Girl Making The First Move feat. Ahsaas Channa & Rashmi Agdekar | Girliyapa
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Girl Making The First Move feat. Ahsaas Channa & Rashmi Agdekar | Girliyapa

Yes, ma’am! Yeah, sure. No. I’ll have a look at it. Yes. No problem. Yeah, you can call me. No problem. I’ll be waiting for your call. Yes. Yes. Yes. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Yes. Bye. I’m so sorry. Tell me. What is it? I love you too babe but
I’m not ready for marriage… …Kavya, cut the drama. I’m getting married. What? Oh, my God! Finally, he proposed you.
Show me the ring. Where’s your ring? Hopefully even I’ll get the
ring if he say yes to me. If no then I’ll wear this. – Hold on! Are you going to propose him?
– Yes. Just like first you… …Yes, I remember. – A girl never makes the first move.
– Never ever. Never. Ever, ever, ever, never. But why? Why can’t I make the first move. Look at him. He’s so cute. Hey, Sameer! What do you want to drink? No, I won’t. Today its Tuesday.
I don’t drink. And so different. Sister, different is my Sugar lipstick. This guy is not different.
He’s plain and simple. Tried and tested is
better in relationships. And if you want to try something
different, try a new dish. Ma’am, we’ve added Sushi in our menu.
Do you want to try it? – No. Thank you. I’ll have my usual.
– Okay. Ahh… the power to reject. Actually you know what,
I’ll have the Sushi. Great choice. Very well. Ahh… the freedom to choose. Do you know what’s this? I mean you know what it is. But do you know why guys don’t
consider us as equally good drivers? Because then they’ll have to
give us the steering wheel… …quite often and guys hate that. Just like they hate it
in their relationships. That’s why we should always keep
the steering wheel in our hand. So that we get to choose who gets
to ride with us and who doesn’t. Think about it. He’s going to judge you
that you’re so desperate. Yes, I’m desperate. Desperation runs in
my veins. I’ve lot of it. Anything else? Here’s your Sushi. And this is a drink for you
from the guy sitting behind. See. This feeling you will never
get if you make the first move. I agree. But why should girls have all the fun. – Waiter!
– Yeah? – That guy over there…
– …Yeah… – Send him a drink from me.
– Sure. What? Directly a drink? Hey, that’s too bold. Well my Sugar lipstick
and I’ve that in common. Fine. Don’t listen to me but at least
listen to your Bollywood fims.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, DDLJ, Jab We Met…In all these films, the hero runs
after the one who doesn’t follow him. But you know who my all
time favourite couple is? Monica and Chandler. And tonight,
I’m going to propose to my Chandler. Oh! – He’s here.
– Tonight? Listen, think again. Once a first mover always a first mover. – Kavya.
– Richa. Sameer? Waiter! No. Actually, I… … can you just… Come. Actually, hold on. Will you marry me? No… I mean yes. I’ll marry you but… …I was suppose to do this first. I was suppose to make the first move. You’re my Chandler. I’m your Monica. This time I had the
steering wheel in my hand. You.. Sameer, why did you… I’m not playing. Idiot fellow! Congratulations!

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