Former Female FBI Trainees Open Up About Gender Discrimination Lawsuit | TODAY
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Former Female FBI Trainees Open Up About Gender Discrimination Lawsuit | TODAY


  • Progressive Humanist

    This sexist nonsense infuriates me! Glad to hear of these women fighting for their equal rights and hope they get some justice!

    (If it matters, I'm a straight middle aged male and consider myself a lifelong feminist).

  • Sandra Aviles-Wilkes

    It just proves once again this DAM country is afraid of strong gifted women. Another way to keep extremely talented women at bay (meaning have them at home cooking and having babies). If we make their lives impossible they will go away and nothing will change. I pray these women are heard and they make an impact to force change to happen. Their case will have an impact on future generations of young talented women.

  • mssheltn1

    I'm to the point that I believe that all women need to ban together and rebuild our own nation according to our image. I'm not talking about America or a lesbian community. We need to build our own society from a feminine perspective. But in order to do that, we need more women in blue collar positions like carpentry, plumbing, electricians, etc. Yes what I'm saying is wholly radical but it is possible. The big question is whether or not the WHITE WOMAN is able to let go of her white supremacist's views and work side by side with women from other ethnicities????

  • Chris Smith

    This is the FBI…what exactly were these women expecting? If they can't handle Quantico how are they going to handle real threats?

    There are lots of jobs that women, by and large, can do exceptionally well, but law enforcement and protecting the United States and its citizens from radical extremists is not one of them.

  • Chris Smith

    These women have it all figured out…yes, the FBI needs to become a kinder, softer and gentler organization…national security and homeland defense…none of that matters. What's most important is protecting the fragile egos of these women, who couldn't quite handle the rigors of training and rather than accept that, they chose to cry gender discrimination. Kudos for their willingness to serve but they are doing a disservice to the FBI and our country through this lawsuit.

  • Chris Smith

    So, what the women are looking for through their lawsuit :
    1) $300,000 for emotional distress ($30,000 for each of them…? for not being able to cut it as FBI agents?)
    2) They want the evaluation standards "changed" i.e. "changed" = lowered (some of those women look like they couldn't do a single push-up, much less a pull-up)
    3) They want more female trainers (because that will strengthen the FBI and our national security…?)

  • Sotterson

    Don't let any of these woman fool you…  They couldn't hack it and are lashing out for their failures.  Proportionately, the FBI hires more women than most other US law enforcement agencies.  Additionally, there are more men than women that get washed out of Quantico every year.  If you want a real perspective of the work culture… Walk into the lobby of any FBI building and ask an actual female SPECIAL AGENT instead of basing your opinions on what 10 disgruntled RECRUITS have to say.  I promise you, the picture they paint won't line up with what these women are saying.

  • Adrianne Edwards

    I’m retired from law enforcement and I believe these women. It’s very much full of men with no respect for boundaries. It’s also full of women who entertain these misogynistic “males”.

  • DogCat Party

    Most employers treat their employees this way, if not to their face, they talk that way behind your back. June 2019

  • G Hollis

    This is just a question and observation. No argument desired by me. Im sure big brother will also consider this as well. 🙂

    All of these women are extremely attractive and are seen as 'hyper-feminine'. Unfortunately ( note my "unfortunately") these are not the most typical women you'd see in law enforcement. Perhaps this was the result of a group (consisting of mostly men) who were attracted to these women and did not handle themselves and their comments in the most professional manner. As in perhaps, unfortunately, they were flirting with them while not to crossing the line of sexual harassment.

    The flip-side would be female trainers who naturally would feel threatened by their appearance, so they wanted to explore if there was more than just a "beautiful face". You see that? I want you to think about that before responding. I think you'd find that this is the case and is merely something that should have been nipped in the bud at Quantico by more observant eyes. 🙂

    Imagine any manager who is attracted to his co-worker. They have natural feelings yet need to maintain professionalism. The net result would be what you hear from these females. Just consider this for a while. Im not trying to cause an argument or take a side.


    Imagine if Kim Kardashian went to Quantico. Yes, the trainers should hold themselves in the highest standard with regards to professionalism. Yet they are human and as a result they would want to see if KK was serious or not. They would ride KK more so than all of the others just to make sure she was "all in" so to speak and more than a pretty face. As a result, one can argue Discrimination based on Appearance, rather than Gender. Gender would be a weak argument because I'm am sure not all females felt this way in their graduating course. Yet is Appearance protected by law? You see now? You understand this?

    So I feel these trainers should be held accountable for their lack of professionalism and be forced to acknowledge their insecure actions publicly. They most likely felt insecure because these women look like beauty models, and as a result they rode them harder just to make sure they were "tough" enough for the job ( which involves dealing with the most ruthless human beings on the planet).

    Ive realized that this FBI training period is about learning how to save other people's lives, and to protect your own. Thats the way you have to consider it! As a result, most would want Quantico to kick their behinds before leaving, just so they are prepared to keep their lives and save others. Don't you agree?

    I think the comments on the appearances were made due to the type of activities that would take place, which are extremely physical to say the least, no? So perhaps the trainer did not feel like their "shoes", for example, were the most functional. Maybe then they became insecure with a shift from the norm?

    Going forward? FBI needs to establish stricter dress codes and change the culture without changing the proficiency of the training. Yet I understand where Quantico is coming from. After those 5 months guess what? You are pushed out and are forced to go against the most ruthless human beings on this planet. Hence is why I know these trainers "rode" these women a bit harder. They probably felt like these women would be eaten alive if not "toughened up" a little?

    These are just thoughts. I actually want someone from the bureau to pick up on this and consider it, as well as someone from Today. It would be good to consider when handling this situation.

    As a note, Ive met two female SA's in my lifetime. They were both no joke, ok?

  • Jess Gall

    Join the law suit everyone here in southern california against the fbi in orangecounty. There being sued thru the 9th curcuit court. Ilegal spying has been also done to mexicans. Off grid people….and people that exercise constitutional laws

  • Fredom Fighter

    join the lawsuit thru the 9th circuit against the FBI. we are signing a list of people to join. its regarding Ilegal spying on Muslim churches. Mexican neighborhoods………peoplenliving off grid…….and people purging taxes

  • Fbicowards Fbipussies

    My friend told me about the FBI. I didn't know how corrupt they where here in southern California. Orange county to be exact. He also told me to join the lawsuit again them. It's because they ileally spy on kinds of people and they get away with it. Especially people cell phones. I've started paying attention and it's true they spy on Muslim churches ….Mexican hoods. And other people around Anaheim santa Ana orange etc

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