Gazini Ganados Miss Universe Philippines Elderly Advocacy Road To Miss Universe 2019
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Gazini Ganados Miss Universe Philippines Elderly Advocacy Road To Miss Universe 2019

you bashers will always be there right how
do you handle them I don’t handle them so never questionnaires help but most times I realize now oh my god
I’m representing the Philippines and in the international arena and then
sometimes had to forget that I all also Miss Universe so I just like a mom who
goes to the mall and then like have someone picture take a picture with you
so writing didn’t exist think you know all the fella I am the series
Philippines is very overwhelming sometimes the puppet Allah Lana Lana
home I’d ask myself I hope for it I was really prayed for it he’s a crown
that I won I was supposedly for my Lolo and she was still alive I heard that I
would give honor to you through bringing a crown for you not just the flowers
that I win from pageants but the crown itself so this is for her women’s rights
and for the elderly women’s rights because as you all know that men are
getting more jobs than women in the workplace nowadays so I would advise
them silly just believe in their trust because as I know we are in the
steadfast country that we have right now women are as a quick equal to man
equivalent to man so basically what man can do women can do now simultaneously
right so basically what I wanted to say was just and then knowing that you have
your grant grandfather grandmother who’s cheering you up to be kind to be to
believe in yourself the best thing they gave us because they paved the way
so just by listening to them and believing in yourself and
in your workplace you will have more inspiring than what we pay attention to
the not worth at all just enjoy it as you know my album is really something
love Kayla and Annie some but she has made me the person who I am right now
they’re responsible in very independent strong I’m almost toughest person that I
know and she has inspired me to be better
through academically because she wanted me to be a scholar and I did I was a
scholar during college and then graduated for tourism management and she
also made me to nursing care and then after that I graduated my father’s name
is gonna get to know a new mom can I have your father’s legacy please both my manana love alumni maraming below and we
will always be there for each other my love you Marjorie mrs. Lovejoy best much
sacred I never really met my dad going up it was different having a different race going on and not
knowing who I really am to what my my roots
on the other side of the world it was different because I felt like I had
something missing in me and every time I filled up a form that is they think a
mother and a father I always find it hard to fill up both because my mom is
the only person that has always been there for me so the father area which
sometimes I would like ask myself through what what isn’t still alive their complains of I asked myself snow
but I gave him as I see him otherwise that would have changed things
instead I would just hug him and even if he was not there
so I’m here and I made a difference hoping to meet you someday and I never
had the grudge of how and why I didn’t have a dad because everything happens
for even tabacon a couple it’s a new issue so Fran I love you now it has
brought damage but I recovered through the love of my mom I don’t think grudge
I’m the nice person here no Richard somewhat so it’s just a matter
of a craft box and through that you will the things that that bothers us
to fill up that emptiness with love and surround yourself with
people who will support here all throughout who will make you better as a
person with us nobody’s perfect nobody has a perfect life and in this world you
will always have a problem that will be resolved no matter how hard it is the
struggles you have this remain resilient be passionate be hard-working do
everything that makes you happy and at the end of the day it’s your soul that
you will feel it’s your body that we will have to take care of have my team
with me ever coming up into something that would best represent the
Philippines like most specially Samoa recent news some of our most specialist
advocacy caught how the tactics the strategy and then the walk as well and
then also my advice I would like to get involved with it in the death dr. Beth
so that I would have better understanding on how to cope up with the
issues regarding the health elderly care besides the lack of facilities
besides the lack of attention that should be given to them in every barren
guys they should always have a senior citizen center a vision where senior
citizens not only we medically taken care of but most specially they should
also be productive they’re stimulating their minds through an active aging
through a healthy lifestyle through which they can we have a community of
where they can engage to one another social engaging is really important
spending time with my grandparents more that’s why I be they became Lions vodka
see because of how I felt when I was with them but it was already a little
bit late and later in my life of it where I realized that they were very
important and then also I have a short attention span I claim it like I can’t
watch the movie and sit down there for an hour or two so I’d always want when
and we’re watching a movie I’d always wanted Elaine its Queen something never
washed something there and then go back there yeah I want to like do everything
like Simon time leukemia sleeve so everything all the one so that’s near
Olivia productivity so I’d want to be more focus this time around like of them
our priority we run coning with with my buzzes my abs and then I’m already okay
with the arms and my legs I don’t handle them okay look I say there will be DC
where you will be doubting yourself if you’re worth it
all these things are meant for you and at the end of the day if I earn one you
have a lot of you know credit criticism Muller when you’re joining a pageant not
don’t read social media because it will affect you your holistically your
thoughts about yourself so never question your self the first time that a
beauty queen actually takes off her makeup in front of me on national
television I already experienced also a different pageant before I used to be made before but I realized
that there are people who are being yeah there are couples that are abused more
or less crying the whole time of their relationships her name through peepers
my papers is the Drina the rocky mountain only one dog food one dog for
me and my mom has a lot of dogs she has three dogs and then every
morning I hug them left home in the village that’s how I connected them and
that’s how I fought with them there was jogging every morning so firing digging
pit office I get to hang out with them those little girls who has been dreaming
of being a beauty queen to be inspiring to other people as well to never stop
just like what they said never start stop believing in yourself because at
the end of the dates yourself who who you have so be kind to yourself and
always have that positive aura within yourself and radiate it with other
people you know that there’s so so much to learn so many things to improve for
myself and the first step is accepting it and then innovating it’s really
important to surround yourself with people who support you moving back you
up and who will lift you up just like the Sun ever question yourself
everything happens for me and that makes you empty just fill up
that empty nice wilderness with love and surround yourself with people who will
support you all throughout if nobody has a perfect life and in this world you
will always have a problem that will be resolved no matter how hard it is the
struggles you have miss remain resilient be passionate be hard-working do
everything that makes you happy hope that we can all unite and be
diverse at the same time because they are all unique in our own ways and also
I would like to thank to everyone who has been supporting Vinny being
filipinas I hope that you will keep on supporting us as we embark on a new on
our new journey you


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    Gazini Ganados Miss Universe Philippines Elderly Advocacy Road To Miss Universe 2019.
    Gazini Christiana Jordi Acopiado Ganados[1][2] (born 26 December 1995), professionally known as Gazini Ganados, is a Filipino fashion model and beauty pageant titleholder[3] who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2019. Known for her work in advocating for elderly care and HIV and AIDS research, she will represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2019 competition slated 8 December at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States.

  • Ariel Lumpas Cobacha

    Wow! Go go Gazini Ganados Miss Universe 2019. May Al Mighty God guide you and protect you always to achieve your dreams. You have awesome elderly advocacy.

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