• Doug Moran

    Jackass! Only listened until the point became clear…..Blame innocent gun owners & abolish the second amendment. Never mind real, constructive measures like making schools safe places. Liberal/Socialist/Dems care not about our students, but only about disarming citizens so they can’t protect their societies from rogue governments, like the present Democrats in USA & Lying Libs in Canada, Bonkers Yonkers in the EU etc. Wake up America, support the NRA, support Trump & support the Conservative gov in your own countries to save planet Earth. Death to globalism, NWO & Evil, Barbaric, Islamic extremism worldwide.

  • knightfive

    I love how this country has created once again this fight between republicans and democrats while the leaders of this country continue to rape them.
    (It will never end)

  • Armando Rodriguez

    They literally want to change America. They literally think they can do whatever they want. Who do they think they are?? Our founding fathers?? They have done nothing. They can't change what they feel like is wrong. They are communists and need to be incarcerated. Stand together American brothers and sisters, don't let them win.

  • mrbubetube

    complete waste of time. all he's asking for is yet another bandaid approach to the problem instead of standing on principle and demanding the one and only REAL solution, a repeal of the 2nd amendment. He might as well be wearing a MAGA hat and an NRA jacket. If the Democratic party does not take a stand on repealing the 2nd amendment, we will lose more elections to the gun lobby and the white supremacists.

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