[Eng Sub] Yixing Teaches Trainees How To Train Their Breathing 180301 Idol Producer BTS LAY
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[Eng Sub] Yixing Teaches Trainees How To Train Their Breathing 180301 Idol Producer BTS LAY

I don’t know if any of you have something you especially want to ask or especially curious about debut Any? Han Mubo: Hello teacher, I’m very curious about back when you were training your breathing for singing while dancing, what training method you used? For breathing for singing while dancing, 1st you need to choose the level of difficulty of the song in terms different setting of the performance Okay, so you can’t pick the song with too high difficulty level While you’re singing, you go “yah~” this kind of high note, how is it possible? So your choice is very important Actually I want to ask, when you were training in the past, how did you train your muscles for singing while dancing Do you use an unique method? Normally the best method for training singing while dancing is Sing while you run and in the end you’ll discover, actually In the end, the most important method for singing is how to control your vocal cords How to control the tightness of your vocal cords Actually a large part of singing is picturing the practice Picturing your phonation position. Find your phonation position For instance if your sound is in the front or if you use nasal resonance more Or if you use chest resonance more The entire song you sing needs to be suitable to your own characteristic And when other people hear it, it feels comfortable So training for singing while dancing, it’s sing while you run, sing while you dance After that you will know when you should exhale, exhale When you should relax, relax. When you should be forceful, be forceful You need to control your breathing, when to be fast, when to be slow, when to relax, when to contract Ok then I have no more questions. Thank you, thank you for answering

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