Gun safety advocates call for Mitch McConnell, President Trump to get serious about gun reform
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Gun safety advocates call for Mitch McConnell, President Trump to get serious about gun reform


  • Marc Pagan

    I see many "moms demand action" t-shirts>>>The number one cause of shootings, and poverty too?
    Moms that have had too much action outside of marriage
    ….as products of unwed mothers disproportionately commit crime, including shootings.

  • Trent SC

    The gun debate is not real(you could never round up all the guns). It's a distraction from the Christian Rapture, and desolation of the Obama Nation. Accept Jesus Christ and turn from sin, to escape what's coming. ✝

  • Bert

    Top contributors for Mitch McConnell, these people and companies are co contributors to the loss of your rights and freedom and are saying YES to  handing America over to Russia with Trump steering the way.

    Blackstone Group.           $397,800
    Kindred Healthcare         $257,650
    Humana Inc                      $216,102
    UPS.      $208,329
    Brown-Forman Corp         $192,250
    Elliott Management         $183,300
    Goldman Sachs                $183,025
    Citigroup Inc                     $177,850
    Peabody Energy              $176,000
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield   $171,300
    JPMorgan Chase & Co   $168,050
    Altria Group                       $163,750
    FMR Corp                           $155,350
    General Electric                $155,267
    Ashland Inc                        $151,376
    Eli Lilly & Co.                     $149,600
    FedEx Corp                        $142,700
    UBS AG                                $132,400
    Apollo Global Management$130,250
    UST Inc                                $129,100

  • ronbotex

    Sorry Fred, but your daughters death and your status as a paid, professional activist doesn't give you any special license to trample the rights of citizens to protect themselves. Maybe you should be blaming the Broward Coward Sheriff's Department who allowed your daughter to be slaughtered w/o lifting a finger?

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