolutely. At the end of the day,
it’s just information. – Exactly.
– Yeah, I’m fine. – Kevin?
– Oh, God. You’re a really
healthy guy at 15.8. – So that–
– 15.8! Suck it! Whoo! And, Jimmy, you’re,
like, right in here. – Really?
– Yep, 20.6. Twenty percent
of your body is fat. – The other 80 is lean.
– Is? Oh. So, that’s like buffalo meat. I was gonna say Play-Doh,
but okay. All right. I have the consistency
of buffalo meat? Oh, that’s wonderful. – This is what we need.
Told you.
– Yeah. – Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – Thank you.
– Okay, all right. So, we’re gonna go to, uh, – the Harlem Globetrotters–
– A food truck? No, we’re not going
to a food truck. We’re gonna go work out with
the Harlem Globetrotters. By the way,
we’re stealing our robes. – I just wanted to be
low-key about it.
– Okay, we’ll take the robes. All right? Come on.
She didn’t say nothing, we’re not going to
say nothing. Jimmy: It’s like a hotel.( music playing )There they go. Yeah. – Yeah.
– How you doing, baby?
Let’s see what you got. – Oh!
– Got him good! – Got him good.
– You wanna try it again?
Here you go. Ah! – Jimmy?
– ( laughter ) – Oh, yeah. Come on, now.
– Let’s do it, baby. Can I show you guys
my signature move? – Let’s see it. Let’s see it.
– Okay, watch this. It’s the two-handed
bounce pass. – Okay. Oh, wow.
– Nice! Good follow through.
I like the step. – Nice!
– The step, right? Okay, listen, we want
to introduce ourselves. We’re the world-famous
Harlem Globetrotters. We’ve been around
for 94 years. – Went to 124–
– You’re 94? – You look great!
– I’m 94! – Good for you, buddy.
– Come on, man. Come on, man.
I been getting it. – I’m, uh, Kevin Hart.
– Okay. Uh, I’ve played
in a couple church leagues. – Uh-huh.
– Uh, so, yeah. That’s pretty much about me. I’m Jimmy Kimmel. I’m not great at basketball. I did at one time
hold the record for the world’s largest
meatball, so… Oh, cool, cool.
We got world records, too. I got the longest hook shot and I got the longest
blindfolded hook shot, too. – 72 feet, 54 feet.
– I hold four of them. For me, it was meatball. Hey, listen, how about
we teach you guys some stuff? We’re gonna teach y’all–
some people call it the Weave. – Okay.
– But the Globetrotters,
we call it the Hop. – Will it burn fat
off of our bodies?
– Yes, yes. We’re here to be active.( music playing )We’re gonna give you
a demonstration first. Here we go. Let’s go
hop that thing, baby. ( whooping, shouting ) Go on back,
go on back, go on back! Whoo! ( whooping continues ) Got it. Done. – Easy.
– Okay, all right, cool. All right,
cool, cool, cool. All right, so,
this is how you’re gonna do the Hop, all right?
Gonna get here. – You’re not gonna turn
your back to the showman.
– Oh. – And you’re
diving down, all right?
– Like a figure eight. You’re gonna have the ball
in the outside hand. You’re leaving it for the man
that’s coming through. Kev, you got it.
Don’t shake your head no. No, I’m shaking my head
because that’s wrong. ‘Cause you got– We’ve been doing this
for 94 years! I been doing this
longer than you guys. And in the church league,
that’s not what we do. – Give him the ball.
– Come on, man. ( overlapping chatter ) – Come on!
– There we go. There we go. – Oh, yeah! There we go!
– Come on! – Ooh! I see you.
– ( chatter continues ) Come on, Jimmy. Let’s go.
Represent yourself. And, Jimmy, listen.
The good thing, you’re
working your heart rate. – The heart rate’s up?
– Yeah, you’re working
your heart rate. – All right.
– It’s going to get
your heart rate up. – There you go.
– There you go, Jimmy. There you go, Jimmy.
Yeah, Jimmy. – Yeah, Jimmy!
– Oh, sorry. Right here, right here,
right here. Hey, you gotta keep it up.
You gotta– Was I supposed
to catch that? Bow down, bow down. – Wait, wait, wait.
– Stop, Jimmy. – Stop for one second.
– Can I just ask a question? Go ahead,
ask your question. Are we honest
with each other here? – Absolutely.
– Okay, well that
was ( bleep ). – What was?
– Okay, that was ( bleep ). – What was bad, mine?
– Yeah. What happened
to the positivity
and all that stuff? ( bleep ) that! Are we good on that?
We’ll go to the slide? Now that we
have that mastered… – ( laughs ) Yeah.
– …we’ll go to the slide.( music playing )All right, here we go.
Make sure you get that leg
up, too, on the slide. Gotta get that leg up. See that leg?
See the leg? Jimmy: Slide down
on your left knee. Man: Yeah, yeah,
watch the leg. See the leg? She’s staying active, though.
Look how active– look at her heart rate.
Right here, right here. – Take a picture.
– Boom. – That’s nice.
– Go ahead, Jimmy. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
all right. You got that. Nice, Jimmy. – Oh, yeah, graceful.
– Keep it going, Jimmy. – Come on, Jimmy.
– Ooh! – Jimmy…
– I don’t think
that was really… Jimmy… – …be careful.
– Ooh! – Kevin: Jimmy. All right.
– I’m okay. – ( slow clap )
– Yeah. Well, Kevin, good luck
trying to beat that. Do you need me to show you
how to do it one more time? – Whoo!
– And go! All right, get that leg up!
Get that leg up. Down, put that leg up! – Ah, leg up!
– Oh! Next corner, next corner.
Down, up! Leg up! – Oh!
– Now, get up, now. Come on, you got one more.
Get that leg up. Straight up, straight up,
straight up. There. – All right, between the legs?
– That’s your pose? Okay, we should move on.( music playing )Listen, we gonna do
a competition now. We gonna take everything
you just learned, all the tricks
and everything you got, and you pick your shot.
In the end, your trick shot is gonna determine
who’s the winner. And we’re gonna
pick the winner. – Here we go.
– Let’s go, Jimmy. So, I’m gonna use
all my skills. We’ll run around
in a figure eight
and the whole thing. – Yeah, yeah.
– Uh, what el–
oh, the slide. – Oh!
– The slide, you know,
the whole thing. – You might win
with that one.
– And we’re up again, and now I’m gonna
show you my move. And here it is.
It’s a la Magic Johnson, okay? – And it goes like this.
– Oh! If you do that,
I’m voting for you. Okay. I think I just did it,
didn’t I? – Do I have to do it again?
– Is that it? Okay, that was it. All right, I’m ready.
Okay. ( shouting indistinctly ) Okay, where he going?
He going– oh! Okay! Okay, okay!
He up, he up with it. – Oh!
– Oh! We didn’t teach you that.
We did not teach you that. – Get up.
– You gotta get up
off the floor. ( chuckles ) – Get up off the wood.
– Get up! Get up off the wood.
Get him up, help him up. Good job, easy,
good job. Come on, where you at? What are you gonna do?
What’s your finale?
What’s your finale? – Oh, where’d it go?
– Where’d it go? Where’d it go?
I don’t see it. I don’t see it,
where it’s at? I ain’t got the ball. I ain’t got the ball, Jimmy. – You got.
– I don’t got it. Oh! Out of nowhere!
It comes out of nowhere. – Whoa!
– ( shouting indistinctly ) Oh!( music playing )All right,
you guys did great. Kevin, you didn’t listen
to anything. You did your own thing. – I think that’s a lie.
– You did the slide well. That was pretty good.
But even though Jimmy really
didn’t do anything good, he did everything
we asked of him, and I think that’s
the most important thing. Got to be coachable.
He’s got to be coachable. He’s coachable,
and so the winner… – Uh-huh.
– …is Jimmy. Oh, oh, yeah, yay! Thanks, guys.
Thanks a lot. Okay, give him some love. Here you go, Jimmy! Oh! Oh, I thought it was water. What happened
to the colored confetti? I remember a day
when I was young, the Harlem Globetrotters
had red, white, and blue
confetti. And now here we are.
This is the saddest thing
I’ve ever seen. We tried. I’ve never seen a man have sex with
a basketball court before, and, uh, what I learned
from you today really is something
that I am going to take to my children’s sports,
I guess. I don’t know. I broke a real good
sweat, man. So, thank you guys.
Let me close it. Let me close it out one time. Close it out one time. – Here we go.
– Close it out. – End on a good note.
– Yeah– oh! – I can’t make that bitch.
– ( laughs ) Hey, Kevin Hart here. It is a fact
that if you watch more
“What the Fit,” then you will get
better at basketball. That’s why
I’m a Harlem Globetrotter.
Tune into these videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
“Laugh Out Loud.”


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