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[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: I love photography. That’s my main passion. SPEAKER 2: My mom
was a photographer. SPEAKER 3: I like to shoot
a lot of architecture. JEREMY DAVIS:
[INAUDIBLE] family photo. SPEAKER 4: I took
photography when I was in my sophomore year. SPEAKER 1: My art teacher,
who lend me a camera. SPEAKER 5: My grandfather. He passed it down to my mom,
and passed that down to me. SPEAKER 6: Getty Unshuttered
is a multi-year arts education program built on
an unusual idea– not merely to instruct teen
artists, but to unleash them. SPEAKER 7: This was amazing! [SHUTTER CLICKING] SPEAKER 6: Thanks to a generous
three-year grant by Genesis Motor America, Unshuttered
has grown to a community of thousands of young
artists and educators who use photography to connect– SPEAKER 8: You kind of have
to go out and talk to people, so you can get good pictures. SPEAKER 6: –share
perspectives– SPEAKER 9: I want to focus
on color and how to use it. SPEAKER 6: –and
to raise awareness for causes they believe in. JEREMY DAVIS: And one thing
that I’m passionate about is social justice. SPEAKER 4: Capturing
one photo can change people’s values or beliefs. SPEAKER 3: Causing people
to just think more. SPEAKER 10: And motivate people
to do something about an issue. SPEAKER 6: In 2019, the
second year of Unshuttered kicked off at the Getty
Center with a group of passionate students– JEREMY DAVIS: There’s
more of a shadow. SPEAKER 6: –who met weekly
with Getty staff and teaching artists to hone their skills
and develop their ideas. SPEAKER 5: My project is
about the youthfulness of elderly people. SPEAKER 11: How women
deal with mental health. SPEAKER 3: How Asian-American
immigrants integrate into American society. SPEAKER 4: Photographing people
with different conditions, like alopecia and vitiligo. SPEAKER 6: They
explored social issues that were personally
meaningful to them by engaging with
community organizations and local businesses. SPEAKER 12: Maxwell is the
founder of Project Contrast. JEREMY DAVIS: [INAUDIBLE] is
the founder of [INAUDIBLE].. SPEAKER 11: I’m in a
space that supports both artwork and mental health. SPEAKER 5: I talked
to a group of seniors from the NoHo
Senior Arts Colony. SPEAKER 6: Their online
videos and photo narratives inspired thousands of
young photographers to download the
Unshuttered app, which features skill-building
videos, photography challenges, and a positive social
community to encourage teen artists to connect
and grow at their own pace. [MUSIC PLAYING] In June, 2,000
young photographers converged at the Getty
Center for Unshuttered Live, an immersive, interactive
celebration that showcased more than
400 photographers from the online community
with mapped projections and animations designed
by students from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. SPEAKER 13: Hey! [INAUDIBLE] ladies
and gentlemen! SPEAKER 6: The live event
marked the official opening of the student photography
exhibition, One From Many. SPEAKER 14: He grew a lot and
learned a lot about himself from all the things he was
going through, and learning how to express that
through his work. SPEAKER 6: This is the second in
a series of Unshuttered gallery shows that have already
been attended by more than 125,000 museum visitors. [MUSIC PLAYING] In its third year, Unshuttered
will extend its reach through national
partnerships and programs, and through the continued
activism of Unshuttered photographers online,
who’ve already submitted more than 10,000 images. [VOCALIZING] Getty Unshuttered
celebrates student artists who snap, share, and
inspire one another to see the world
in a different way through the lens of possibility. SPEAKER 7: I think art could
be used to show your creativity and express yourself. JEREMY DAVIS: Once
you find something you’re passionate about, you’ll
work 10 times harder for it, because it’s something
that you’re invested in. SPEAKER 4: By being yourself and
embracing your individuality, you can really make an impact
and inspire other people to do their own thing.

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