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Gujju Unisex Salon | The Comedy Factory

Listen up people Everyone is on leave due to Uttarayan So it’s just the three of us today, okay? Zulfiben must be on the way Yeah, but during the peak rush hours,
it might get pretty chaotic! It’s your responsibility to make sure that no one leaves from the Waiting area. Don’t worry! Welcome sir, most welcome! Sir, my seat is pretty comfortable, please come and sit Sir, have you come here to get comfortable,
or get a haircut? Come sit here, I’ll make sure that you get a nice haircut done within 5 minutes 36 seconds You walked in looking like Zayed Kahn, but you’ll walk out as Aamir Khan I want low fade box cut on the side with slicked-back undercut You said it, I did it! Kamlesh Kaski at your service, sir! I’ll just take a while to set up, we just opened the salon Do one thing Cut this and keep it ready I’ll come back later and pick it up Please have a seat, it’ll just take 5 minutes Oh man! Can’t you make it quicker? It’s just 5 minutes! It’ll pass off in a snap! Please, have a seat… Hello sir! I’m Dalpat I know the best way for you to pass time Wanna play Ludo? Green color’s mine Let’s begin At your service sir I want to get a haircut You said it, I did it! Oh no… What? Your hair has become so dry – – Actually I got transferred to Ankleshwar for a while… you can see the hair damage for yourself You should use our shampoos madam! You know what damages hair the most? Soap – What soap! She got me Badshah brand
instead of Medimix! I thank my stars for making me slip
on the bathroom floor that day Otherwise, I would have been left with way lesser hair Don’t worry sir You can pull off even Mogambo look with ease! Have you seen the charm on your face? My face!!! Ugh! My acne is increasing! Pimple? Madam, these are pus bombs!!! If you don’t take care of these things the pus inside will erupt one day and then no Instagram filter in the world
will be able to save you! Oh my God! What now? Now? Do you have combs at your place? Yes Throw them away You are going bald from here But I have a solution Doctor Khatra’s Khoreal syrum Use this, or else… Madam, don’t you worry at all We have the perfect Combo for you! Exotic Jambusar Tanning Facial & Essential Bardoli Bleach with Extra Aloe Vera! What would be the total cost? Rs. 22,000/- And how much for threading the eyebrows? For that it’s Rs. 250 Please do my threading only From eyebrows till the back of my head You said it, I did it! I can’t believe what all is happening in the Country Yeah man, all these issues related to CAB… These cab related issues aren’t new, these Uber Ola drivers… even after sharing the location they keep on asking ‘Hello Sir!’ ‘Where should I come?’ ‘Where should I come?’ Sigh! But you tell me, you’re coming after a long time… Did you guys catch your neighbour’s affair or not? Yeah, we caught them from our society’s common plot Red-handed, from behind the Neem tree People have no sense these days… Should have opted for dOhYO rooms! What else my Superstar, what’s new? Has the blood dripping along with your urine stopped? Yeah actually- Shut up and shave! Always meddling in other people’s lives… Don’t try to get over-smart! I don’t want to get my beard groomed from you! And keep your private parts to yourself! Baabu, set me up for the massage next! Come come, sit here… You wanna watch TV? You’ve come here for that??? Here! Take this!!! We are Artists, Professional Artists! If it wasn’t for us, everyone would be
roaming around looking like freaks! After four years of relentless hard work,
we have reached this stage We don’t just do stuff randomly! After tireless days and sleepless nights, after researching on all the products in the world and spending lakhs on our passion,
we stand where we are today. We make the heroes look like heroes
and the heroines look like heroines. Precisely for that, Always respect an Artist! If your rant is done, please rotate my head towards the TV I wanna watch the score… Please ask Kamlesh to keep his private parts to himself I was getting so uncomfortable… You don’t have such issues, right? Don’t worry, I’m straight! Great, please begin the massage… Yes Losen up a little… Thanks bruh! I feel great, what a massage bro! Here’s your fees I’ll leave now This was one of the best massages I have ever had Thanks Baabu! Are you ready? What the hell! I had come here to get a haircut, not a shower! This Kaski guy is no good! I’m never coming back here, ever again! The cost of a wedding is already high and your facials are expensive too! Madam, don’t worry I have a very special product for you – Anaconda Facial Which we have procured from the Amazon website, the online portal… No! My dad took me to a skin doctor for my treatment and he has asked me not to apply anything on my face Does the Doctor know your skin better than I do? Madam, just take a look at your skin once It has become so dry! Anyone would be able to play tic-tac-toe on your skin with just fingernail scratches! Don’t overthink this Just get it done – – Anaconda Facial Okay What the hell!!! It is not how you look from outside It is how you do from inside! Your heart and soul should be clear… Uncle! Excuse me uncle Yes? If someone is suffering from a boil,
what would we call in it English? What? Hair-assment! Get lost you fool Joking round foolishly like a pre-schooler I want to get my arms waxed but be careful, the hair on my arms is pretty hard… You know like, very hard you know like, very difficult and strong like Will Smith’s muscles like the exact opposite of how my husband is… Madam, I have dealt with a variety of hair Really? yeah, like thorns, bushes, whatever you can think of the thickest and hardest hair! Our specialty is Laving – Chocolate Wax It can remove any and every type of hair! Just wait and watch I told you! There’s no hair harder than my hair How much longer? Just 2 minutes and 47 seconds more Rajesh bhai You have come without an appointment today Please wait for a while You have a lot of hair here… Excuse me sir… Did you check this? It’s the brand new collection Bhavita Saabhi! Hello madam! Hello! Tell me, what do you want to get done? Bikini Wax Are you sure? Yeah! Why, is there a problem? No no no, no problem at all! Come on in… Yeah, just a second Bhadresh? Make sure to clean it all up, okay? Uncle! I saw an amazing movie recently Which one? Jab Hairy Met Sejal Oh damn be careful! Here comes the sweeper! Saved by a hair’s end! Phew! Don’t worry child Life is happily piece-ful Shree Hairy Shree Hairy… Kaski! What is this man? I had an appointment!!! Roop bhai I am almost done, please have a seat Instead of there, please come and sit on my chair You’ll be done with everything in the blink of an eye! Cutting, shaving, massage, everything! Roop bhai, you are my special and regular customer So only I will attend you! But Roop bhai, the ventilation here
is so flutteringly perfect! It’s the perfect spot! Sorry Kaski, but I like a well-ventilated spot and I’m also getting late for my Tinder date Sorry Come come have a seat What do you need me to do? Threading Where? My chest… Okay Please remove your blazer Oh no! Your feet are so dirty… Even if I try to remove it all with a spade it will take me 2 full days! Please do something! You have to! I have to go to my uncle’s place for the
house-warming function And I’ll have to remove my sandals and stay bare foot Don’t worry madam I have the perfect junction for your function! Our specialty Fish Spa Really? We have procured special kind of fishes from abroad They’ll eat up dirt from every nook & corner of your feet Should I do it? Yes please! Just do it! I’m loving it!!! Pirahna, come again… How’s it? Perfect! Thank god! You finally look human! And you! Why did you cut it like a buffoon last time? He said it, I did it! Do as you are told! And Bittu? Get some sweets from Heena ben’s place And come home directly! Over and out! Eww!!! Uncle This looks like a filthy alien from a different territory Stay away, you filthy piece of hair! Oh I see… Pubes… Yes! I underwent straightening… You should sing from the epiglottis Excuse me? You’ve been making me wait for 3 hours,
by saying 5 more minutes… Just 1.5 seconds more… Sit sit… Dallu? Sir, sir listen to me… I have this amazing new movie on my phone called Piyu Pornchor, based on a novel… Here, quickly plug this in your ear… You need a hair wash I have already taken a shower at home Oh! Is it? Yeah Look, there’s so much dust in your hair And what’s this? A twig? Kurkure??? What is this! A moth! A dead moth for God’s sake!!! Do you really need me to convince you anymore? We have to shampoo your hair, take my word for it! We are professionals, come on now! Hurry up! Sit sit, now this is what we call clean hair! I’ll show you different hairstyles,
let me know what you like This This This This is trending right now… This is the Trump look This one is my favourite… No… Just do the classic one… Alright then! Why don’t you try something new today? Do that TikTok one please… You said it, I – – DID IT!!! Rajesh bhai, please calm down… Here look, there’s a new update in PUBG Bashing cars It’ll be so much fun! Kind of like Midtown Madness… Come on, let’s play! EXCUSE ME!!! CAN I PLEASE GET A HAIRCUT IN THIS SALON??? I was supposed to go to my nephew’s thread ceremony Now I feel I’ll directly go to his wife’s baby shower! Why are you getting all worked up like Sunny Deol – – AT THIS MOMENT, ALL I’M FEELING IS ANGER!!! You’re up next, come come have a seat – – Sir, come sit on my seat I swear I’ll give you the best haircut you have ever had – – This man will sit on my seat! You focus on your detailing, go and clean your combs Do you goddamned ART! One doesn’t become a hairstylist just by watching
fancy YouTube videos! One has to go through the learning process and become an “expert” in this art! Rajesh bhai, this so called “expert” will take 2 hours! How do you expect to run a business like this? What will you feed your children? HAIR WAX? Ayee Kamlesh!!! Don’t bring my children into this argument! I am not yet married! For that you gotta work, make some money, to be marriage worthy! You won’t get anything by stealing other’s customers! KAMLESH! I can’t hear a single word against my art!
I’ve heard enough! Even I have heard enough! This is amazing! I love this!!! This is Outstanding! Astounding! Unbelievable!!! He looks like Ranbir from this side and Ranveer from this side and front the front, Rajesh! Wow Baabu! Wow Kamlesh! THIS THIS IS THIS IS BRILLIANTLY BEWILDERING!!! Wow Baabu bhai… you are a true artist – This was so much fun… Today I understood the true meaning of art – – this reminded me of the old days… Hello sir! I’m Dalpat I know the best way for you to pass time Wanna play Ludo? Heyy!!! If you liked our first Comedy video of 2020 Hit the LIKE button Hit the SHARE button and SUBSCRIBE to the Comedy Factory And special thanks to Atelier 7,
for letting us shoot our video at their salon They fully co-operated with us and stayed up with us while we were shooting the entire day and night… Special thanks to Mr. Pintu Rathod & Mr. Hiren Limbani Here at Atelier 7, you’ll be given the best of services from trained professionals, unlike as shown in our video… I hope you enjoyed this video Please share it and Subscribe to The Comedy Factory! Don’t forget to press the bell icon!


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