• Mark Green

    It's odd that Republicans have been extolling the virtues of IG Horowitz for months now and predicting that the Democrats will be in tears after his report was released. Now, because his report doesn't say what they had hoped for, the Republicans are disparaging the IG. Perhaps it's time to take off the shades, guys, and abandon your "Witch Hunt" conspiracy theories.

  • Wirmish

    I knew nothing would happen. The democRATS do, and keep doing literally whatever they want!!
    The Dems will win the White House with the help of the corrupt FBI.

  • Suikerbier

    I would feel sorry for Trump if he had actually stood up for the people of France instead of the hooligans in Hong Kong, the Neo Nazis in Ukraine or the assassins of Saudi Arabia.

  • Tim Craft

    Until I see FBI field agents step up and “take care of” the crooked agents and supervisors in their own ranks, it makes them ALL suspect and unworthy of our trust and invalid as law enforcement officials. I hope they prove me wrong…they know what needs to be done.

  • Happy Golden-Mountain

    Wow. Fox. This lady is literally dressed like hydra…I mean an Illuminati. She asks for people to be accountable…. the fbi? Hahaha. Bar needs to fire himself for abuse of power.

  • David G

    Uh, this title doesn’t make sense. The FBI taking the law into their hands is what we want them for and in their job description

  • Light Dancing

    What's scary is that the leadership of the F.B.I. (Feudal Bureau of Interrogation) does that kind of stuff on a regular basis.

  • Kevin American

    maybe some low hanging fruit will fall country can't think our FBI and CIA are compromised so of course IG didn't find much…… Durham can go after former government employees we can only hope Clinton Obama Comey paige on and on will pay

  • Dave Dee

    The FBI takes the law into their own hands because it's what they are supposed to do. They are a bureau of investigation. You can't have the president do it because that's being a dictator.

  • Arthur Avilez

    No body will be held accountable. They get to retire with a pension. Two levels of Justice. One for the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT Mob. They get away with criminal activity. We try it. We get busted. The American way.

  • Jack Burnett

    Shes sadly misinformed about good people in the FBI. They do what their bosses say regardless of the facts in EVERY case. FBI and ATF, IRS and DEA are all corrupt to the last man if corruption means lying, falsifying or hiding evidence or covering up for those that do.

  • Travis Brockton

    If the left ever regains power it'll be lights out for the good guys forever. Karl Marx's vision of destroying capitalism and God will be complete.

  • Lone Ranger

    Horowitz just trying to restore America's trust and confidence in the corrupted intelligence arms of the government… Horowitz is an obumya appointee hold over… He is doing everything he can to protect the deepstate traitors without totally implicating himself… He pulls the wool over our eyes until pages 413 and 414 where the truth finally surfaces… a truth that essentially makes his earlier claims of No Bias, No Crime redundant… Of coarse the propaganda media will fail to mention that to their liberal useful idiot followers, so it is up to us to remove their 412 pages of BS cover story the liberals are gleefully rolling around in today. All those deepstate lies are going to leave a very bad taste in their mouths… LOL

  • Captain America

    It's not scary if a normal IQ person follows the FBI and CIA history. The FBI and CIA have always been and always will be tools of injustice to meet their OWN goals to spy on us civilians and government officials. All you have to do is pay attention in high school and if you went to college and learned about law enforcement especially the FBI and CIA.

  • david barker

    The full report comes out with conclusive results that the Russia probe was justified, and you give time to the 1 person who doesn’t agree with it?

  • Sam Spade

    How deep was Obama into all this? Don't just go after the low hanging fruit, bring down the whole tree!!  Seems like America's domestic enemies are worse than the foreign ones!

  • Larue77

    Mr Horowitz was praised by conservatives when he criticized Hillary, Comey, Strozek. Now he reaches a conclusion they don’t like so they attack him. Let’s look at his conclusion that the warrant on Carter Page was justified. Last year three Republicans on intelligence committees, who saw all the FISA application data, including all the classified parts, said that the warrant on Carter Page was “amply justified.” Marco Rubio, Trey Gowdy, Senator Burr the Republican chair of the Senate intelligence committee. So Horowitz has not gone crazy. He is doing his job, just like he did when he blasted Hillary, Comey and Strozek. Conservatives now attack Horowitz only because they don’t like the facts he discovered.

  • fortflan

    What’s scary is this entertainer and this press secretary and dRumpf aren’t locked up in some deep, dark cell someplace very cold.

  • tamimerkaz

    The deep state attempt to overthrow the President will not be looked away—US Attorney Durham will lock them up and DRAIN-THE-SWAMP.

  • Milton Monnin

    Thats nothing new absolute power corrupts absolutely , and anything the FBI says is 100% of the time seen as the truth by the public and 99% seen as absolute fact by a Jury . So they can really do anything they want and do , and 99.999% of the time you FOX NEWS will back them up as law enforcement is completely infallible god like beings sent by God to lord over the masses ..

    I blame ELECTED LAW MAKERS 90% of the time not people who are clueless as to the actual laws just trying to do a good job and get the approval of their bosses .

  • Schizoinsomnia

    This should never happen again! They need to be in prison for treason! Trying to overthrow the president. Dirty Democrat swamp creatures

  • John Atkins

    The 26th Marines need to clear the 7th floor of the FBI building and anyone who resists shoot the seditious bastards where they stand THIS IS A GOD DAMNED COUP TIME FOR THEM TO BLEED

  • Miguelangel Macias

    A lie by "Omission" is STILL a lie. The omission of information on a report should NOT be assumed to be an oversight much less a simple mistake! The Obama appointed IG shows his "true colors" and intentions. Criminal suspects are arrested for less motive associated revelatory bias than that exhibited by Strzok, Page and the other culprits. The IG is likely a closet Trump Hater, and a secret deep state supporter.

  • Jim Woodard

    why would anyone be surprised the FBI took law into their own hands all J Edgar Hoover when he died and they released his notes he had been manipulating elections since the day the FBI was founded he walked people up for being homosexuals when he was one himself what do you expect out of these alphabet agencies the CIA was founded buy communist from Germany through Operation Paperclip and before you say that's a conspiracy and I'm a theorist look it up Google it the FBI is one of the most crooked organizations in the universe by Design Intuit score. all of these agencies need to be dissolved and replaced by Les agencies with less power an oversight committees that look over everything they do everyday……

  • Absque Religione

    FOX won’t tell you this but the IG report also found NO POLITICAL BIAS against Trump and opening the Russia investigation was completely justified. Spying? Also debunked. There grasping at straws now ???

  • Alan Weber

    How dare the FBI investigate Trump! It's not like Trump met with Russians in Trump Tower to get dirt on Hillary, right??? Oh wait, they did meet the Russians in Trump Tower!!! The real question is why wouldn't the FBI investigate someone who is meeting with Russians???

  • Sarah Smile

    Sad to say, but in today's society, the ends justifies the means. This is very scary when so very few reverence God anymore.

  • Henry Niemi

    Next up; democrats fund a movie where heroic FBI investigators take the law into their own hands to persecute an evil president Trump. It'll be called The Untouchables II The Judgement Day.

  • Keith Mc

    Barr's hand picked IG, Horowitz, exonerated the FBI. Just as Barr, Sekulow, and Trump first screamed that The Mueller Report was "Total exoneration" when the knew it was a lie, you Carlson are calling the FBI investigation biased when they when they were trying to protect American from a potential corrupt president.

    Now the evidence is overwhelmingly showing Trump's corruption. What are you going to do Carlson when Trump is arrested for treason?

  • Iam N.

    When the Democrat/Socialist voting base gets over the shock, that all of this kind of corruption has taken place in the United States, and not some Third World Banana Republic, they will most likely be voting for President Trump. As the task of the Dem/Socialists turns to corralling their voting base mindset before they awaken from the anti-Trump anesthetic, it might be a good idea to get plenty of popcorn. It's Showtime! ?

  • Laura Bell

    Trump/Putin TV, is going to be out of business soon. They're firing the only Truth teller's now the only hosts left is Trumpian ? dwellers God help us all. SMH ? ?

  • Jerome Baker

    I guess they forgot that the Patriot Act, enacted during Bush's term, allowed for greater surveillance powers! Cater Page was in contact with Russian agents so of course he would come under surveillance as a result!

  • William

    Nobody who is 100% honest will admit to trusting the FBI or CIA, everyone knows they are above the law and can do whatever they please with very little or no consequence. Just like the Clintons and their crew.

  • April Harmony

    Really….the FBI would do some mess like this……..lord have mercy……………I don't even know how to take this….

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