everything wrong with momoland
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everything wrong with momoland

Hi guys what the frig is up? So today I’ll be talking about momoland and Before you all hit that dislike button just know that it’s not a hate video I will be mainly talking about the scandals and that’s it actually so, you know, nothing bad, you know So anyways, let’s get started Momoland is a South Korean girl group formed by MLD entertainment through that 2016 early to show finding moment The show winners became the seven members hyebin, yeonwoo Jane Nayun JooE, Ahin and Nancy and they debuted on November 10 2016. In 2017 mobile and added two new members Daisy and Taeha In 2019 taeha and yeonwoo left the group and daisy is still on hiatus after momoland realized their biggest hit people started calling them out and accuseing them of plagiarism serebro or whatever they are called has accused Momoland of plagiarizing Momoland’s BBOMBBOM has beem accused of sounding too similar to serebro’s Mimimi online, even the group themselves pointed out the similarity Okay. So my honest opinion about this is that they should not receive hate for this because as Jooe said They were really disappointed that they even cried when they heard this song at first So you can’t really blame the girls but the producer and the company Momoland has come under fire for their global baam concept which depicts various cultures in stereotypical ways The baam is jam-packed with Halloween versions of different cultures including Korean Egyptian and Mexican. Momoland and may have been attempting to pay homage to their foreign fans as part of their fun to the world comeback But their apparent lack of research and cultural awareness has caused frustration and rage from much of the online community Netizens are particularly up in arms about the girl groups Egyptian and Mexican portrayals in momolands ancient Egyptian concept photos the members dressed in stereotypical Costume and post on a stage set that includes a historically inaccurate throne and steamer trunk in Fact it has been pointed out that this said strongly resembles that of the American 1963 epic Cleopatra which is now as famous for its whitewashing as it is for its lavish visuals Fans also criticize momoland and stylists for pairing Egyptian attire with this alladin style lamp Controversy was that baam was really similar to their last song, bom bom mono and was accused of plagiarizing Themselves not only did they indulge in the mexican stereotype of sombreros and thick moustaches but here beans mexican costume drew extra confusion by its use of the dashiki fans became outraged over both the stereotypical portrayal of Mexicans and the apparent lack of research that allowed a West African Tunic to be mistaken for something from Mexican culture Nancy got criticized after fancams captured her glaring at blackpink on stage This video Nancy listens to blackpinks music core Acceptance speech with a frown and a blank stare Nancy was showing publicly Her dislike and jealousy of black pink other netizens have come to her defense By arguing that she did not purposely give blackpink but she looks just suffers from RBF Nancy’s fans believed – was just plain tired and working tirelessly on promotions Even so some blinks aren’t convinced In addition to this incident some netizens have begun to criticize Nancy in other ways Nancy has been called a trump supporter Due to her parents alleged political leanings and has come under fire for controversial things. She said in the past On March 14 the girls against the announced It was judged it will be the best if momoland members Taea and Daisy take a break from this album Due to the health and personal reasons So this upcoming comeback will be made with seven members that two members will return for the release of the next up It’s been seven months is the album dropped and there is still no sign of Daisy and Taeha Personally fans began tweeting the hashtag show me Daisy ain’t a high in hopes Their company will realize this statement Office became concerned for Daisy and Taeha wellbeing after seeing this Instagram post allegedly written by Daisy’s mother on November 30 Momolands agency announced the departure of two members Yeonwoo and Taeha MLD entertainment on taeh said it will fully support Her new start as much as possible yeonwoo was the pressure was attributed to her experiencing too much strain from trying to juggle of Idol and acting activities. momolands Daisy have revealed that mnet’s Finding Momoland was rigged. It was revealed last year that the rankings on mnet’s Produced series have been manipulated and according to Daisy the final lineup of the 2016 survival show Finding Momoland was manipulated as well finding momoland is a reality show that aired between July and September of 2016 the show involved ten trainees from MLD Entertainment who had to compete for spots in a new girl group Which will be later become mobile and final members were determined that 60 percent based on producer ovulation 20 percent based on live viewers votes and 20 percent based on votes from the audience and the final Performances numerous seven cables published an interview they had with Daisy and her mother is revealed on the day I was eliminated. The agency contacted me and asked me to have meeting the next day they had already planned to include me in momoland and regardless of my Elimination and that I will debut in the next album once the promotion’s for the first album we’re over and I entered their way After my elimination someone from the company so I was said not to worry because they had plans for me. Daisy debuted with MOMOLAND’S wonderful love Which was realized half a year after the group’s debut Insider from MLD entertainment stated it is true that we made an offer to Daisy to join the next album But she joined momoland and because she agreed to it, as an agency We simply added a new member to fill in the aspects that were lacking in the group the cables reported further explains that the moment members had to pay for the production cost of the Survival show of the survival show finally moment Daisy shirt after delivery into in 2017 I got my first statement of Agins in the section of 2016 when I was in out of the group, I had that close to 70 million bond, which is sixty thousand dollars They said it was part of the production cost for finding more and I Hear that the coast had to be divided among the members My dream of the building in an idol group was strong and I tell it was natural to pay for the production coast so I paid According to KBS upon checking the again see all of the other members Who participated in the show and were chosen as the members of mobile and had paid tens of millions of won? Production coast a source from MLD entertainment explained it We had already explained to the members that they would have to pay for the production cost and it is not problematic because they all Signed contracts above it and he cited from CJ the partner company of Emmett then the involvement Stating CJ did not directly produce Finding Momoland and we only program it it for broadcasting because we did because the agency Subcontracted us asserting against it produces an audition program we do not know anything about the members that are chosen the production costs or the Promotion and its main producing director PD had taken the part in the press conference for the show papers Reports that the PD has also been directly involved decorating for the show’s final performance when Momoland for popularity grow in February 2018 and that aired reruns of Finding Momoland MLD has released another statement where they described their story in dead MLD claimed that ever since they confirmed Daisy’s dating news with icons Jung Hyung after speaking with her directly Her mom demanded that she be let go from mom MLD asked Daisy if she wanted to continue participating with the group for their upcoming album despite her mom’s opinions Daisy reportedly did not have a firm answer. So they suggested that she go on hiatus ever since Daisy’s mom continued to demand MLD officially apologize and terminate her contract after months of ongoing demands MLD decided to let Daisy go without paying the contract violation fee. However Daisy’s mom demanded an additional payment from MLD as reimbursements MLD found the demands of Daisy’s mother Unreasonable and decided to withdraw their initial offer and claims She will have to pay the fee if she wishes to leave MLD claims Daisy cut off all contact with the agency since August 2019 and remains unreachable since MLD also demanded that KBS formally apologize for solely reporting Daisy’s Unilateral story and rejecting the company’s side


  • bbh pcy

    Everyone talks about how bad bp or clc are treated but no one is talking about how shitty momoland are treated. They are both mistreated and mismanaged. Their songs are generally not good and its not their fault. They get so much hate online but instead of hating them ppl should blame their f*cked up company smh.

  • snsǝɾʞoǝs ɯᴉʞ

    People need to realise that blaming a group because you don’t like their song or it sounds similar to another song is pointless, mainly because it’s the company who makes their songs. The girls aren’t rude either so in conclusion, leave them alone if you don’t have anything good to say 💋

  • Blink_ Once

    I don't like the fact people hate on Nancy just because she has a resting bitch face. But let it be their oppa people will be praised them.

  • Nightcore Sarina

    What do i think?Well here's what:
    The Boom Boom thing: I do agree with people calling them out as we all know it's disrespectful to pleagarise,but sending hate to them as if they raped somebody is ridiculous especially since they didn't even produced it.
    The cultural appropriaten thing: I'm not educated about any cultures so i don't know if it's badly portrayed so i'm just gonna leave this.
    For the "making baam too similar boom boom" thing,many groups did that and people didn't give a faded (f)u-ck about it but attacked them.
    The Nancy things.
    Disrespecting Blackpink:Like all RBF scandals,that's complete (b)u-lshit.
    The bulimia thing: I do not agree with Nancy as it's disrespectful to make jokes about those types things,i don't know what else to say.
    Being a Trump supporter: Just because her parents are,that doesn't mean she is,she isn't 5 for God's sake.
    Leaving: I'm sad that Yeonwoo and Taeha left but that happend,i don't know what to say about Daisy.
    I honostly don't know what else to say about the others,so yeah.

  • TwicePinkInYoureOrbit :p

    They deserve was better! Also,does anybody know when they're contract ends?if you do,please tell me,thank chu

  • Teddy Seuss

    thank you thank you for making this 🙁 nobody ever talks about the treatment they’re getting and because of that the group has fallen apart a little bit. 🙁 i love momoland so much THANK YOUUUUU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Maurice Lynn

    Honestly Lisa’s aegyo voice was cringy af 😂
    I’d glare and roll my eyes as well 🤣🤣 no hate it’s just annoying

  • Sw-Jichumochi

    Im proud of JooE for still remaining as one of the most bubbly and positive idols despite everything that happened to her and momoland

  • nancy 1

    1-It's funny how some blinks attacked momoland for not bowing to bts in mgma 2018 and said mmld are disrespectful but when blackpink didn't bow to bts they kept girls are tired and clothes and stuff. I agree with the fact their clothes were uncomfortable but mmld also were wearing high heels and they were walking on stairs to receive the award the thing is the ones who attacked them are the ones who are making excuses for their faves.
    2-Blinks cannot attack Nancy for the Rbf when Jennie have the exact same problem and again when Jennie make that wired face ppl defend her she is tired but nancy…they call her out with name like couldn't she also be tired just as jennie.
    Edit:meant blonks

  • khoury wassym

    Momoland are genuinely kind adorable talented and fun girls I’m so disappointed and angry against their agency I really hope the best for them I support and love them with all my heart 😔

  • Amy Duong

    I feel so bad. They're company handles the group poorly and the girls are the ones who get hate all the time:( they're all just working hard like any other idol

  • Amy Duong

    1. Bboom ×2: producer's fault or just pure coincidence
    2. Bam: the creative director's fault for the costumes. Bam was made by the same producer as Bboom ×2 that's why it sounds the same. Momoland was a small group from a small label so it makes sense MLD wanted to rehash the song that blew them up to stay relevant.
    3. Nancy glaring: she was probably just tired. Even Jennie has been hated on for having RBF so I think its hypocritical for blinks to hate on Nancy because she isn't smiling. If you looked at other idols you'll notice a lot of idols aren't smiling either. Idols dont have to smile 24/7.
    4. Nancy problenatic: Just because her parents may be Trump supporters it doesn't mean she is. A lot of young people have different ideological standpoints from their parents. As for her bulimia. Yes it is understandably insensitive but its important to look into it. She was making a joke about herself because she used to have eating disorders, she didnt mean to make fun of people with eating disorders in general. She was only 14(?) when she made the joke and she hasnt said anything like that since then.

  • Gina Ables

    A little side rant here so remember when wendy got so much hate for impersonating a stereotypical black woman well these people that comment things about Nancy say that she sound like the stereotypical white american who's dad is a trump supporter and no one blinks an eye shows how stupid people are these days

  • jiminiepabo pabo

    I hate when companies don't know how to manage their groups if you don't know what you are doing don't apply for that job just like when teachers say they don't like kids but they became a teacher

    I am so done with everything .😤😤😤😖😖😖🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Ghost Gaming

    Is it just me or is Daisy's mom more worrisome than MLD since she is forcefully making Daisy not promote and even cut off contact with the agency, she is also making demands for money? I see that MLD is the bad guy and the worst here, but I'm genuinely worried about Daisy because of her mom.

  • Rose-Marie Lundholm

    You know before when my brother and his girlfriend comes over after work(the are coworkers) I used to ask them if they are sad, but they just said they were tired. So Nancy looking mean when tired doesn't surprise me, I guess you just look down or negative when tired.

  • Sabriyah Qadir

    No hate but every time u change to the robot voice it scares the shit outa me, like can u give me a warning b4, like I almost shit myself lol

  • Scarlet Whitmore

    I feel like I'm the only who feels like Boom Boom isn't at at all plagiarized. Just because two songs sound kinda similar doesn't mean it's stealing. Wasn't there a Russian artist who got a ton of backlash for stealing a 30 second clip of one of BTS's songs and putting it in his own track? Like he straight up ripped the clip from the song. That's fucking stealing right there. Not playing the same instrument with a similar style on a completely different track, with a different style and in a different language. 😒 In order for it to be considered theft Momoland's company would've had to take the other artists song and ripped lyrics or song right from the song and pasted it on their own track. That's not what they did. 🤣

  • BLACKPINK is better than BTS periodt

    I don’t mind momoland but nancy is kinda meh. That girl gives me bad vibes. I liked yeonwoo but now she left idk…I guess I need to grow to like nancy but it’s gonna be a struggle

  • Like Jaylyn

    about nancy and her family being a trump supporters… isnt she from canada tho?? kinda doesn’t make sense lol ppl really do the most to make successful ppl look bad smh. i’m not even a stan but i think all groups should be respected period


    I'm Mexican and those stereotypes never bothered me nor my family in any way. We're kinda just used to it lol

  • Yana 7012

    Finding Momoland had 10 trainees. 7 debut. 2 were added. 9 members in Momoland.

    So just 1 girl got screwed over. 1 girl had to endure the competition for no reason?

  • Roseanne Park



  • Kaiya Vazquez

    I’m not trying to hate but whoever is making their songs and dances they need to change it up Becuz I feel like I’m listening and dancing to the some of the same songs… but I still support the girls of course just not their trash company

  • Rose Sadler

    I feel so sorry for Daisy. Imagine putting in all that effort and work just to be slapped in the face by the company you worked your ass off for. She was my favourite member, I hope she continues her life happily now and I hope she will have the opportunity to be an idol again if she wants. They all have so much potential and MLD Ent wastes it.

  • Mochi’s Wife

    Tbh I think bam and boom boom are really similar and it might be on purpose but I don’t care, I love both song and I also love momoland

  • taemins hips

    momoland is the most strongest group I've ever seen. they get tons of hate, get sexualized by their company, mistreated, lost 3 members :/ MMLD is my ult group and im so gutted rn. they went through so much but yet people don't acknowledge their mistreatment

    and all these scandals except for the cultural appropriation is just stupid. these immature fandoms think their defending their idol group but your not. just imagine how your idol group would feel about you giving hate to other idols maybe their own friends. the cultural appropriation was understandable but the rest were just reasons to hate MMLD 🙁

    support mmld and ot6 now. daisy has a good chance of leaving mmld so I hope everyone just gives support to them because I have a feeling they might disband

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