Florida HIE Services Advocate Stories – Ganesh Persad, MSBI (Memorial Healthcare System)
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Florida HIE Services Advocate Stories – Ganesh Persad, MSBI (Memorial Healthcare System)

Hi I’m Ganesh Persad. I’m the Clinical Supervisor of Interoperability
here at Memorial Healthcare System. So currently Memorial Healthcare System, we
are an EPIC organization so we use EPIC’s HIE infrastructure called Care Everywhere. We also participate with the national framework
such as Care Equality and the eHealth Exchange. We also are live with ENS notifications from
the Florida HIE for our patient panel that we submitted to the state. Additionally, we are live with DaVita Health
and the SSA, via the eHealth Exchange. Some of the benefits that HIE brings to our
organization is to have that information from external sources be delivered within the EMR
and have it live holistically within the patient’s chart so that the providers don’t have to
look through paper or call or fax for records. That once it comes in through the HIE it lives
holistically in the patient’s local chart. So they can see where the patient’s been at
any given time to be able to treat the patient. I’d like to see HIE in Florida expand outside
of the acute space and more into the post-acute space such as SNF’s and LTACs to drive care
coordination, to drive population health. In addition to that, also see us excel in
the behavioral health realm. The ability to access those behavioral health
encounters and treat those patients no differently than any other patient.

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