• Karen Bracken

    It is not over. It is worse now than ever. The states will be required to submit their education plans and standards to the US Dept of Ed. If standards are not aligned to Common Core the state could lose federal funds if they don't update their plan and align with Common Core. The only difference with ESSA and NCLB is the states get more authority to implement the federal mandates. In reading this bill it appears to be more of a mental health bill than and education bill. the SAT and ACT are aligned with Common Core. ESSA codifies Common Core (College and Career Ready Standards) into federal law. You might be sucked in by the lies but most of us that have done some unbiased research see the scam.

  • Pat Burk

    This is a good summary. Problem now is that proposed budget significantly damages the possibilities under the law. Congress must try to salvage their hard work in getting ESSA done. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray will still play key roles.

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