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Get Ready For College Reading – SPC MOOC

Welcome to St. Petersburg College’s free course:
Get Ready for College Reading. We’ve designed this self-guided course to
help you practice and refine the reading skills you will need to be successful in college.
Effective reading skills are vital to your success, both in the classroom and in the
workplace. The purpose of most college-level reading
instruction is to assist you in understanding the thought processes and ideas of authors.
Reading is a complex and versatile skill set and college textbooks require a variety of
reading assignments. Some skills will be important in academic
reading, no matter what the subject. These skills include:
Clear, well-organized thoughts that are expressed by the main idea;
Inferences; and Patterns of organization.
This course is divided into six modules and by completing these modules you will be able
to become a more critical reader and thinker. At the beginning of each module is a pre-assessment.
Give the pre-assessment a try to determine your strengths. If you already have developed
those skills, move to the next module. If your score shows that you need to refine
your skills, work your way through the presentations and practice exercises.
You will find additional resources if you want more help in a specific area.
At the end of each module, take the post-assessment and see how well you have learned the skills
in that module. You can return to the previous modules at
any time and repeat them as often as you like. When you are finished, you should be prepared
to use your critical reading and thinking skills to better understand the material presented
to you. The skills you learn will be a great benefit
to as you move forward in the classroom and in the workplace.
So, get ready for college reading!

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