• Geoff Chapman

    Comey did NOT get played.
    He did it all intentionally.
    Stop trying to be impartial and over doing it.
    He is a corrupt 💩 and that is all he is.

  • Bill Brown

    Comey did NOT go over Lynch's head, they met in NY secretly to have no one know they were arranging Hillary's innocence. He did NOT take notes; but Russian Intel had cams on them.

  • iwas legend

    Why was there no whistleblowers whatsoever, they all knew nothing was being pursued with the clintons, and rules were being sidestepped, and yet nothing was said or done, the whole lot of them are crooked cops on a power trip.

  • Anil Dimri

    What is the difference between the FBI agent who is in jail for working with Whitey Bulger and James Comey working against a Candidate who stood for elections,why is Peter Strozk ,Lisa Page , Andrew McCabe ,FISA agent who changed Carter Page identity not in jail

  • Ubisoft likcotton

    Corny has no excuses he's was the head of our "premier law enforcement agency " heads must roll!
    That would be anarchy if he wasn't, and basically means law only applies to us slaves!

  • Jeff Howell

    I really believe that Comey has been trying to tell America about corruption while looking like a stand up guy. He continues to say "is it systemic?" And I feel like hes saying look at everything.

    Or maybe I'm just way off the mark.

  • dbdb

    Where are all of the 90% honest agents, not a peep! Burn the whole thing to the ground!!!
    Don't need them, if you can't trust them.

  • Carl FromOhio

    You've got to be kidding me. Some people that go app with every fiber of their being to arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent. Such as Rodger Stone but if you're Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton anybody in the government or Ghislaine Maxwell you're protected by the Mossad

  • 1 JetGator

    Ok. Y'all got your 'clickbait' hit. Yet this so-called 'news' is soooo fkn OLD it's SICKENING! 😬
    Put these TRAITOROUS fkrs in PRISON !!! 🇺🇸

  • Joe Brasco

    Who believes this things , what is going on fox , where are the documents, you have bulletin board, of your own alleged scheme ,IG found no wrong doing ,you think Barr would have wrote something to make it @ least look credible, but he’s just corrupt, but they just ruled that withholding the aid was in fact illegal , but yet trump did nothing wrong , but people should be held accountable on an IG report that found no charges 🥱🥱🥱🤔🤔😂😂I’m lost

  • Theredneck Prepper

    The Guillotine was built for this purpose.
    ! and whats this big head and little body that looks like image implanted ! ???

  • LostInPA

    So where are the field agents who conducted the FISA surveillance, raided people’s homes and interrogated people? Any of them going to step forward and come clean?

  • LostInPA

    The guest can’t imagine an FBI director would do something illegal or political. This dude only work in the mail room or something?

  • Jack Parker

    James Comey lied under oath any tried to overthrow a newly elected president from day one leaked classified material and has lied repeatedly. James Comey has committed High crimes treason perjury and several others he should be in prison to immediately America demands Justice. And I doubt very seriously you'll ever see him in public

  • Nice Guy Eddie

    The mainstream media has been delinquent regarding their duty to investigate and report all government corruption and malfeasance. Instead, the media only reports stories that promote a Leftist agenda and anything that is anti-Trump. Comedy is bad; the news media is worse.

  • John Bear

    Comey is a Deepstate master manipulator….he is a con man…pretending to be something he is not…I don't care how many books he writes on ethics, Comey is not an ethical man. he's a deceptive man very deceptive and he works for some very high people…he is protected by the Deepstate like Hillary and Bill..

  • Peter Cofrancesco

    George Soros should be bought to Justice ,and then hung from a telephone pole with all of his left wing communist disciples!

  • Dawna Huff

    U R right…. but it ain’t gonna happen.. we r gonna hear about it until we die.. nothing will happen to this corrupt lefty snakes…

  • Steve Musil

    Seriously!? Floating the idea that Comey got played, and the media got played, that's ridiculous. Comey is a traitor plain and simple, he went against the law, the constitution, the people. It was and still is an attempted coup by many deep state scumbags, politicians, and media. The fisa court wasn't played either. All of them have been playing the people and now they wanna shrug their shoulders and claim they were naive!? BS These people have all actively and criminally participated in a treasonous coup attempt and it is still ongoing. I can't say what should happen to each and every participant including the cheerleading propagandist scum that masquerade as journalists that are supposed to be the people's safeguard against being subverted by those in power like this. They are supposed to expose this sort of thing! Instead they have mostly been running propaganda cover campaigns to cheerlead for and legitimize this treason for the whole of this presidential term. Like I said I can't even say what constitutes justice for these people nullifying the will of the people, and I don't think it needs to be said because it's quite obvious what should be done.

  • rhuttrho88

    Why are the agents so quiet? That's what whistleblower protection is literally about. Protecting their jobs if they talk. Are they afraid of there colleagues?

  • Lupe Moreno

    Thank You F,B,I, Sir, Your So Right They Have To Be Accountable For Their Crimes, We Need People With Courage To Stand Up To This Lying Corrupt Democrat’s, God Bless You, 🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Love Works

    Where in the world is William Barr? There should be multiple investigations going on. I'm growing weary of waiting for justice against these top demoncrat, law enforcement crooks…if Comey was a republican he'd be dragged down the street in his under garments and harassed to make a deal or spend years in jail for tying the loops in his shoe laces too big…

  • Michael Yizrach

    Yeah like most criminals when caught they always admit a certain amount of wrong doing after the facts have been revealed. Yet, how many other secrets are there, that they still have not come clean over? Media biases sure, there is that as well, but their agendas are not the same. Their each like half a cell with all the correct anatomical parts for making themselves a whole, and then splitting up again, in order to form more such copies! The problem is their malignant and are forming copies which are detrimental to the body! That body is America and her Constitution and it's laws and Bill of rights! Once one pillar is removed it is far easier for all the other pillars to be removed!

  • Eric Kokin

    I'll Say It Again! We Must Expire ALL people that are "staunch" advocates against our COUNTRY ! 2 things MUST HAPPEN TO START WITH! In the House…ALL criminals – majority of House Democrats MUST BE TORTURED AND…Defecated in their mouths in PUBLIC TV to show the punishment that MUST HAPPEN TO TRAITORS of OUR GREAT COUNTRY! Take notice of this U "Kentucky" FUCKER!

  • Joe Cool

    Everyone is above the law except Trump. Why did he put deep state puppet in after he put deep state puppet sessions in as ag? No one will be held accountable.

  • Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    FBI are only for small time crimes. They can't deal with the upper class Politician and Wall Street Wolves.

  • Jakob Stagg

    The FBI has been abusing Americans since the days of J.Edgar Hoover. I doubt it is possible to clean it up. I wish it were cleaned up, but who is going to do it?

  • Nigel Duncan-Adam

    Comey has to have been the hardest working FBI Agent in history to do all that investigation all that paperwork computer work interviews and raids on his own plus he did all that spying on his own.
    Because all of the other FBI agents are totally innocent you can tell by the high number of FBI whistleblowers that flooded forwards to inform America about all the crimes that were committed F,in Bull,sh in Idiots.

  • Kenneth Kustren

    When SHTF happens … there are at least a dozen Democrat Politicians who be hunted, and disappeared.
    Judeo-Christians act the worst at losing battles. Winning battles, by any means… is predicated fact.
    Provenance exists. Life is tough. God is tougher.
    Good Luck Plunderers !!

  • DOE John

    White supremacist amekkka idolize a draft dodger. 👴🏻🔥🍊👱🏻🐷👩🏼🐷😂👱🏻🍊👴🏻🔥🍊🍊🍊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥hippocrites

  • severian monk

    'James Comey wasn't good for the FBI!!!' Gosh! You must be kidding! Wasn't Robert Mueller his predecessor? Wasn't Comey just following in Mueller's footsteps, honouting a time honoured tradition of official crime? Anybody who has a speck of confidence in the FBI is too naive for his own good.

  • Brad Cox

    This is about breaking the Law under which Comey and the Demo-Rats used the FBI as a weapon against citizens of America…..

  • BigWasabi

    Only Tucker , Hannity and Humpty Dumpty beats this fool in PORK FACE Volume ( big fatty heads all empty ) ! Congratulations! Nobody cares about Porno Jim he is a creepy Nobody !

  • Phil Boy

    Coming up with bulshit excuses to explain away and justify your actions that were clearly Criminal does not work for anyone outside of the government.

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