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MARIANA: Hello, everybody! We are JJANG B!
And today we’re bringing you a very special video something quite different from our usual channel content. We’ll be playing two games. Tell them about the games, girls. EVERYONE: [LAUGHING NERVOUSLY] VICK: The games are really fun, you guys will see throughout the video. MARIANA: For those of you who don’t know the new faces in the video: these girls are our trainees, picked from our latest audition. They’re currently training with us, and soon we’ll know who really made it to the group. We’ll separate everyone in two groups. And how exactly are we going to do that, Mileide? MILLAH: So! We have — wait! wait! We have our pack ready; two suits in it. I don’t know how this suit is called, so let’s call it “the black suit”. AMANDA: That’s “clubs”. MILLAH: That’s clubs. And we have “hearts” in here as well. We’re going to shuffle the cards and separate the groups with them. VICK: So basically whoever picks up a red card will be in a group, and whoever picks up a black card will be in the other one. Two groups. MILLAH: Ok, shall we? JOJO: Black group, red group. LUÍSA: Yayyy! MILLAH: Get your cards! Only one card each, eh! [JJANG B happily picking their cards] [Expectations were created] [Checking who is in who’s team] JJANG GROUP A — RED JJANG GROUP B — BLACK GAME #01 VICK: Our teams are now divided. So, the opponent team (cause I’m in group B); will choose a choreography. Together they’ll discuss and think of a choreo together and whisper in my ear what choreo that is. I’ll have to dance to this song without saying what song that is, and my team will have to guess. KA: That’s it. AMANDA: That’s it. KA: Perfect. LUÍSA: The famous ~~KPOP MIMICS GAME~~ [Rock, paper, scissors to find out who starts the game] [The groups get together to decide their battle choreography] MARIANA: *compulsively clapping hands for no reason* MILLAH: “oohh I wanna clap my hands too” [♫ sone bul nal ttaekkaji baksu jjak jjak jjak jjak ♫] LUA: *I love Seventeen!* [♫ ittaeda shipeumyeon chyeo baksu jjak jjak jjak jjak ♫] [The groups finally come to a final decision. . . We hope] LUÍSA: Time is up, my people! KA: Yay!!! ALEX: We had time enough. LUÍSA: Choose a player! KA: Who’s going to represent Team B? [VICK is chosen to represent TEAM B] MARIANA: Let’s tell her the song. [MARIANA and MILLAH being loud so TEAM B can’t hear the conversation] [cuteness overload] [TEAM B being professional and covering their ears] VICK: The game is on if I know the song. If I know the song I have to dance even if I don’t know the choreography. KA: 30 seconds. 1, 2, 3 and. . . go! VICK: *being a goddess* SUELEM: That one from Hyuna? I forgot the name of the group. JOJO: Is it Mirotic? VICK: YES! [TEAM B celebrates their first victory] LUA: Open thy shirt. MARIANA: Alright let’s go, our turn now! Go! [TEAM A: *Indistinct noises*] VICK: Choose someone! LUÍSA: You guys have to choose! JOJO: Luzia! SUELEM: Luzia, come on! LUZIA: Yayyy!!! [♫ everyday i’m shuffling ♫] KA: 1, 2, 3. LUÍSA: This is going to be ridiculous. JOJO: You can’t sing. KA: The heck is that, Luísa? CANDY: Ring ding dong? I dunno! LUA: Is it Replay? LUÍSA: YES!!! [TEAM A: *VICTORY DANCE*] LUA: That dance move, I knew I had seen it before. [The score is now tied] [Which team will score next?] [♫ if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands yo in this beat ♫] [♫ if you’re happy and you know it clap your haaaaands ♫] [(((♫ in this beat ♫)))] MILLAH: Yayy, Karine! [KARINE is chosen to represent TEAM B] [our cute dancers are back at it again] KA: Go! KARINE (offended): Gente??? SUELEM: Continua! JOJO: Mamacita! KARINE: I only knew that dance move. I knew it have something like this. LUÍSA: *for some reason doing pushups*
KA: Holy cow, Luísa! [TEAM B is currently winning] [MARIANA is chosen to represent TEAM A] MARIANA (a happy bean): Me! KA: 1, 2, 3. LUÍSA: *pterodactyl screech* Please be my baby! *very excited* [The score is tied once again] LUÍSA: So the thing is. . . I gotta go. Why? I shouldn’t even be here to begin with. But I came anyway ’cause Youtube Space is cool. I don’t have this wall at home. So, what’s going to happen to the game? I’ll be the joker. We picked the cards. There’s seven people in here, six in there. I’m the seventh one. So I’ll break the tie since the game is tied at 2:2. I’ll do my lil dance, whoever guesses it first wins this round. LUÍSA: *is thinking* ALEX: Have you started already? JOJO: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOJO: Hyolyn’s One Way Love!!! LUÍSA: Correct!!! MARIANA: So, the winner is: Group B. GROUP B: *Woohooo!!* LUÍSA: I don’t wanna go! I don’t wanna go! [Luísa disappears in supernatural ways] [The B Files] GAME #02 MARIANA: We’ll start the second game now. CANDY: So, we’ll be in different groups. Each team will be in a line, listening to songs and stuff. The opponent group will choose a sentence, song or group name. We’ll try to guess it and stuff. MARIANA: We can only use kpop group names. So who’s starting? The red group? Because— ALEX: Cause we lost the last round. AMANDA: Yeah, let ’em. [GROUP B deciding which group name they’re gonna use] AMANDA: 😀 😀 😀 😀 MARIANA: *are u ok* GROUP B: You gotta speak up! AMANDA: LOONA YYXY (x3) MARIANA: Say it again AMANDA: LOONA YYXY MARIANA: ??????djshbd MILLAH: what GROUP B: You can speak up! [5. . . 4. . .] [3. . . 2 . . .] [1] [20 . . . 19 . . .] ALEX: ??????? [12. . . 13. . .17. . . 14. . .11. . .] [10. . . 9. . . 8. . . 7] ALEX: Do I have to turn around? [6. . .5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . .] MILLAH: That’s what she told me. [1] ♫ Turn around ♫ MILLAH: Did you get what they said?
GRUPO B: You can’t tell her. MILLAH: No, I’m not telling her. Did you get the word? MARIANA: *nope* MILLAH: Alright, it makes sense. [GROUP B counting down the seconds] CANDY: *laughing nervously* CANDY: Nostalgia???? [5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1] GROUP B: Turn around! Turn around! KA: The sound of music?? KA: Nova? KA: Novela? Evol? [3. . . 2. . . 1.] GROUP B: Turn around! KA: E-VOL LUA (an honest queen): Wait a sec, the song is over. LUA: Evon KA: Avon LUA: Wait a bit I can still hear you. LUA: I can hear you guys. [5. . . 4. . .]
GROUP B: You’re almost out of time. LUA: E……….von GROUP B: Time’s up! LUA: Ebom! [I can’t wait till Ebom debuts!!!] CANDY: What was it? SABRINA: Loona YYXY CANDY: WHAT?! Never! Never! MARIANA: I understood the word “Loona”. But it was “Loona ‘kjsdnsndkjk’”. GROUP A: Go! [GROUP B’s KA has 15 seconds to tell her teammate the name of the group] GROUP A: Go! [1, 2, 3, 4, 5—] JOJO: Sonyeo Shide? (SDSD) GROUP A: Go! JOJO: Sae-poo-da (?????) GROUP A: Go! SUELEM (an honest angel): My song is over! My song is over! My song is over! (lmao) [MILLAH to the rescue] SUELEM: Now I can’t hear you. SUELEM: Go. SUELEM: Day6??? VICK: Day6! SUELEM: Day6?! SABRINA: Day6 SABRINA: Day6 KARINE: Day sixee? GROUP A: No! Wrong answer! MARIANA: The group was Saturday. Does someone know who they are? SABRINA: Oh, I love Saturday! [ROUND 2] JOJO: Donbangsinki (TVXQ’s Korean name) Someone: *whale noises* KA: Again, again KA: Do! Ban! Shin! Ki! KA (being clever): TVXQ! GROUP B: You can’t do that! KA: Donbanshinki! TVXQ! CANDY: What??? GROUP B: Time’s not over yet! [6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1] CANDY: Donbanshinki! KA: Yes! CANDY: Do! Ban! Shin! Ki! ALEX: Doma? CANDY: Doban? ALEX: Doban? CANDY: Shinki ALEX: Dobashiki?? CANDY: Dobanshiki [5, 4, 3, 2, 1] ALEX: Do. . . ban. . . LUA: Dobanshinki! [LUA is so fast whoa] LUA: Dobanshinki. MILLAH: Dobanshinki. GROUP B: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . . Time’s up! MILLAH: What I told you. MARIANA: Toe. . .??? [GROUP B thinks MILLAH is giving MARIANA the answer] MILLAH: No, I’m not. MARI: I don’t know, you guys. GROUP B: Tell us what you understood. MARIANA: Topak. GROUP B: oh my godjnsdkfjnsd *clap clap clap* ALEX: What was it? JOJO: Donbanshinki. GROUP A A: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 VICK: So-nyeo-shi-dae SUELEM: So-nyeo-shi-dae KARINE: So-nyeo-shi-dae SABRINA: So-nyeo-shi-dae AMANDA: So-nyeo-shi-dae JOJO (very confident): So-nyeo-shi-dae GROUP A: AMAZING!SDBKSHHA MARIANA: Guys, it was TXT. Tomorrow x together.
LUA: Mworaeko Isseoseo MARIANA: So the score is tied right, cause we got it wrong. AMANDA (world’s biggest Sone): I was 100% sure of it. SO-NYEO-SHI-DAE. JOJO: But we won the first game, so we won. MARI: Alright, so the winner is group B. AMANDA: I liked that game. KA: Guys, that was today’s video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel. JOJO: Down here! MARIANA: We’re always updating our social media about everything we do, including the audition process our trainees are going through. We hope you liked the video. JJANG B: Byeee~~~


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